A new Engine Oil Burning Remedy stops oil burning in 50 miles or your money refunded!

Our Best Engine Oil Burning Remedy

Engine Oil Burning Remedy stops oil burning in 50 miles

What's new about it is it works extemely fast - and it won't gum-up your motor oil with sticky honey-like oil thickeners like part stores sell, using 1960's technology.

Instead, this products success comes from its thin penetrating action that uses your engines high temperatures to unstick your motors pistons rings and valves. The number one & 2 causes of why a motor burns oil.

This picture shows the 3 motor areas where your motor's oil gets into the combustion cycle and burns away. Please note:

    Freeing Sticky Rings stops oil burning and exhaust smoke
  1. Your motors sticky piston rings area, located in the space where the arrows are pointing down around the piston. That is the main way most oil burning occurs.

    Although the arrows are meant to show your motor's combustion is forcing some of its hot gases past the piston, instead of helping to push the piston down with more force.

    The reverse is also true. That is one way oil is being sucked up into the combustion cycle, burns, and sent out the exhaust pipe.

    Mega Power frees those sticky rings and stops that source of oil burning.

  2. Wear widens the space making it easier for oil to be pulled into the pistons suction stoke. The 2nd problem Mega power ends by adding a co-polymer coating over worn areas. This closes the wear gap reducing that cause of your engine oil burning.
  3. Valve stem and valve stem bore wear - shown by the upside down T's is the 3rd cause of power loss and your engine oil burning.

    Instead of thickening the oil, to clog its passage up to the piston area, the old way. Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment and its thin chemical treatment goes to the problem source to end your engine oil burning. Which do you want in your car? Mega Power, of course.

    Isn't this what your motor need? Order itt now!

    Think about it....

      If you can imagine, picture the piston at the top of the cylinder bore and starting to go down. As it does, a valve opens and gas is pulled in as the piston goes downward. The piston creates a strong suction going down to pull the gas in.

      With sticky piston rings - the stickyness glues each of your pistons in their groove, preventing them from flexing against the cylinder wall as they should.

      So, sticky piston rings allows the pistons suction also sucks up the bit of the motor's oil there lubricating. As the rings are not blocking that entre.

      So, Mega Power's special very thin penetrating cleaners - 4 of them, have been found to be what will free and clean your pistons rings. This allows their flexing action to expand outward, and end that source of your engine oil burning.

      Not covered but included in this product is MC+, a friction reducing benefit to help reduce Engine Oil Burning.

      The product takes about 50 miles to work as you drive!

    Order this Engine Oil Burning Remedy from Mega Power.

    Order by phone! Includes my personal help anytime, if needed. Here's how...

    Worn Motor Oil Change Treatment ordering, Shipping, Guarantee Information

    Guarantee. Your money refunded if not delighted. 90 day period. No refunds requested - last 267 days.

    One Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment.

      Includes the 6 items needed for the treatment. Instructions. Personal help during installation. Guarantee. Price. $65+ $15s&h= $80 total.

      If you read this far and want to try this product, say you read the story and it offers a $10 discount if you ask for it. You pay $70 - not $80. Get $20 off two treatments. Ask for it, OK?

      If you have a question, or want to place an order, Call me day or evening. ... george, by calling me at 1 512 665 3388. Get on down the road humming again!

    Order Two Treatments to protect 2 cars.

      Just $60 each plus 15s&h= $135 total. Save $25.

    Order a Mega Power Transmission Treatment RS3 also.

      Protect the integrity of your transmission - and for smoother shifting. Includes a cleaner flush, a conditioner, and protector/problem-solver. Just: $50+ $15s&h= $65 total.

      Order both Engine and Transmission Treatment for one car. Same guarantee. Both delivered to you for $115 total. Save $25 on shipping. [Engine and Transmission Treatment shipped to you. $115 total].

    Order now by calling - Call 1 512 665 3388. Get on down the road humming again!

    Double above order for two cars. $200 total. Free shipping. Save $80 - get this bonus. Our $12 Mega Power Lube and Penetrating spray for Free - Lubes, frees, stops anything squeaking, stuck, frozen. For home, shop, vehicle use. Mention this page. Offer Limited. [4 treatments + bonus spray lube shipped to you. $200 total].

    Fleet, Lube and Tune, Parts store, and Auto Repair owners. 6 MP Worn Motor Treatments for 6 cars. Free shipping. $300 total. $50 per kit. . Free s&h until 6/30/11 br>Visa M/C

    Use two Treatments for large 5 to 8 gallon motor oil diesel truck engines. A similar treatment works just as well to end automatic transmission problems. Specific, if stick-shift transmission for its treatment. Shipped USPS or Fedex.

    Order now, by calling anytime. Call 1 512 665 3388. Get on down the road humming again!

    Order by phone. Call if you have a question or concern about your cars and equipment problem. Call me, George. At 1-512 665-3388

    A new Engine Oil Burning Remedy stops oil burning in 50 miles or your money refunded! No refunds ask for last 267 days. Add, Drive. Its permanent.

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