REVIEW: A new Engine Oil Burning Remedy stops oil burning in 50 miles or your money back!

Our Best Engine Oil Burning Remedy: Mega Power Worn engine Treatment. 

Worn MT feeder 6x6SUPRESSINGLY, this $100 combination of Mega Power Brand Engine Additives; the TREATMENT, is keeping oil burning loss to under a quart in 6000 miles in any engine. Offers a lo-cost solution at $100 each oil change to an otherwise costly $5000+ new engine solution. Stops exhaust smoke and fuel waste as a side benefit. For many car owners its a great solution. Try it. Comes with satisfaction Guarantee, too!

REVIEW: A new, extremely lo-cost, yet easy solution to your oil burning engine problem.

This picture shows the 3 motor areas where your motors oil gets into the combustion cycle and burns away.  Mega Powers Worn Engine Treatment stops engine oil burning in these 3 areas controlling the problem between oil changes.

Order Mega Power Engine Additives to Stop Oil Burning Below.

Now to end this problem forever - well, for years anyway.

  • Mega Power Engine Additives to Stop Oil Burning comes as a 6 item  kit. A 2 step install uses 3 items at a time with driving between each step. 
  • The 6 items also include a $100 worth of fuel injetor cleaners and combustion carbon removing additives included for a perfect tune up result. 
  • The kit comes in 3 days with easy to follow instructions. Nothing to takea apart. Driving does the actual correction to stop oil burning. 
  • Also installed yearly in good engines as it yearly tune up need and to prevent oil burning and other costly to repair problems.

Please note:

Freeing Sticky Rings stops oil burning and exhaust smoke

Review: Mega Powers Engine Oil Burning Remedy:

What you should know. 

  • Pros: Guaranteed. Low cost. DIY.
  • Gives engine a complete cleaning and conditioning.
  • Puts of replacement or overhaul.
  • Cons: Requires repeat every 6000 miles
  • More expensive that other additives.

   Mega Powers Worn Engine Treatment. Stops engine oil burning in these 3 areas.

Unlike all other gooey oil additives sold as an oil control and depend on a molesses-like sticky fluid to make your watery thin oil tacky, glue like as the control. Instead, Mega Power 

  1. Frees your 12 to 24 sticky piston rings returning its oil blocking seal .
  2. Freeing slow-closing sticky 8 to 24 intake, exhaust valves stopping oils exit that way.
  3. Smoothing roughen cylinder walls and piston skirts allow "oil film sealing. The natual oil loss blocker.
  4. The process stops oil seal and gassket leaks and seeps.
  5. Returns full engine power and zip as extra benefits.
  6. Can be repeated for years as a low cost way to avoid vehicle replacement.

This does what engine overhauls do, but faster and chepaer. 

The engine oil burning escape areas [ picure ] are located in the space where the arrows are shown. Those are the areas to stop oils ecacpe.

Those are the areas motor oil burning occurs Mega Power works to stop engine oil burning.

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