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  • To solve a dirty or wear caused problem.
  • For servicing products for your engine transmission steering radiator or a/c system. 
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When you have a running, operating performance or power decline, oil burning leak tap rough shift howl, growl problem -

Mega Power provides complex ingredients in a formula to end those negatives in several ways no other product can. The results get your car truck tractor, RV motorcycle boat or machine running the way it use to run - using new and amazing Hi-tech chemistry - while you drive!

Mega Power residue removal, acid neutralizing, and wear and tear problem solving advantages do more than clean. They add a unique restorative benefit with MC+ that smooths, heal then fills worn trouble causing parts - - a chemical restorative advantage that adds years more like new performance. That is why Mega Power is valued by purchasers.

How Mega Power helps mechanic's and shop owner's do more to earn more.

Mega Power helps mechanic's add internal correction of performance problems - which makes the car so serviced with Mega Power seen like it has a bigger motor that can stay that way indefinitely with additional Mega Power.

Amazing results! To avoid replacement expenses. To earn more income. 

Helping the customer  solve more of their wear and tear problems pleases the mechanic and satisfies the car owner  - that you know best about what to use to keep their cars running great - by use of Mega Power to end wear and tear problems, to avoid avoidable repair, to have their cars and equipment run years longer than any other method can provide. See customer testimonials - which are typical of the Mega power experience.

Test Mega Powers limit to learn it problem solving options.

After a few lessons and the actual install of Mega Power the mechanic and shop owner will  upgrade his tune repair and service expertise by offering the benefits of Mega Power for Motor, Tuneup, Transmission, Fuel, Radiator, Power Steering an A/C components.

As a tool for performance restoring - and during repair - Mega Power becomes a profit boosting contributor. 

Mega Power Additive Products help car and equipment owners end problems before they need repair. Read more here...

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Please note: Mega Power Additives

    Are the strongest, fastest-acting products you can use to help and protect your cars, trucks, and heavy equipment.

    Their success includes the ability to go where oil can't to clean, heal, reduce friction and wear, end wear and performance problems, restore like-new performance.

    Those for the motor, transmission, gears, and steering contain the World's Best Anti wear; Mega Power Additive MC+. Those for the fuel, radiator, and tune-up do not contain fillers - nor old formulas like most parts store additives. Mega Power additives are new, proprietary formulas that clean, smooth, heal, coat, and protect wherever fuel, air, oil, and exhaust go.

    These advantages restore the like new performance or keeps it, years past what any other additive can. More great driving pleasure. More great ways to keep your car care and repair expense much smaller.

We start the product description list with Mega Power's All Purpose Penetrating Spray Lube #120 16oz
Super lube, and super fast nut/bolt buster. Keep a can handy. Frees anything stuck, rusted, frozen, ends squeaks. Removes moisture. Marine, shop, home use. Locks, chainsaws. A good ejector, gun barrel oil, too.

    One #120. $12.95.00+ $5s&h=$17.95 each.

    Money Saver: 6 pack, $48+ $15s&h=$650 total. Save $40

    Mega Power's Additive list Fuel and Tune Up Products next...

Mega Power FISC Fuel Side Fuel Injector, Combustion Carbon Removing, and Emission System Cleaner
A 3 Item Professional Tune Up Internal Cleaning Service Treatment.

  1. Cleans the entire fuel system. Removes moisture condensation.
  2. Cleans fuel injectors. Ends dirty injector problems, rough idle in minutes.
  3. Frees sticky rings, valves, emission system. Motors instantly idle smoother, quieter, noticeably stronger running again - guaranteed, or free. Frees and quiets noisy valve and lifters for smoother idling in minutes during a tune up.
    One #FISC 3 item pak. $39+$15s&h=$54 total. A 6 pak, includes 18 items. $125+ $15s&h= $140 total.

Call me to Learn how to install the above products. This top-side motor cleaner ends performance problems by cleaning from 3 directions:

  1. One item for the Fuel Tank side.
  2. One item for the Air intake and Combustion side feed by fuel rail or vacuum tool feeder.
  3. One item for the Oiling side below.

Contains the 3 strongest made cleaners and MC+ Friction Modifiers for fast restore of loss power due to friction wear and sticky residues caused problems.

Mega Power's Fuel Injector System Cleaner #IS 3 part. For pressurized installation.*
Ends dirty injector problems, rough idle in minutes. Makes motors instantly idle smoother, quieter, noticeably strong running again - guaranteed, or free. Includes Fuel injector cleaner, combustion cleaner, and includes a spray to clean throttle plate and idle circuit.

6 pak of 6 treatments, 18 items. $150+ $15 s&h= $165 total.

* Tools for above two products is our Fuel Injector Cleaner-Install Tool.

The "Vacuum FEED Method" to Cleans Fuel Injectors and combustion area instantly. $125+ $10s&h=$135 total.

The Pressurized Fuel Rail Direct Connection Tool. Use with Kits above or any cleaner. $250+ $10s&h=$260 total.

Diesel All Purpose Treatment 12oz
Diesel Treatment #5. Fuel conditioner. Anti-gel. Algae retarding. With pump and injector Lube Cleaner. Stops Smoke, even under load. Treats 25 gallons. Add every 3rd fill-up. [Use 50oz in 25 gallons to clean dirty injectors. Cleans as you drive].
$12+ $5s&h= $17 total. 6 pak, $36+ $10s&h= $46 total.
One Gallon $64+ $10s&h= $74 total. 6 gallons $384+ $20s&h= $404 total. Save $40

Mega Power Additives. To-order, Call 1-512 665-3388

Single Bottle Fuel Treatments & Cleaners

Fuel Injector Cleaner Professional strength #90 12oz
Add to fuel tank. Cleans dirty injectors as you drive in one
day. Smooths rough idle, ends stalling. The strongest, safest,
fastest acting cleaner available.
$22+ $5s&H=$27 total. 6 pak $72 Total. Free shipping
Fuel Injector Cleaner #70 12oz
Keeps fuel system and injectors clean. For city-driving vehicles to keep injectors and combustion area clean. Add to fuel. A Cleaner/Fuel Conditioner.
$12+$5s&h=$17 total. 6 pak $60 total. Free shipping

Fuel System Cleaner #98 12oz
Add to fuel as needed. Conditions. Cleans. Removes water.
Neutralizes acids. For vehicles not driven regular, or those
that sit for months. Keeps fuel fresh. Easy starting.
$12+$5s&h=$17 total. 6 pak $60 total. Free shipping

Gas Treatment #93 12oz
Add to fuel as needed Conditions fuel. Lubes valves. Removes
water. Keeps fuel fresh. Easy starting in hot and cold climates.
Ends stalling, hesitation, rough idle. Cleans combustion area,
spark plugs, as you drive.
$10+$5s&h=$15 total. 6 pak $50 total. Free shipping

Carburetor Cleaner #1
Add to fuel as needed. Cleans carburetor, combustion area, spark plugs, as you drive. Smooths rough idle, ends stalling, hesitation.
Lubes valves. Removes water. Neutralizes acids. For vehicles that
sit for months. Keeps fuel fresh. Easy starting.
$12+$5s&h=$17 total. 6 pak $60 total. Free shipping

Octane Booster #2
Add to fuel as needed. Reduces ping.
When you need more power. Boost Octane 2 points
per 5 gallons fuel. Non-corrosive formula racing quality.
$12+$5s&h=$17 total. 6 pak $60 total. Free shipping

Strong, Fast-Acting Motor Valve Conditioners and
Motor Oil Conditioners

Engine Tune up #9 Add to oil Frees sticky valves,
rings Quiets tapping Improves oiling Friction Modifies $12
Oil treatment #10
Add to oil, reduces oil burning. Increases compression. Frees sticky valves rings. Friction Modifies $12
Engine Treatment #95 Add to oil, Stabilizes oil. Excellent in new engines. HI Performance, HI RPM, and Race Car Motors. Cam/lifter anti-wear EP value; high $14
Engine Stop Leak #11 Add to oil, Stops oil seepage Seal leaks Frees sticky valves Rings $14
Engine Oil System Cleaner #15 Add to dirty oil. Run 5 min, then Drain Frees sticky valves rings. Friction Modifies $12
Oil Change Engine Service Cleaning Kit #ES 3 part.
Quiets Frees Removes contaminants Anti-wear. Doubles oil life $39
Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment. A 6 item engine treatment treats top and bottom of motor to end oil burning, combustion blowby, restore lost power. Cleans, frees, smooths, coats to instantly restores lost power and restore like new performance, chemically and mechanically. 6pak treatment $90. Details: Worn Motor Treatment Description

To-order, Call 1-512 665-3388

Automatic Transmission, Stick Shift, Differential Gear Treatments

Transmission Fluid Conditioner #3 Smooths rough shifting. Cools
Doubles as an ATF Fluid Stabilizer. Stops converter chatter. $15
Automatic Transmission Stop Leak #12 Contains no solvents. Stops oil seal leaks fast. Ends Rough shifting. Stabilizes ATF Fluid $15
Stick shift, 4x4 Differential Oil Treatment #10 Makes shifting easy, faster, quieter. Reduces gear howl, whine and leaks. Water-proofs grease. $12
Automatic Transmission Service Kit #3TS This transmission "saver" uses 3 different products to restore your transmissions shift, life, long-livity. Instant results. Cleans during flush/oil change with one product. 2 others smooth, heal, free to restore shift smoothness, stop seal leaks, add cooling anti-friction help - good when towing. cars, truck, large equipment. One, $60 + $15s&h= $75.  6 pak,  18 items. $150+ $15s&h= $165

Mega Power Additives. To-order, Call 1-512 665-3388

Mega Power Additives for Radiator Cooling System Treatments

Radiator Stop leak #SL6 Add to coolant
Seepage, gaskets, holes cracks Non clogging Water/antifreeze $12 Radiator Cleaner #8 Add to old coolant Run 5 min Drain With new coolant, also add #SL6 #RC7 $12
Radiator Cool #RC7 Add to coolant
Engine and transmission run cooler Lubes Cools when Towing $12
Radiator Service #RS 3 items. Flush cleaner. Cleans. Stop leak. Cool. Lowers high temperatures. Neutralizes acids. Stops leaks. Protects $36+ $15s&h= $51

Mega-Power-Additives. To-order, Call 1-512 665-3388

Power Steering Service, Stop leak, Tune up. #PS
Includes Pre-cleaner flush, and half gallon power steering fluid. Stops rough turning, whine, leaks. For all systems. $55+ $15s&h=$70

Mega Power Additives. To-order, Wholesale, Retail Call 1-512 665-3388

Mega Power Additive Tools & Equipment

*Pressurized or Vacuum Combo, Fuel Injector Cleaning, Feeder Tool Holds 24oz liquid. Zero to 90lb line pressure adjustment. Delivers injector cleaner, carbon removing cleaner, motor revitalizer, using direct fuel rail connection. Or by any direct vacuum source. $250

*patented Metal Canister to feed Fuel Injector Cleaner into a vac source. Vacuum method. Cost $125 Delivers injector cleaner, carbon removing cleaner, motor revitalizer, via any direct vacuum source. $125

Automatic fluid flush out and fluid fill machines Made for hard, daily use. Simple and Fast and years of dependable profit making. Rugged On wheels. Lease/Buy/Parts 512 665 3388

Brake fluid Flush and Fill Exchange
Power Steering Flush and Fluid Exchange Robot
Radiator Flush and New Coolant Exchange Robot.
Automatic Transmission Flush and ATF Fluid Exchange Service Robot

Mega-Power-Additives, tools, oil filters, fast fluid exchange machines.

To-order Mega Power Additive Products or for help, Call 1-512 665-3388

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