This Worn Motor Treatment frees, cleans, and then coats worn motor parts, reviving their power to end motor oil burning - from 3 areas of your motor

Worn motor treatment, engine conditioner from Mega Power.
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Here’s a new, older engine aid, and what I call the worn motor treatment, from Mega Power. Mega Power gives new life to older car’s and equipment engines.

Their products for the transmission, and radiator are also helpful to those components, too. We’ll cover just the engine treatment here.

Links below, take you to their transmission and vital engine cooling system servicess an protective care you may see is needed for all your older vehicles - to end now-avoidable an expensive-to-repair hidden problems, you would be better off not encountering, as you drive down the road of life.

How Mega Power works like an overhaul to restore your motor when nothing else but a $4000 overhaul can

Here is what I seen hundreds of times. Just after the simple install of Mega Power - I'll show you to do, your exhaust smoking disappears an your motor will run as if you turned back the clock, an it was like a few years younger!

Now, that is amazing! And that is what your engine needs!

Mega Power makes this possible because it addresses your engine problems wholelistically.

  • It frees and cleans piston rings, one cause of oil burning.
  • It frees and cleans sticky engine valves, the 2nd cause of oil burning.
  • It smooths, then adds a co-polymer coating to fill worn space that allow oil to escape and burn. Stopping the 3rd cause of engine oil burning.
  • Why buy old fashion part-store, and quick-lube Lucas thick type products that add a sticky film to your oil, and do not offer those 3 worn motor help advantages?

What you should know

    Mega Power is an easy-to-install 2 step product any man or women non-mechanic can install easily, with guaranteed professional results.

    I'm the country's expert on engine care - so you are getting top help, besides. This site is technical for mechanics - but written so anyone can follow along. So red on to get the help you need.

    Worn  Motor Treatment ends oil burning permanently

    This is how to install Mega Power so you’ll be pleased at the same results mechanics can get and in just a few miles of driving. Directions....

      Step One: Add 3 items to the gas and oil listed to do so numbered 1, 2, 3. Drive for a week as usual.

      Step Two: Add item 4 to your dirty oil. 10 minutes lates, change your dirty oil and filter. To the new oil add items 5 an 6. Driving does the actual fix. ?Drive amazed and happy you avoided a $4000 new engine expense. That's it!

    The typical way to end motor oil burning.

    The typical way is to follow your mechanic's suggestion that “it is time for a $2500 plus motor overhaul – if you want to end those motor problems and keep the car going a few more years."

Now, don’t get me wrong, a $2500 plus motor overhaul is better – I know! I'm a mechanic that has done lots of engine overhauls.

However, because I discovered a dirty, little secret us mechanic's know they won't tell you. During an engine overhaul they spend more time hand cleaning dirty parts that mostly just need cleaning - and as few actual engine parts are really needed in an overhaul - unless the thing actually did blow apart!

Mega Power is among the strongest new, high tech anti-wear cleaning product that cleans and frees those very same parts! In addition to that advantages, Mega Power is famous in my book for freeing sticky piston rings - the usual cause of oil burning.

Now, as long as nothing is broken, you can clean and free the very same parts and also provide chemical conditioning advantages and easily gain for your self Mega Power's il burning reducing and restorative advantages. Sounds good and best of all - it works just as I say.

This Mega Power way, you are restoring chemically your engines negatives from wear and tear - as you drive - nothing to take apart, so your car negatives are removed - thereby making it again run good as new – but uses chemistry to do so – putting off the need for overhaul for some years to come.

The simple Mega Power 2 step method explained below is a just under a $100 a expense with no downtime, without your car being in the shop for a couple weeks – and a $mall under $50 expense yearly to keep it going at oil change intervals –

Compared to running your motor until some premature part failures occurs, Mega Power is what you need to stop the wear out rate already acting up.

How Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment helps your motor to run good as almost new again

Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment does so using a simple new method I call, "chemical rejuvenation."

Mega Power's Engine Treatment works because they are the most advantage 6 new ingredients sold anywhere! Those that restores power, and also ends your oil burning, tap noise, and oil seal and gasket leaks -!

Mega Power does so using new anti-wear chemistry by cleaning and freeing dirty valves, piston rings - and by reconditioning seals and gaskets.

Adding a co-polymer found to fill worn spaces - included, adds to a total engine conditioning - I'm sure your car needs. A desirable advantages thousands of us older car and equipment owners swear by! This is what your motor needs, too!

But that's not all.. you gain.

Restored engine power comes by their MC+ protective anti-wear coating - included, and its MC+ friction smoothing ability. The install of the product, called a treatment, chemically replaces power sapping, worn away, dirty, and wear roughen engine conditions. That is what this new product can do to help you regain years of more dependable, trouble-free engine service.

The other way for the last 50 years was to pay for a $3000 motor overhaul, or buy costly new cars and equipment.

This product works because it uses new problem-solving anti-wear chemical technology.

When we say strong, we mean fast-acting strong. Within 15 minutes, some customers tell us.

  • That's my experience, too -in dozens of older vehicles! No kidding!
  • Complements we get on this product every day, include:
  • "Restores Power almost instantly"
  • "My Hi-mileage motor went from using 3 quarts oil to one."
  • "Stops exhaust smoking and choking fumes."
  • "They wanted nearly $2000 to fix my motor's noisy valve tap. I tried your product and it quieted the motor tap in half a day of driving. Your Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment gave my car a new lease on life - for a fraction of what mechanics wanted to charge me. A great product!
  • "The following testimonial tells you, Mega Power did more than it said it would - for this 12 year old car. "I knew my car could not do long trips. Now it runs as-if-new, on those trips - and amazes me on how well it again runs on every trip! I'm real happy your Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment ended my cars age and power problem."

This New Worn Motor Treatment from Mega Power rebuilds compression in a new and better way - explained below, and does not use a thick, honey-like oil thickener, like other products sold for those problems use. Nor does it use harmful detergents additives sold to clean your motor.

Guarantee. Its so good and with so few complains about its ability to stop worn motor oil burning, stop leaks, stop engine valve tapping, and stop exhaust smoking - we offer a money back guarantee - if it does not do as advertised.

Please note: 2 refunds ask for last 267 days.

This product is easy to install. Driving does the fix. Instant motor rejuvenation is what you get to enjoy again - sometimes for years! You know you need it. Order it now!

Order this product below, enjoy driving a restored like-near-new performance again - with the help from this invention.

To have this Worn Motor Treatment sent to you - Order today!

Just $75+ $15s&h= $90 total. Includes 6 products shown. Simple pour-in and drive instructions. Guarantee. My personal help by phone. Shipped to your door in 3 days by Fedex.

Buy two treatments for 2 cars. Includes 12 items shown. Simple pour-in and drive instructions. Guarantee. My personal help by phone. Shipped to your door in 3 days by Fedex$140 total, Save $40.

Order by check, MO, to address below.

George Christ
Factory Distributor. Tech Trainer.
210 Durango Street. San Marcos Texas 78666
Call to ask a question or purchase at 512 665 3388

Order by check, MO, to address below.

George Christ
Factory Distributor.
210 Durango Street. San Marcos Texas 78666
Call to ask a question or purchase at 512 665 3388

Phone, mail order, or Online ordering is Secure.

How do you install Mega Power?

    Mega Power is a pour-in-n-drive worn motor treatment. 3 items are to clean the top of your motor. Drive for a week with them working inside. A week later do an oil change using the other 3 items.

    Mega Power's cleaning, coating, and conditioning effect stops oil burning, valve tap, and leaks for years of renewed, new-like dependability. It goes where oil cannot and "fixes the problem in one of 3 ways." Explained in detail on other pages: see links below.

    So effective we give it a 3 month guarantee. It pleases or its free!

Introducing: The Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment

    Rebuilds compression.
    Stops oil burning, leak, tap, smoking, in worn motors in minutes. Restores power in doing so. Last for years with a simple touch up product that pays for itself over and over!

    The Details.

    Wouldn't it be nice - to

      Have a good fairy - like in the story Cinderella, wave her magic wand over your old, tired oil burning pumpkin, and suddenly have it quit burning oil, start quicker, run smoother, quieter, and with like-new power again?

    She's not available

      But a company called Mega Power is. Mega Power has something just as effective for such motors. It's called... The Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment -Shown here.

    Worn Motor Treatment from Mega Power

    The product's maker - Mega Power

      Is a leader in the development of over 50 problem-solving additive formula's for automotive and industrial performance restoring and enhancement.

      Mega Power customer's include car makers, huge ship owners, equipment owners, mechanics, and just plain car owners - all looking for a product to solve wear and performance problems caused by high mileage, friction, and residues.

    The Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment

      Mega Power comes with simple instructions anyone can follow, that gets immediate results that surprises every user of the product.

      Our customer's claim - and so do I, that you can produce almost the same performance improvement results chemically with Mega Power as an expensive overhaul - but for a fraction of that price!

      In a moment you will see why the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment is the only known product to rebuild compression and stop oil burning, smoking, oil leaks, power loss, and valve tap in worn motors in minutes. Something only a costly $2500 motor overhaul could also do.

    Will it work for your motor?

      Yes, as long as no internal parts are broken - but miles, age, and wear do not deter the desired results.

      If your car sounds like this product is what it needs, order this product today! It is well worth using to regain the like-new performance conditions your motor use to have. It avoids the costlier repair alternative.

      Works equally well in newer vehicles to extend their life, avoid avoidable internal problems.

    To have this Worn Motor Treatment sent to you - Order now! get on down the road of life with dependability and performance back on your side.

    Just $75+ $15s&h= $90 total. Includes 6 products shown. Simple pour-in and drive instructions. Guarantee. My personal help by phone. Shipped to your door in 3 days by Fedex.

    Buy two treatments for 2 cars. $140 total, Save $40.

    Order by check, MO, to address below.

    George Christ
    Factory Distributor. Tech Trainer.
    210 Durango Street. San Marcos Texas 78666
    Call to ask a question or purchase at 512 665 3388

    Phone, mail order, or Online ordering is OK.

    Let me show you how the Worn Motor Treatment brings back years more serviceable usage out of your motor for you.

      The problem area inside your motor.

      Notice in the picture, the arrows pointing to

      1. "Worn" pistons
      2. "Sticky" piston rings
      3. Worn valve "stems"

      Those 3 worn areas, worn valve stems, sticky piston rings, and the worn away surfaces around them allow engine oil from those areas to be sucked in - as the piston goes downward pulling in gas to burn.

      As the piston comes up to compress that mixture a spark ignites the gas and oil mixture. That is how your motor burns a quart or more of oil. It is burned and sent out the exhaust pipe as smoke.

      Those 3 area problems are what the Worn Motor Treatment fixes.

    Mega Power ends worn motor oil burning

    More trouble occurs with blow-by: Blow-by - which is 2000 degree combustion now flows pass sticky piston rings, and mixes with your motors oils.

    Blow-by contain acids which sludge's your clean oil, and heat, shrink seals - causing oil leaks. Mega Power ends both problems - and lowers oil burning and loss down to almost zero.

    The normal way to fix worn motor problems

      Is pay a mechanic $2000+ to remove, then dismantle your motor completely, hand clean and inspect every part, send the engine heads out for $400 machining and valve re-seating, order $300 to $500 worth of replacement parts and gaskets, reassemble the several hundred parts and reinstall the motor - ready to go like new again.

      My way - what I want you to order, uses Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment to solve those problems and to avoid that expense - for a couple years.

    There is more that Mega Power does for your motor than this fix.

      Lets go back to the piston in the picture.

      As it moved downward and sucked in a bit of oil, there is a bit less space for gas in the mix. This is one of 3 reasons why less power is developed.

      Follow me as I uncover the others - all of which, Mega Power ends for you.

        That is the main causes of oil burning, oil consumption, loss of power.

        But there are secondary causes you want to end if you knew about them, Right? Sure! And Mega Power can do so. That is what I w3ant you to appreciate - that Mega Power is so much better.

        The Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment ends 3 other causes of power loss and wear speed-up for you.

        I'll explain as you read along.

      The arrows show you where Mega Power cleans and layers itself in those 3 areas to end the problem.

      Customers tell us

        Mega Power ended their motor problem in just a few miles of driving. And so will you.
      • Just add the treatment to your motor as directed and drive. Driving does the fix. No wrenches or repair skill needed.

      • The 6 products do the job when nothing else will.

      • A ingredient called MC+ friction modifies. This restores power lost do to friction. Imagine how lowering the high amounts of friction helps you going up and down hills.

        What is more, smoother surfaces keeps the oil film complete, instead of being ripped apart as worn rougher surfaces do a lot of.

        The surface smoothing action is a remarkable double benefit to insure longer wearing life for your older motor - and is a benefit even brand new engines and transmissions can enjoy [if you want anti-wear protection working in their motors], as well as when later-on in life, when their rubbing surfaces wear and become ragged.

      • Mega Power does not stop with that benefit as its oil reducing advantage.

        Next, a co-polymer fills worn spaces. This chemical acts like a motor overhaul - chemically.

      • Now all this seals-off and ends the oil burning, tap, and lost of power problem and brings back what you thought was lost. Pistons, bearings, valves, lifters and gears now can slide on these protective and slippery clean ingredients - instead of metal-to-metal.

      As you can see, these ingredients provide a wealth of help deep inside to handle such a complex task - and only a $3000 motor overhaul is better.

      Do you think your motor deserves this treatment? I think so!

      The products work thru the gas and oil to clean injectors, combustion area, valves, piston rings, lifters, and catalytic converter.

    • This combination has proven to be the only way to restore an older vehicle's power, performance, and dependability.

    • Compared it cost of under$100 to spending $2000 to triple that for an engine overhaul. Mega Power engine care is not expensive. It is the only fix known to help extend years of additional, good life to thousands of older, even hi-mileage motors.... It's a true bargain - even if it cost twice that!

    My experience

      Mega Power's capability to rejuvenate has help me keep more than a dozen of my older cars going strong.

      I have gained years more driving dependability compared to hearing how others have had expensive overhauls, or had to go in debt for a new car, because they follow the common method of car care.

      By following Mega Power's Worn motor Treatment method, I can look back and see that it has helps me avoid tens of thousands of dollars of auto repair and replacement expense.

      That product expense-avoiding advantage has helped many of us divert that money to other family needs - a wiser use of our hard-earned income.

    In doing so

      Mega Power has keep much more of my hard-earned money in my pocket. For the good of my family, rather that pay for the lavish, jet-set lifestyles of wealthy car makers, and parts producing moguls. They rather have you wear out your cars and fix them every couple years, instead of not! Or, go in debt for new - for their benefit, not yours, every few years.

      What would it mean for your finances, if you had to spend $2000 for overhaul or serious engine work, but, you could get more than adequately by for less than $100? Would that be important to you? I think so! That is what I love about Mega Power!

    How the Worn Motor Treatment is Installed

      3 of the products are installed to restore power by cleaning and freeing sticky, poor-sealing piston rings and sticky, slow-closing valves - eliminating the need to take the motor apart to do so.

      That is top-side cleaning. This ends over a dozen performance problems

      The following week, the other 3 products are installed to free and clean the oil side below; each piston, cylinder, bearing, valve, and gear.

      Then the process adds a slippery co-polymer anti-wear coating.

      These advantages end performances problems and restores smooth running power and quietness to the motor. [A similar treatment does the same for the transmission, power steering, and air conditioner wear problems].

      This is how this product restores a cars power, performance - in minutes.

      You can't help but love this car care invention!

    This is what you need for your family cars!

    Wouldn't it be nice to suddenly

      Hear their motors running smooth and quiet again? Wouldn't it be nice to crank the started and hear it roar into power like its former self? What would it mean to your finances to spend $100 for what $2000 does?

    Mega Power, Worn Motor Treatment, at work.

    This reduces the full charge of gas needed - and is one reason why your motor feels like its worn out. It can't get the full charge of gas it once use too. Why it burns more oil.

As the piston starts upward

    Compressing the gas for combustion, the same cause of getting oil mixed into the gas charge now squeezes it back out pass the weak piston rings, into the oil. This "blow-by" of gas weakens the oils lubricity - and increases the speed up of wear.

    Did you know that?

    One more worn problem area...

    As sticky valves close - slower than normal, the piston squeezes some of the fuel back out. See those two-way arrows curved around the valve head?

    Those double-ended arrows indicate some of the fuel just sucked-in by the downward stroke of your piston is being pushed back out pass the sticky valve - which should be closed - but is not.

    That is the condition dirty motors and dirty valves have that causes rough idle, mysterious stalling, loss of power, back fire, sticky exhaust, lousy fuel economy.

    - and makes you think your motor is older than it is. Makes us mechanics $2000 overhauling you motor to clean it and get it running good again.

    Now your option is to add Mega Power to your motor to make it run strong again for under $100 - not $2000.

Now your watch your motor at work - with Mega Power inside.

    Mega Power's two step procedure cleans and frees sticky pistons, piston rings, sticky, slow-closing valves, and end valve lifter tap - in just minutes after you add it to your motor. They contain the strongest ever invented.

    Now, as the piston pushes upward and compresses the fuel, the clean, fast closing action of your valves will seal the fuel in ready for compression.

    Got that? It is important to for smooth performance and power.

    With the spark plug spark occurs now with a full charge of gas - the combustion force sends the piston downward with much more force, and 10 minutes later like new zip and power returns again - doing so on a bit less fuel...

    That is why you need the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment. Don't wait until your motor breaks and then wish you had tried it.

    Call me and order this product now. It will be the best method ever to save your cars, your money, and get back that zip you paid so much for.

Why your motor is not acting sluggish like before. Why?

    your combustion was cheated out of a full charge of gas - partly because dirty valves and rings and wear and excessive friction did not seal properly, leaked out, limited the power.

    Mega Power cleaning, freeing, sealing and coating ingredients sealed the explosion in - sealed the oil out! This is what ends why your oil is so black - and so soon, between oil changes.

So........What happened so far?

    All those conditions that rob your motor of its full power, consumed more oil, wasted fuel, causes leaks, creates conditions for faster wear, and more friction, and steals years of life away from your engines and transmissions - disappeared.

    You, now unknowingly, press the gas pedal and your car goes much faster. You back-off on the gas pedal for the right speed - and start going 20 30 40 more miles between fill up - because of all this improvement.

    Before, you wondered when your motor will force its hand. When it will require a $2000 plus overhaul or a $500 new car payment - as the remedy. Poor mileage eats your lunch money.

Now, reverse all that with this Worn Motor Treatment! What happens then?

    Your motor runs great again. That is what happens when you switch to the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment.

    Like playing a country western song backwards. You get the problem fixed, and great power and performance returns.

Now let Review...

Lets install the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment.

    6 sub-systems are cleaned - not just injectors - wherever gas, air, combustion, oil and exhaust goes.

    Then, special chemistry - MC+, smooths wear-roughen pistons, bearings, valves and gears. With cleaning and friction drag removed - parts are clean, smooth, move freely - like when near new. the power-loss they use to cause is gone!

    There is more! A smooth, protective co-polymer fills worn spaces - closing the wear gaps, to keep power in.

    Now as combustion occurs, full power is again developed. The car cranks faster, starts easier, runs smoother, has the get-up-and-go of like when new. Internal conditions are chemically made so they perform like near new, again!

Can you see why so many people love this Worn Motor Treatment?

Ordering information

Sold direct. Not sold in parts stores. That is because it needs a good bit of explanation to show it worth.

Your guarantee! Free if not satisfied - should this not work as described.

This Worn Motor Treatment works so well; Please note: No refunds asked for in the last 267 days..

I'm here to help you get the product and install it by phone.

    It's like adding gas and oil. It's easy to install. I help people by phone - live, as they install it - to give them confidence - as most are not mechanics. That is my Job - to help you. I am a mechanic. I'm here for you!

    "Mega Power has helped our cars run great again!"

    Now it time for you to help your motor by doing the same!

    To have this Worn Motor Treatment sent to you - Order today!

    To have this Worn Motor Treatment sent to you - Order today!

    Just $65+ $15s&h= $80 total. Includes 6 products shown. Simple pour-in and drive instructions. Guarantee. My personal help by phone. Shipped to your door in 3 days by Fedex.

    Buy two treatments for 2 cars. $140 total, including shipping, for 2 treatments - Get our MP #120 great all purpose lube spray. a $12.95 value, Free! 13 items, $140 total. Save $32.

    Order by check, MO, to address below.

    George Christ
    Factory Distributor. Tech Trainer.
    210 Durango Street. San Marcos Texas 78666
    Call to ask a question or purchase at 512 665 3388

    Phone, mail order, or Online ordering is Secure.

    • Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment, is a one-of-a-kind problem-solving product. Sold in thousands of auto repair and lube business - but still not enough. More profitable products are pushed - for the store owners good, not the customer.

    • Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment is used by motorists in tens of thousands of motors.

      The Worn Motor Treatment is a tribute to the genius inventor Bud Esterline, whose chemistry does what you thought good oil was suppose to do, but can't!

    • Ask your mechanic or oil changer to order this product for you - or buy it here, and have them perform the simple installation when your oil is changed. [They may charge you $20 to do so. That's a fair price]. I'm George Christ. Product adviser. Distributor

    • They, or you can call me for this help anytime. 512 665 3388

    • This site provides technical information about specific wear and tear, and performance decline problems. Those, all cars and equipment have, from when new to the time they're junked - that Mega Power Chemistry Products prevent or remove.

    Buy this Worn Motor Treatment with confidence All Mega Power Products sold to do as advertised or your money cheerfully refunded.

    Learn More of the Inventor and his Worn Motor Treatment, advantages

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