Intake valve sticking?
Mega Power Engine Valve Product ends sticking valve problem. Avoids costly repair.

Mega Power Engine Valve Treatment

    A simple product to use, but does a complex job to stop your intake valve sticking.

    This intake valve problem may also be the cause of a rough idle, and stalling for no appearent reason. See diagram below.

    Mega Power is what many motorist are using, rather than choosing to spend around $2000 to take their motor apart. That is the other way to fix those valves that stick.

How Mega Power frees sticking intake valves

    Mega Power works to frees sticking intake valves by penetrating and cleaning with special cleaners, and by smoothing friction roughen valve stem surfaces where no other product can.

    This easy to use product quiets and smoothes the motor in minutes, customers report.

    Mega Power Intake Valve Cleaning Treatment

    "In just minutes after I added your Mega Power like you said to, the motor cough - just as you said it would, and then smooth right out - and the tap disappeard. My mechanic said, whatever I did freed the sticking valve. You save me an expensive repair. Thanks again."

    Mega Power is made to free sticking intake valves fast! Sticking intake valve cleaning remedy from Mega Power

    The Mega Power way to free sticking intake valves also restores more power, too!

    About 10% of your motors power is lost due to growing amounts of friction and sticky residues.

    You don't realize it, but consider 10% power loss the same as burning $10 dollars of every $100 you spend - so you have to come up with another $10 to pay for groceries instead of $100 every week.

Those power-stealing conditions are your dirty valves and sticky piston rings.

    Those which Mega Power cleans and frees to provide more than just end your intake valve sticking problem.

    The picture's 2-way arrows shows fuel goes into the piston area, and some is pushed back out - as the piston compresses the fuel.

    That occurs when your intake valves go from sticky to causing your motors intake valve to stick open, When actually they should be closed. Then, performance suffers even more.

    More power is lost, or rather, is not fully developed. You may hear tap tap tap noises. Damage grows at a faster pace. That is what you are experiencing - and a $2000 vqalve job fixes.

If you have one problem

    - You really have several more negative problems at work, speeding up wear-out, that Mega Power smarts figured out how to end! I've made that cleaning easy for anyone - not just mechanics, to do!

    Your 2nd problem includes combustion escaping into your motors oiling section - shown by the down arrows as the piston compresses the fuel - and as combustion is blown past your motor pistons sleepy piston rings. See the 2 downward arrows in picture indicating how raw gas and combustion begin causing new problems in the oil. More on Mega Power ends sticky piston ring blowby problem with this product.

    Those are your motors problems Mega Power corrects. The products needed to do so are shown above.

    Useing Mega Power restores motor power output to full by cleaning and freeing, and adds more by reducing friction your dirty intake valves and sticking piston rings, and other parts steal away, slowing your zip and speed down.

Why 6? By using 4 special cleaners and two friction modifiers

    These 6 have proven to be what works best to quickly end lifter tapping, power lost, and intake valve sticking problems.

    This is the lease expensive, fastest way to end your motor's improper, slow valve-closing problem. This will end the motor lope, rough idle, end the intake valve tapping sound.

Ordering Information and Product Directions

    The treatment contains 6 items. 3 are installed in the fuel air and oil for top-part combustion side intake valve cleaning. 3 are installed a week later during an oil change to remove the problem residues and add friction reducing and power restoring benefits. Driving does the actual fix.

    As you can see, this is your best motor and budget saver. A good invention. Order it today, and get on down the road of life again, much happier. For protecting any good motor too, to prevent valve problems, extend its life.

    One Mega Power Valve Treatment 6 items
    $65, plus $15 s&h= $80 total.
    Order 2 Treatments for 2 cars, save $20. 2= $140 total

    Includes easy-to-follow instructions, guarantee of satisfaction, my personal phone help.

    To order, or ask a question, call me now at 512 665 3388 ... george

    Other Mega Power advantages.

    Frees intake valve sticking.

    Mega Power returns more power Too!

    Order now. Shipped by FedEx to your door in about 3 days.

      About 10% of the power lost due to the increase of friction and sticky valves - and piston rings.

      By using Mega Powers 4 special cleaner ingredients, and 2 friction modifiers you can end improper valve sealing, or closing, during the combustion process, and avoid a costly repair.

    Mega Power ends the sticking intake and exhaust valve problem.

    Free intake valve sticking, and valve lifters sticking, too.