Order these really fast stop leak treatments. There is one to stop motor oil transmission steering radiator coolant A/C leaks. Each has a component tune up in each one for long troublefree service.

Re: Larry's stop leak request:

Hi Larry. Here is the Stop Leak Treatment Guide you requested....

Click on the links below to see their product details. It will open up in a separate page. ...Call me, if you like to order by phone, not Online. They come with simple install instructions. Shipped fedex in 3 days to your home or business. You can take avantages of out 5 component package and save $100. Save Hundreds in labor as they are easy to do on a Saturday morning. ...Call if you have a question and to order by phone instead. Thanks for you order..... george 1 512 665 3388

What is a Bumper to Bumper "Mega Power Stop-Leak-Treatment Package?"

    They are kits to do a complete service  cleaning, and addition of protectors to keep troubles from appearing of your automotive components. In this case, all 5 components. Rather than a fluid drainout and new fluid replacement. Drain out leaves acids inside and sticky residues inside to thick to drain out - known as the cause of automotive problems. 

    The cost of repair can be in the many thousands of dollars. So, the investment of hundred of dollars every 2 years  for servicng is an investment in problem prevention and sudden car shutdown.  people never win ignoring their car servicing.  I know - I've try it. Then dicovered these products to help prevent such troubles.

    Test prove their worthyness. Years of trouble free operation assures you made the right decision with us.

    Our auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com treatmeants, contain a cleaner, a stop leak, and system protector. The idea is, if one system leaks the others are not far from starting. This ends the leaky one. Conditions the others for decades long trouble free service.  Order all 5 sets for $200 + $20 S&H = $220 total..

    Our treatments services the whole system cleaning it thoughly not just end the leak. That's why they are better. A clean system prevents toubles. It follows a cleaning of the system during a 5 to 10 minute cleaning run and them a system drain out of the dirty fluid collected.

    Our Treatment continues its features with 2 more treatment items in the kit, added with the new oil or fluid. One for the problem solution, and a problem preventative. They are the fix recipe.

    They also double as a every 2 year component servicing product. Making it the best product to stop leaks and offer system wide anti-trouble protection. The 5 are: <br><br>

    Mega Power Engine Stop Leak Treatment. About $80

    Transmission Fluid Stop Leak About $50

    Radiator Stop-Leak-Treatment About $40

    Power Steering Stop-Leak-Treatment About $40

    Air Conditione Stop leak Treatment About $20

The differencee in our stop leaks is they do more than stop leaks. They remove the acidic leak cause. And adda seal expander to stop leaks. Read the following...

Seals leaks two ways. 1- Because acids shrinks seals causing leaks, it removes the acid to let them relax.

2- Adds a slight expension to them. This adds one more demision to stopping leaks no other product has as yet. Each factor contributes to stopping leaks.

Did you knoe?

Common stop leak brands are harmful

    That is because common part store type stop leaks use solvents to swell leaking seals. Additives that use solvents turns rubber seals to mush. This causes an even bigger problem later on - many people tell us.

    I put a cut-up portions of a seal into test tubes with every stop leak I could find - and that is how I found out solvents in part store stop leaks degrade the seal in their softening process.

    Our stop leak, from Mega Power, uses a "seal conditioner" and is 100% safe. It did not swell or degrade the seal in the test! It revitalizes them so they have a slight size increase and returns their pliable nature back to them.

Mega Power Treatments Also Protects

    By smoothing wear-roughen and friction worn surfaces, and then by layering a protective coating over the surfaces of your pistons, bearings, valves and gears - for added protection. Mega Power Radiator Stop Leak contain different protectors. Their advantages stops the leak, ends shift, reduces high heat, rapid wear, tap, ends poor cooling problems, too.

    You would want treatments that stop your leak, fortify and condition the fluid, when under working pressure and high temperatures. This ends overheating problems.

We love Mega Power because:

    Mega Power ends the 3 causes of transmission problems. Not just one! And this helps extend the motor, transmission, steering, radiator, and A/C component dependable life. This is due to 4 ingredients - including a "friction modifier called MC+."

    For transmissions, this provides smoother shifting, and provide years longer, trouble-free life.

In all components, stop leak action happens in minutes to a day.

How you can easily install a Mega Power Stop Leak Treatment to stop your leak and save hundreds of dollars while doing so....

There are two steps, 3 specific products, easy to follow directions:

    One item, the Cleaner, cleans and removes the gooey acidic residues that hinder part movement and shrinks seals.

    You add the cleaner to the dirty fluid for 5 minutes or so - then drain and replace the old fluid with new.

    The second and 3rd items smooths and coats wear-roughen gears and such. They are added to the new fluid.

    They reduce friction and provide a noticeable internal cooling of the fluid temperature.

    The second and 3rd items contain special protectors to smooth and seal the surfaces of gears, shafts, pump pistons, converter, clutches, so they move without chafing.

As you can imagine, beside stop leak advantages:

Mega Power revitalizes not just the leaking seal. It does the many O-rings, seals, and gaskets inside everywhere - which stops their internal and external leakage.

The cleaning ingredient neutralizes acids, reducing a big wear reducer. This makes the cleaner a great engine, transmission protector.

Did you know

    Acids and heat are the cause of leaks, and the number one and two transmission killers.

    With about 14 million failures expected this year - with a cost of repair at $2000 to $5,500 each, you can see it pays to take care of your transmission with this treatment.

Now you know the difference between a stop leak and a stop leak treatment -

You can see you will benefit with Mega Power Stop Leak Protection. Why not call if you like to order the whole set. all now and get on down the road really protected for a much longer time than you can imagine. ..george 512 665 3388