Additives ehow com writer Novak says,
"Oil treatments are no good for worn engines." Here's why he's ill-informed on this subject - and what additives you can use to help your worn engine.

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By writer Novak: Opinion By Paul Novak, eHow... Writer.

Additives ehow com

I say, Paul Novak is ill-informed when he says, "oil additives are no better than a thicker grade of oil."

Just check out the help this link shows you can provide to help older motors run good as new with the help of these additives.

I do agree he is right when he says, additives "are just not what they claim to be." Like ...BG, whose additives cause damage, for example.

Here is a list of other additives showing what they claim against what they actually do.

He is not correct in saying, motor-oil-additives, contain the same ingredients that are in motor oils.

  • He's wrong on the point that heavy-weight oil is as good as an oil treatment.

  • He several studies alluded to in the following statement never check the thousands of garages who use additives to stop rapid wear and and performance problems - oil of any kind, cannot. Or the mechanics would promote those additives instead

  • Of all the brands, just a couple are worthy of helping - The Mega Power Brand BEING ONE OF THEM.
  • Additives ehow com

    Novak quotes as proof, this:

      "Several studies examining the effectiveness of oil additives have been performed. There are currently no credible studies to support any claims that these additives will improve mileage, or prolong engine life."

    He does not know real-world facts about the Mega Power Brand.
    While some car additive brands are no good - Other brands are. That is where the confusion lies. He may not know the difference.

    Mike said his car ran like heck. After finding a brand called Mega Power on the internet and installing the product in his car, his car ran, like a synphony with additives he installed.

    Doug's story, who also has no confindence in "chemical formulas." But it change with Mega Power solving his worn engine problem.

    My 1st rebuttal is that they do help for older motors

      First of all, tens of thousands of us mechanics and car owners use them every day. Of course, you need brands that work like the Mega Power brand we like and recomend.


      Because they correct the ills that our customers cars, trucks, and heavy equipments experience from wear and tear problems, when caused by friction drag, sticking from residues, and engine and transmission wear are correctable with additives.

      Engine and transmission problems that naturally cause a loss of power do to higher amounts of friction, residues that block oil delivery, or caused valve tapping, and cylinder that causes oil burning, high emissions, and pre-mature overhaul - all are helped by the proper use of additives - those we found that work. Try them and you will se the same results to your cars.

      Problems that oil sometimes creates, that increase friction drag, cause leaks, and take away the zip and performance it use to have.

      All of which oil cannot eliminate - but specific additives do!

    Note this demo showing how Mega Power reduces friction drag.

    Additives ehow com

    Additives ehow com

    Mega Power Products are helping motors end these wear and performance problems - restore their near-new power.

    Problems Mega Power ends include:

    • Ending sticky residue problems in lifters and valves that cause valve tap
    • Ends conditions that bind valve and ring movement - cause slow-closing of valves - a cause of lower vacuum, for example
    • A condition that deters full combustion development - that cause spark misfire, and rough-shift conditions The product that ends the above problems.
    • And there's this treatment for wear-roughen pistons, bearings, valves and gears that increase friction drag, and rob the wheels of the motors pass-thru power
    • This older motor treatment fills worn-away spaces, quiets motors, makes them run great, ends oil burning, leaks, and age problems. All of which it does right before your eyes in minutes.
    All such problems are corrected by Mega Power mechanics have isolated as worthy of restoring power, performance, and improving fuel economy.

    I agree, to their doing all this by restoring what was lost. I think that has great value - for the cars and trucks that need help, and its better than limping along. Don't you agree?

    Item #2 about heavier oil is better. He's off on this point, also.

      From his point of view, "heavy oil is better."

      Additives ehow com

      We already seem what certain products can do to help a worn motor. I love the Mega Power Brand:

        They do improve combustion, deter blow-by, and add to oil-stabilizing by chaining several oil molecules together - thereby creating a thickness to the oil.

        But, a heavy-weight oil is not the same as an oil additive.

      Here is why.

      Oil - when hot,

        Regardless of weight, thins out.

        A space develops between molecules. Mega Power Oil Treatment binds a chain of molecules together, and this will not allow the oil space between molecules to occur.

        This motor treatment benefit keeps a film of oil where needed to lower metal-to-metal abrasion.

      Also, by using certain types of of oil treatments with metal conditioning, those ingredients help rough surfaces smooth themselves - causing less drag - less wear. A power-improving benefit.

      So, that is why I say he is mis-informed.

        Certain oil-treatments do improve the power and performance of new, and older, worn engines and transmissions.

        Tens-of-thousands of motorist - who enjoy what such products have done for their motors and transmissions agree.

      Paul Novak says, "testimonials are bias." Some are, Some are not!

      He says, testimonials are bias on the side of the seller.

      Well, when learning about any product, why, the first thing you do is read the testimonials.

      Well, I have my own testimonials, like Doug... who had Mega Power do wonders

      for his older truck.

      I do agree most brands are no good!

      Most brands that are are no good are solvent-based.

      Solvents in your motor create more friction fast - as they clean. They regularly ruin engine. That is where one problem lies with a persons experience with additives. Stay a way from those.

      Additives ehow com. Others have other negatives - Additives ehow com

      Contact info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, order this product, call me at 512 665 3388... george

      Here's a man who knows what's good for older, worn motors - and what products help them. Here is his opinion about the value of additives.

      Worn motor treatment - people like

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