Don’t send your engine to an early grave.

You Can Remove Oil Sludge Effectively, Safely and Affordably!

There is no debate, oil sludge will kill your engine if you don’t do something…

But, how do you get out the gunk that’s choking your engine? It’s sapping your horsepower and wasting money because you’re getting such poor gas mileage. An engine clogged with oil sludge could quit on you at any time. It could quit on you at the worst time!

Now, you could let your mechanic do a total breakdown clean and rebuild. That’s a big, time consuming job. And he may find a lot more stuff to fix as he’s tearing it all apart. And when he’s done he could hand you a bill for over $2,000 or more, maybe much more!

And forget about those solvent flushes from the auto parts store.

Sure, they’re quick. And they’re cheap. And they can break down engine deposits. But they can’t control their removal. Solvent flushes can spread microscopic particles all over the place clogging other vital areas of your engine depriving them of oil. What’s worse, solvent cleaners can remove the good deposits and lubricants helping to seal valves and pistons making you lose compression.

You could wind up on the phone with that mechanic anyway.

That cheap solution may end up costing big.

What if there was a better way?

A Smarter Way.

A Money Back Guaranteed Way.

Introducing Mega Power Sludge Remover

The Smart, Affordable Solution

Mega Power’s Easy 3 Step System is detergent based, not solvent.

It’s scientifically Designed not to remove all the sludge at once. Mega Power’s advanced scientific formulation actually holds the particles in suspension for safe removal, not allowing them to creep, migrate and settle causing you even more problems.

And Mega Power doesn’t just clean your engine it also restores crucial lubrication with MC + a Super Penetrating Lubricant that crawls and reaches every part of your engine reducing friction, sticking and binding for a cooler, quiet more efficient engine! A long lasting engine.

And It’s an Easy 3 Step Process That You Can Do Yourself

Step 1. Add bottle with #1 and #3 on cap to the gas tank and bottle with #2 on cap to your motor oil and drive as you normally would for a week.

Step 2. Add bottle with #4 on cap to your engine oil and take your car to get an oil change.

Step3. After oil change, add bottle with #5 and #6 on cap to your motor oil.

Simple, right?

This completes the cleaning!

Mega Power doesn’t just cleanout the sludge…

It Restores Power!

You’ll enjoy better gas mileage, and your older engine will purr like new.

We believe in and stand behind Mega Power.

If your car doesn’t run like new after the Mega Power Treatment

We offer a Full 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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