End your rough shifting automatic transmission problem fast, cheaply.

Ttransmission help new products from Mega Power provide to end

End your rough shifting automatic transmission problem fast - yourself!

Perhaps, avoid a $2500 repair that may not entirely end the problem this transmission service will - or, you often need both to do so. I'll show how with a great new invention you add to your transmission and drive - and it fixes it - by addressing the half dozen major condition that cause it! No kidding!

Here's what you should know about rough shifting automatic transmission products, and help needed.

    From zero mileage to 100,000 miles, your transmission is bathed with a constant 300 to 800 degree heat-load.

    At zero mileage begins the problems you have. With lots of heat begins the breaks-down of your lube fluid as you drive. as that occurs, your lube film strength grows weaker and cannot keep your gears, bearings and such apart as much. Abrasion sets in.

    Abrasion along with acid growth and sticky residues are creating more severe rates of friction drag and wears away your cars once shinny smooth close fitting parts.

    Friction and sticky residues create resistance on parts that need to slide, push, pull, spin and mesh upon each other. They consume 5 to 15 horsepower that use to speed you faster down the road and farther. You just feed it more gas and don't pay any attention.

Of course, the car maker hopes wants you to go to them for rough shifting automatic transmission help needed. They hope your car will hang together during the warranty period.

- But you're never told this wear-increasing patterned will one day rip your budget apart - after the warranty, but years sooner than you expected.

And who cares?

    Not the car dealer, not the part maker, not the car maker - for each will share a piece of your new car or $2500 repair expense to benefit them - not you!

How Mega Power ends your rough shifting problems and adds years more driving dependability to your car care maintenance budget. Do so in 2 easy steps. And for under $100.

Rough shift ending product from Mega Power

The easy 2 steps to end your rough shift negatives and add conditioners for a smooth shifting longer transmission - and engine life - if your install Mega Power in your motor, too!

  1. The yellow item is added during Step One to your old fluid. To end tour rough shifting automatic transmission, you drive or idle the car for 5 to 10 minutes, and shift the gears into and out of each gear. After 10 minutes, you replace your old fluid for new.

    Mega Power removes sludge accumulation in the valve body - the brains to your gear shifting. Sludge restricts passage ways or valve movement. That results in one cause of rough shift - which is removed for draining - and the end of that problem.

    Other help given during Step One is to neutralize your nasty, acidic trany conditions that jells good fluid, and with heat produces sludge, to end that cause of your shift problem.

  2. Mega Power does all that in Step One of the service.

  3. Step Two is to add the 2 remaining conditioners to the new fluid. These smooth and heal to reduce friction drag and wear. Now the chemical smoothing eliminate the slow or bind that causes the rough shift into the next gear. No longer is there the resistance to make rough-shift occur.

    More Mega Power conditioning occurs as its MC+ layers a slippery film over every part. This fills wear spaces and removes friction allowing power to once a gain passed on to the wheels - making for a bit of power gain.

    Every car of yours needs Mega Power to protect it. Order now!

Order Mega Power now, to get shifting great - down the road of life smoothly again.

Ordering info.

    Mega Power Transmission Treatment. Pictured above.
    Includes 3 items, easy to follow directions, and my phone help if needed during installation. Guarantee. 2-4 day delivery by FedEx to your door. Just $60+ $15 s&h= $75 total.

    Two Mega Power Transmission Treatments for two cars or trucks. 6 items. Just $115+ $15s&h= $130 total. Save $20.

    Fleet, transmission or Auto Repair shop resale: Six Treatments for 6 cars. 18 items. Just $240+$20s&h= $260 Total. Save $150. Shipped to your door or business. 2-4 day delivery time. Directions. Same phone help, and product guarantee included.

    Order Mega Power for your Motor and Transmission 9 items.
    Just $110+ $15s&h= $125 total Save $40. Regular price $165. Same easy to follow directions, phone help if needed, guarantee, delivered by FedEx in 3 days.

To order by phone, or ask a question, call me... george at 512 665 3388 Small additional charge outside of 48 State Side delivery area.

Email: megapower@grandecom.net Prompt replies always. Bt Mail. Address: George Christ. 210 Durango Street. San Marcos, Texas 78666

Other things to know about rough shifting automatic transmission products, and help needed.

    On rare occasions, a shift-sensor - an electronic controlled device may fail, causing your problem.

    If a sensor is not the problem, 99 chances out of 100, your tranny needs more than a fluid chance. It needs serious medicine, with a big does of vitamins, thrown in. This is the kind of medicine and vitamins included in Mega Power.

    A new kind of cleaner that can go deep into troubled areas where ATF cannot. Clean and free sticky parts. ATF= automatic transmission fluid.

    Specials types of metal conditioners that resmooth wear roughen surfaces. This end that cause of binding and shift problems.

    Acid neutralizers that also stop leaks.

That's what Me and thousands of other vehicle and equipment owners have discovered - to our great pleasure.

That medicine - and vitamin elixir comes package as the Mega Power TS3 Service Product. This 3 item wonder can end that rough shift problem faster than a cat climbing a tree - being chased by a dog!

Learn more about rough shifting automatic transmission products, and help needed at this page. End rough shifting automatic transmission problem - products here.

Rough shifting ends 3 ways with Mega Power - Demo