End your rough shifting automatic transmission problem fast, cheaply.

End your leaky, rough shifting automatic transmission problem fast yourself. Perhaps, avoid a $2500 repair that may not entirely end the problem this transmission service will.

Here's what you should know.

    After 100,000 miles, your transmissions constant heat-load breaks-down your fluids into a wear-increasing acidic sludge.

    That sludge accumulates in the valve body - the brains to your gear shifting. There, it restricts passage way or valve movement. That results in one cause of rough shift.

    Other causes of such problems beside your nasty, acidic trany fluid is friction drag, and wear. These can slow or bind the shift into the next gear, then overcome the resistance such the rough-shift occurs.

    Shrinkage of rubber seals and gasket that leak internally - along with wear spaces add to, or are a cause of shift problems. Of course friction increases and robs some of the power that should have passed on to the wheels - making for one more power loss problem.

    On rare occasions, a shift-sensor - an electronic controlled device may fail, causing your problem.

    If a sensor is not the problem, 99 chances out of 100, your tranny needs more than a fluid chance. It needs serious medicine, with a big does of vitamins, thrown in. This kind of medicine and vitamins includes:

      A new kind of cleaner that can go deep into troubled areas where ATF cannot. Clean and free sticky parts. ATF= automatic transmission fluid.

      Specials types of metal conditioners that resmooth wear roughen surfaces. This end that cause of binding and shift problems.

      Acid neutralizers that also stop leaks.

    That's what Me and thousands of other vehicle and equipment owners have discovered - to our great pleasure.

    That medicine - and vitamin elixir comes package as the Mega Power TS3 Service Product. This 3 item wonder can end that rough shift problem faster than a cat climbing a tree - being chased by a dog!

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