Removing engine sludge and getting your engine back running right just got easier! This new DIY product amazes every one - even me - an I'm a mechanic! "Works fast. Easy to use,"  say customers. Order it here!

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The cause, and best remedy found to this awful problem!

It is not a common experience to see your engine bog down with sludge. However, it happens quite often in new cars and old ones too! I see car and pickup owners come into the shop for help with this problem all the time. 

Some, tell me, the car dealer said the fix is a "new engine!"

Over the years, this web site and the products shown have help thousands of car owners correct this problem - using what I call Problem-Solving Engine Chemistry from Mega Power - a  car care product inventor.

The best way to remove sludge and get your engine running great again, too!

A new engine sludge removing product  - I call it a treatment, may be all you need to clean and restore your motors good life.

The clean up, and engine re conditioning enhancement- and transmissions for the matter, restores the good running state of dirty motors and smooths out rough shifts -while you drive!

So effective are these product cleaning options that their usage is called upon in shops having the program by us, when servicing the oils, fluids, and coolants - in new cars for their cleaning ability. To prevent sludge buildup problems.

This is not a Madison Ad Agency Ad like others use. This is real world, field tested solutions for dirty engines I research, did, and well respected for.

I'm the country's expert in this type sludge removing option - and is the web site giving you the exact product you need to get your car or equipment back running good as new - as your best option!

This Review also covers products that are harmful sludge removing products.

Directions and success is easy. 

As you can see there are 6 items needed. 3 go in the fuel and motor oil. Drive as usual. A week later the other 3 are installed during an oil change. That's it!

With so few complaints it is now Sold with a 100% money back guarantee! This is to take the risk out of trying our products. 2 refunds last 267 days. 

Here's how to check it out for yourself!

They are problem-solving solutions "out of a can, that fix mechanical problems chemically." 

To end oil burning, engine miss, tap, rough idle, leak. Rough shift or slippage. Gear howl. Growl when turning. Overheating or a coolant leak. All have a  remedy listed showing how to end them - our way.

That means there are now 2 ways to end your car or equipment problem.

  1. One way to end your problem is to spend a week having someone replace all the trouble causing parts and clean up all the others, like in a $2000 to $5000 overhaul. >
  2. The other is are add and drive

Fixing cars with what I call a new breed of additives from anti-wear chemistry is not unusual.

  • Tens of thousands of engines, transmissions, radiator, steering, and a/c systems have already been fixed  - from brand new cars on the assembly line, to worn out cars truck and such.
  • Done so by the company leading the field in problem-solving and anti-wear chemistry called Mega Power, and by methods made easy for you on this site - by me!
  • Simple  directions - nothing to take a part, driving does the actual fix in as little as a day of driving.
  • Bookmark my site auto-tune-up-and-repair now, to easily return to  as needed.

How auto-tune-up-and-repair is laid out  for you to fine what you need.

You'll find the exact product or treatment that specific additives can do to fix and restore great car running performance of your troubled car.

  • It will be listed by the problem you're experiencing. Look for that help.
  • On the page you go to is explained the cause, different remedies, our option - which is the best - you'll soon agree.
  • You fix is explained for you. I assembled the remedy and directions from actual field experience and put them in recipe format for easy usage. For none-mechanically inclined men and women car owners who will get the same results as any mechanic will.

Of course, if your car is actually broken, you'll need to check other sites for that help. However...

It's not worn out! has the remedy for you! As this example shows