New! A safe effective, motor oil flush!

Mega Power's New Flush Treatment
Cleans, Protects, & Revitalizes

Need a motor oil flush?

    Mega Power's Engine Sludge Removing Product cleans 6 ways better than common motor oil flush products from quick lubes and parts stores.

      The real problems Mega Power ends to clean and restore your motor's great running - not just clean operation again.

      Me, and thousands of mechanics have taken apart motors for investigation and repair. What we see and fix is now known to be just half of a dirty motor's real problem - the condition that causes your engine to sludge-up and cause it to run as if nearly worn out.

      Here's what I mean by that.

    What you should know.

    Engine sludge forms from combustion blowby fumes slipping past your motor's many piston rings - bracelet like devices meant to block or limit combustion escape. Got that point?

    When excessive, nasty, hot blowby mixes with your motor oil it produces sludge. Sludge in the oil then settles out and deters your motor's piston, bearing, valves, sparking, and combustion such - causing the engine problem you have.

    Oils inability to stop blowby - and clean dirty piston rings, the troublemaker, and also clean up the engines blowby exiting system - is now correctable in your motor with our easy-to-use, recommended Mega Power Brand engine sludge removing product. Reviewed here with Ordering info, below.

Reseachers go a couple steps further than us mechanics

    They examine the oils and sludge for problem-causing clues with a special microscope. Something no mechanic can do.

    Then test different chemicals on live engines, and tear them a apart to see what improvements, or harm was made in the sludge-removing process.

    Over time, that research produced the most effective sludge-removing formula, and what I call the Mega Power Motor Cleaning Treatment. Reviewed here...

    How Mega Power's New Flush Treatment ends sludge forming motor oil flush problems, other engine flushes cannot - to get you motor running great again.

    1. Unlike all other motor flush products that settles-out the sludge it loosens. The "settling out" means the flush process moves sludge from one place in your motor to another. This often creates a new engine problem.

      Mega Power holds in suspension for drain out what it loosens, preventing what it lossens from re-depositing somewhere else in your motor.

    2. Instead of increasing friction, and the possibility of engine harm, like solvent based engine flushes do, Mega Power reduces friction.

    3. Mega Power frees sticky tapping lifters, and valves, and ends excessive piston ring blow-by no other motor oil flush cleaner can.

    Isn't that motor oil flush your car needs?

    We used them all! Our Wining Choice is Mega Power, too...

    New motor oil flush from Mega Power cleansd and ends wear problems

    If you looked around for advice on this subject you can't help notice there's a lot of different opinions given as to engine care.

Our review covers the Good, the Bad, and, What's New and Better to clean your motor internally.

Did you know...

    Most engine cleaning methods and additive flush brands in use today come done to us from your grandfathers Model A Car days?

    The major cleaner back then, used as a sludge remover, or engine flush, were solvents. They were then packaged as an additive.

    Solvent engine flush products clean well, but strip your motor of its critical lube film while doing so. That is not good, of course.

    That has always been one negative about flushing your motor then - and still is today!

    They are even worst for your motor today, because today's motors and transmissions are lubricated under very demanding conditions that do not tolerate any lack of oil breakdown.


    I'll introduce to you this new Mega Power Product that cleans much more effectively. 3 times more effective - and does what common engine flushes sold today, can't do to help your motor run clean and good as near new, again.

    This Mega Power motor oil cleaner works so well, customer tell us, it has ended many costly-to-repair engine wear problems.

    The product works - on the microscopic level, the place where baked-on sludge and wear causes you trouble.

Back in the old days..

     safe, effective motor annd transmission flush product

    Every motor's inside condition became coated with a thick, ugly coating of oil sludge.

    This sticky, gooey mess would choked-down your motor performance - as you can imagine, and usually wore it out prematurely. It use to happen every couple years....anyhow.

    When your motor failed to run much, any longer, it was torn apart, cleaned, and rebuilt. To help the cleaning process...

Each mechanic mixed his own "elixir"

    His flush was made to rinse out the buckets of "goo" before he dismantled your motor.

    That way, there would be less gunk and goo for the mechanic to mess with, when apart.

They mixed stuff found around the shop;

    Kerosene, paint thinner, diesel fuel, even automatic transmission fluid - and still offered as a remedy by some.

    The mechanic poured a quart of their mix into your ailing motor.

    In the process of flushing your motor for a while...

    This solvent cleaner slosh around and wash your motor parts free of its accumulated goo. And usually....

What came lose

    Settles in the motor's oil pan; which was then unbolted and cleaned, along with dismantling of the motor for cleaning and overhaul.

    The varnish-like film that caused the actual problem was buff-off with a rotating wire brush, afterward.

    Those bad part of solvent-based cleaners is that they destroy your motors oil lube film. The critical film that separates your motors moving parts.That is a bad thing.

    With the oil film destroyed, plenty of metal-to-metal grinding and friction ravaged the bearings, pistons, and rear surfaces.

Back then....

    Who cared - as those parts were all replaced with new.

    Those were the Model A era motor oil flush methods. However....

Did you know...

    Those same methods and solvent ingredients, - are still in products sold in parts stores and quick lubes and sold as engine cleaners, engine flush, engine and transmission stop leaks, today?

      The neighborhood quick lube near me, bought a $3000 machine that's hooked up to the motor filter and it forces a solvent thru-out the motor. They sold quite a few of these services.

      After an number of sudden, unexpected engine and transmission failures in their customer cars that used this service - their insurance company or the owner paid for some new engines and transmissions because of it. Flushing there, came to a sudden stop!

      My Mega Power Flush does not have a high enough profit for them, so Mega Power is of no interest to them. Yet, hundreds of thousands use Mega Power to end their sludge problems. Mega Power is a detergent!

      Their flush, or any solvent flush idea, sounds good - but, if you don't know all the facts, trouble in a month or so is not far away. They found this out expensively. Their machine now sits collecting dust in the lube bay. I wasn't the only person who told them that solvents will ruin your motor and transmission.

      After 30 years, you seen what works and what does not!

And today... Who else cares that

    Down the road, the solvent flushes are destructive to your motor?

    Would it be the engine part-makers and part-store owner moguls who bought-up those brands, who know all this, and who sell those products today to unsuspecting car owners?

    And, who profit off the ignorance passed on by many online experts?

Here's the point.

    Sludge problems will always develop.

    That's because engines operate at metal-melting combustion temperatures of around 1,800 degrees to 2,200 degrees.

    This fries the oil, gums-up the rings, cause higher amounts of compression "blow-by, which sludge's the oil. And creates performance problems.

    What's needed is new flush chemistry technology for today's hi-tech engine needs.

Introducing a new problem-solving motor oil flush from Mega Power.

Best motor oil flush product from Mega Power

Mega Power is a leader in the developing of new, safe engine flushes, cleaners, and engine protectors.

Mega Power Motor Oil Flush

    Is made to work at your engines metal-melting combustion temperatures; of around 1,800 degrees to 2,200 degrees.

    That temperature helps Mega Power remove the burnt oil that gums-up the piston rings, that - when sticky, causes higher amounts of compression "blow-by. Ending those and other performance problems.

    Lightning-fast cleaning detergents, and the friction-reducing ingredient protectors - along with MC+, make this a great engine cleaning and anti-wear care product.

Our Recommendation is...

Mega Power's Motor Cleaning Treatment. Mega Power cleans & protects & revitalizes. It does a total cleaning for both top and bottom - not just the bottom of your motor.

Why clean one area of your motor and leave 5 dirty, when Mega Power cleans all 6, not just one.

Learn how this flush system cleans 6 dirty, power-loss contributing sub-systems of your motor, to end the problem; and extend its great life.

Mega Power Motor Oil Flush Treatment is - new, safer, and provides engine protection.

Learn more about this motor oil flush, here...