New, wear reducing "metal conditioner" provides longer engine and gear life than ZDDP based oils and additives.

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What you should know

    Question: Will adding ZDDP oil additives to your oils provide longer engine and gear life?

    Answer: No! For over a hundred years various concoctions have been tried to help oil do a better job of protecting moving parts.

    A primary additive called ZDDP has been used in oils and oil additives as an anti-wear. Unfortunately, Government Research on ZDDP has shown that ZDDP has failed to live up to expectations. Therefore, its removal as an oil additive.

Should you do anything more to protect your car?

    People hear stories about removal of ZDDP in motor oils and additives and try to buy products with ZDDP in them in hopes of forestalling trouble the removal of ZDDP might bring to their motor and gears.

      Don't worry. Your motor or gears, even in classic and antique vehicles and motorcycles do not need ZDDP!

      Of course, if it makes you feel better - go ahead and make the crooks hulking ZDDP richer. Your car is unaffected.

      Engine and parts like pistons, bearings, shafts, cams, lifters, valves, and gears suffer the same wear and performance problems with ZDDP in motor oils and additives, as without.

Friction modifiers to use you can feel protecting your motor and gears

    Your motor and gear moving parts are under constant pressures and friction. Friction produces friction drag, and absorbs power that should go to the wheels.

    Something ZDDP cannot help you with. What's better than ZDDP?

From this metal conditioner point of view, friction also speeds up wear-out, and restricts free movement. You want free movement to avoid frictions faster wear speed ending its power-robbing negatives.

What's better than ZDDP?

    What can offer your car and equipment motor and transmission parts free movement, and extra long life protection?

      A class of additives called metal conditioners can.

      Not all metal conditioners reduce wear.

      The product brand we favor, pictured below... provides a class of additives called MC+ Metal Conditioners, and several special kinds of cleaners.

      You'll see that me and thousands of others have found a better advantage giving motor protector than ZDDP. Pictured here is Mega Power. It is in our personal cars, and in my auto repair business they prove to be a great wear and performance problem-solver - when nothing else, including ZDDP additives could not be.

      Metal conditioner containing additives from Mega Power Introducing:

      Mega Power Motor Treatments.

      A mufti-purpose beneficial, performance restoring anti-wear additive treatment with
      MC+ Metal Conditioners. Meqa Power offers complete engine, transmission protection. Mega Power does not contain ZDDP or Teflon!

      And Mega Power with MC+ reduces friction where ZDDP can't - to the lowest wear reducing engine transmission protecting levels possible.

      MC+ means:

      In the Mega Power's MC+ Product Line of engine and power train treatments, MC+ means Mega Power will smooth wear-rougher surfaces - reduce metal migration, reduces wear, and reduces excessive friction drag.

      These advantages slow down wear to a stop, and extend the time before wear-out and repair becomes necessary -compared to other methods of care.

      Bedise the abovce metal conditioners, MC+ in Mega Power Products includes surface-coating-protectors- called co-polymers, not a Teflon, nor a PTFE powder.

      Co-polymers - part of the plus in MC+, fill worn-away areas and give a slippery cushion for pistons, bearings, valves, and gears to slide on - instead of a wear-roughen surface. This helps the motor run smoother and quieter for years more great running dependability.

      The MC+ also includes top and bottom engine cleaners; those that penetrate and work where oil cannot go, to free and clean critical parts. A needed tune up problem-solving advantage.

      Other brands claiming to have 'metal conditioners" should specifically state the ingredient reduces the worst kind of friction damage, is an anti-wear, helps reduce acid damage to surfaces. Any less is not worthy of purchase.

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    What you should know: As you drive, metal-conditioners, like those in the Mega Power MC+ line of additives for engines, transmissions, power steering, and air conditioner compressors:

    • Help prevent metal-melting hot spots - a devastating wear factor

    • This lowers internal temperature levels - keeping oil from weakening.

    • And, they end a variety of performance problems like

    • Valve tap, rough idle, stalling, harder starting

    • Rougher shifting, gear grind, wine, howl,

    • And pre-mature engine, transmission failure occur.

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    What a proven treatment and oil change that will bring back like-new life and performance again to older worn engines.

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