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Motor performance and transmission shift problems.

In most cases it is the fix and avoids the need for an expensive repair.

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No one likes car trouble -

    Especially when it comes to doing a tune up or working out a wear or performance problem.

    I'll cover the motor here, the transmission, or other component, below.

    Raise your hood and you can quickly see its not a place for anyone but an expert. Don''t fret! I'm the expert, and you and I will do the fix. And here is a big secret...

    After years of working on tune ups, I found today's motors seldom need a tune up - or major repair, if you stop them as they appear. Lets get started...

    The problem your car has is one you can correct - I'll show you how.

The problem and it remedy

    What usually happens is this.

    Overtime time, a film of sticky, tar-like oil and carbon alters fuel delivery, deters combustion, hinders oiling and sticks hydraulic lifters and valves.

    Those conditions all combine to reduce or lower power output, cause rough idle, tapping noise, lousy fuel economy, and smelly exhaust problems.

Auto Repair DIY Guide. If the sound, feel or performance of your car or truck suggest
its time for some type of additive? To get started...

Do the following:

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The page that appears will have the cause, the remedy, and product to order for your problem. Or....

Auto Repair DIY Guide

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What I love about my, Auto repair "fixes" is this.

    The fix given will suddenly - and I mean suddenly, will have your car or equipment running great, and stronger. Like a bigger motor would, and often start giving fuel economy like a smaller motor does. How so......

    This is possible because the brand we favor, Mega Power, is a multi-tasking formula that cleans, frees, and modifies friction.

    These complex problem-solving additives work-on-every-part, by going where oil cannot go, ending the problem, and so every part again works smoothly, with like-new efficiency.

    You get the fix, of course, plus a remarkable Mega Power anti-wear advantage - in the form of a return to years more like-new performance. That is a great advantage!

    All products and recommendations come with a 90 day, Do-as-promised, guarantee . No refunds ask for in last 267 days.

Want to Learn why Mega Power is a different kind of additive technology that "fixes engine, transmission, fuel injector, and other component wear and performance robbing problems? Watch our Auto Repair DIY Guide video about product ingredients

Have a question on a car problem out techs can help you with?

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