Sample sales letter.

What your letter should include

Sample sales letter. How to...

    A good selling letter cannot sell to a person not needing the object sold. A badly written one may cost you a sale!

    A sales letter takes the place of a salesmen and multiplies prospecting efforts at lo-cost.

    Information provided would show product need, competitor comparisons, maybe some specs, and value.

    Value shows why the price is more than justified.

    Headlines and sub heads guide the reader to the critical points.

    An inducement to act now is offered.

    How to proceed with the purchase is detailed. Contact information.

    Various methods are used to isolate those who may be a prospect for the letter.

    An ad may attract interest.

    A search, such as on Google, may bring in a prospect.

    Such response may require a letter to educate and build value.

Now, write a sales letter for you to send out. Use these point as a basis for one sentence for each point. A later review will show where clarifying information is needed.

Test the letter in this way.

Take out the 1st sentence or paragraph. What does it read like.

If the letter is still clear - that statement is no good.

Put it back in if good, or rewrite it. Proceed to the next sentence or PQ. and each one. Make notes of what needs work and what's OK. That trains your perspective in all this.

Reading your letter in this way will critique each sentences value toward the letter as a whole.

Now, right your sales letter using these ideas. You will have a better sales letter.

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