Choose a 10w higher grade oil change upgrade if wear is a problem after 100,000 miles. Mega Power internal cleaner and anti-wear will smooth, coat and protect every part wherever gas, air, combustion, exhaust, and oil goes.

Contents: Oil Change Upgrade

A stronger, more protective oil change upgrade.

Why the Mega Power Oil Change is really better.

    Oil grades for new cars are too thin for older motors.

    They are to weak to provide protection once wear-roughen surfaces becomes coated with gooey residues. Even better oils cannot reduce the increase in friction drag and performance problems they produce.

    Those conditions call for the advantages in the Mega Power Oil Change Treatment.

    The following shows how Mega Power end those problems an add years longer dependability to Hi-mileage cars.

Mega Power ends Oil burning, exhaust smells and smoke, tap, leak, loss performance and power, rough idle, and lousy economy.

Ingredients and advantages include

  • Three different cleaners - working in 3 different areas remove sticky tar-like residues that causes resistance to movement for pistons, bearings, valves, and gears.

  • Anti-wear chemistry changes their rough, fast-wearing surfaces to a smooth, long wearing surfaces.

  • A second anti-wear coating fills worn spaces and provides a friction-free surface for parts to push, pull, rub, roll, and slide on.

  • With harmful condition chemically removed, wear problems go away - those caused by time, mileage and residue problems - those, mentioned above.

If you read some of the descriptions on this site, you will see Mega Power is not a common, run-of-the-mill additive.

The picture shows what I feel is the best all around internal motor cleaner. That is the one we promote - detailed below.

The Worst dirty engine cleaner

Some additives sold for engine and transmission cleaning are like lacquer or paint solvent. Solvents strip the oil off your pistons, bearings and gears - as they clean. This increase friction drag. That is not good! Beware....

Don't trust that kind of an oil change upgrade

Most lube and tune places and part stores solvent cleaners because they make the most profit. So beware.

Order this Mega Power Treatment. Mega Power is good for older motors.

Read, My Bio, page to learn more on my expertise in all this.

Why the Mega Power Oil-Change-Upgrade was Invented

    Mega Power Additives contain the anti-wear advantage known as MC+ - every vehicle needs but never gets. And.....

    Because oil and fuel leave gooey, wear increasing deposits behind during oil changes – or just cannot be removed by draining dirty oil out.

Using the directions below is made to do so. it is so good, I change my 3000 miles lube-and-oil change to 6000 mile replacement change intervals. The protection given extends oil-breakdown intervals to 6000 miles.

    [If a police, ambulance, fire truck, or tow truck. Where the motor is almost always running. Follow the MFT fluid/lube change recommendations.

    Or order our oil-testing-kit to determine when to replace oils and fluids. More info about this product - Call 512 665 3388]

Order this product - print out and keep this info in your glove box

Our Guarantee. Order with confidence. Try it for ninety days. Free if not satisfied. we will refund you your cost back!

DIRECTIONS WHEN USING The Mega Power Oil Change Service Kit.

  1. Add Mega Power Gas Treatment #93 to the fuel tank. #F to the oil. And #I into the air intake.
  2. A week later, during and oil change, add #15 to the dirty oil
  3. Run the motor for 5 minutes. Stop motor.
    Remove the old oil and filter and replace with new.
  4. Add the MP Oil Conditioner #10 and # 95 to the new oil.

Enjoy the smoothness as you enjoy making your car last longer.


Order the Mega Power Oil Change Service Kit
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End. Oil change upgrade.

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