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Many additives are sold. I value this company because are leading the way with over 50 great products, each having unique problem-solving, problem preventing advantages other brands do not have.

Most companies build their business around one great product. Mega power, additives, buy, sell, information has 50 "stand-alone products - each, top of it class!

For the product user - who has Mega Power added to their car, big rig, RV, or equipment, several important benefits quickly appear.

    Important benefits including:

    • The product and the service given was part of

    • Solution to solved their problem.

    • The person recommending Mega Power was an expert on

    • On product choice, benefits, advantages,

    • An in the tech side that helped the customer have confidence

    In both Mega Power, and the mechanic, tech, sales person, Distributor.

For the reseller, Our products means a way to expand yourself in the eyes of the customer - who looks for value first, over loyalty.

As a business Opportunity, your key to a growing trade skill and income - must test your deepest creative talents, sharpens them, and grow new motivate for you - this is one of those!

It means, you will encourage those business owners in your area to trust you as a large part of the people they depend on, to help them grow - to help their business grow.

Call us now to learn more about the creative ways and investment opportunities we can open for you!

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Product Review advantages unique to popular Mega Power Products including the best, and safest Stop leaks, Servicing products, and Problem solvers for engine, transmission, power steering, A/C Radiator, Tune up, and such...

    No solvents in are in Mega Power Stop-Leak-Products - like other brands have. What they do have that makes them work great...

    Mega Power Products listed below contain 6 active ingredients to restore great power and performance, besides stop leak, including:

    * Mega-Power Metal-Conditioner - to reduce friction wear-out-speed * Neutralize acids - to stop the second cause of wear * Seal revitalizer - to stop and prevent leaks - of course * Stop valve tap - and free stuck lifters * End oil burning and blow-by - which increase the leak volume

    And ends friction drag in transmissions to end rough shifting, slip, shudder problems - as well as stop and prevent leaks.

    Leaks are a big problem, and we listed all the Products for them. You will find their brand does the job listed, across all product areas. We are so confident of their promise to work - as advertised, we backed-up each sale of their product with a full refund privilege. A No-risk trial of 90 days given, to boot!

    * Which do you think is better? Uncontrolled swelling or a controlled expansion? Our ingredients revitalizes leaky seals, shaft o-rings, and gaskets with a "controlled expansion conditioner" to stop leaks in 2 to 5 days.

    One more advantage is the products ability to clean sticky piston rings - thereby lowering crank case blow-by pressure, from 6 to 15 lbs, down to 2 or so. This even works well to stop leaks on new diesel engines that leak. Diesels have high crank case blow-by pressures anyhow, and against a weak seal, forces more oil to leak pass seals. This advantage reduces the blow-by problem, too.

    Side note about quality and uniqueness

    Competitor products: use solvents for stopping leaks. They use a seal conditioner. Our conditioner actually benefits the component its added to, in several ways - where as solvent based stop leaks cannot.

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