Mega Power's flush out your motor method is better because your motor gets needed friction reducing and slippery lube protection, too.

This easy flush out your motor method is better because your motor also gets friction reducing - one of 3 anti-wear ingredddients, and a  penetrating lube film protector that cleans and frees sticky piston rings and engine valves. Contributors to your motor problem.

Why this is important

  • Some engine flushing methods and products are better than others - some are harmful to your motor. I'll show you harmful flush products to avoid. And, the one we favor, that includes a friction reducing an anti-wear advantage your dirty engine really needs, and other motor flush methods do not have.
  • Flushing your motor is almost never necessary, unlist...
  • Some car makers reduced their engine blow-by re-circulating system a few years back - reducing the motor's ability to remove your motor’s blowby volume in the crankcase. They thought, like you and I do, that today's oils did that. They don't!

Blowby, the hidden cause of your dirty motor. How to end it

  • Blowby creates sludge. Your motor needs blowby reducing help, if you read this far.  We'll show you how to flush-out its sludge and end blowby properly. And have a better running motor than you hoped for.
  • About Blowby. Blowby refers to that portion of your motor's combustion that slips past your motor's pistons - instead of pushing your pistons down fully for needed power.  See picture below. Our engine flush product, a "treatment," ends blowby and has several advantages why we say it will restore your motor's like new power.  You will be amazed such a product actualy exist - and is what your motor needs right now!

While I drew this picture to show why your valves tap and your motor looses power, or burns oil, notice the two arrows going around and down pass the piston - that is your motor's blowby problem, that our way to flush out your motor ends for you!

How Mega Power's engine flush method ends your motor's real problem

With a sealed crankcase - every crankcase section of every motor needs to vent that hot nasty, acid loaded blowby, and un-burnt gas or diesel fuel out of that section of your motor. Or it will blow out the motor's gaskets and seals - and dump your motor oil all over the road.

  • The vent system on your motor is called the "positive crankcase ventilation system." It has a thumb size valve with a ball bearing in it that moves by the force of engine suction, draw blowby out of the crankcase as your drive.
  • That oily, acidic fumes is then emptied into your motor's air intake system - mixed with income fuel, and burnt during combustion.
    Besides the making of sludge - which gums up every piston bearing valve and gear - you now note it is also gumming up your motors throttle,  idle adjuster, top piston rings, fuel injectors, spark plugs, and catalytic converter mufflers.
  • So, besides sludge screwing up your motor from blowby, the re-circulation and re-burning of blowby also creates an upper system dirty flair of stickiness.
  • If your motor has sludge and an oil leak, blowby is is cause of it.

Why old fashion motor flushes are harmful - Click the buttons on the left that list a problem - besides sludge, to find your remedy.