The Engine Saver from Mega Power offers a lo-cost way to keep older cars and commercial equipment going strong - almost as long as you want.

New types of help for older vehicle owners looking for such.

Chemistry, science, and this guide are at work helping car pickup diesel truck tractor boat and motorcycle owners overcome age and wear related negatives, with the advantage of gaining a restored second life from older vehicles.


Engine Saver is chemistry's 3 newest and best products to help revitalize a lagging vehicle's age and mileage performance. Advantages include:

  • Easy on the budget. Low in cost compared to overhaul.
  • Easy install produces near like-new performance results. 
  • Desired revitalized results can continue for years.
  • We're here to help you solve this vehicle problem.

Revitalizing to beat wear and tear problems.

Once  the new wears off anything mechanical you know engine transmission wear and repair problems develop. Engine Saver helps overcome those problems for you.


The trick is to stretch the time by years, between overhauls.

Mega Power's Engine Saver will do that for not-new anymore vehicles - by several more years - which financially keeps $3000 for cars and $5000 up for equipment and large truck overhaul repair money in your pocket - not a mechanic or new vehicle dealership owners pocket.

Are those practical product benefits you feel would help you?

The Engine Saver from Mega Power ends power decline, age, and Hi-mile running problems with revitalizers helping vehicle owners extend vehicle life, with a lo-cost additive maintenance product - shown above.


This inexpensive additive treatment from Mega Power works by measured addition to the oils, fluids, and fuels in 2 steps, with ingredients to circulate to, and then treat your worn pistons, bearings valves gears with revitalizing ingredients. And transmissions too, when also treated, for that matter. 

2 Step Directions.

Step one: Add specified amount to the oil, fuel tank and air intake. Drive for a week like you do.

Step Two: Add specified item amount to the dirty oil, and drain that oil and replace with new. Add the specified item to the new oil. Driving does the actual revitalizing. Results are easily noticable.

We provide you and your personal with phone help if needed. We explain and show you  or your service people how to test our product and report on results to you. Call us to order by phone or use the online cart below to do so at 512 665 3388... george

Ordering  Mega Power's Engine Saver.

Once the new wears off anything mechanical it's time for the engine saver from Mega Power. See the engine saver Demo

With Mega Power, you can see your engine transmission performance change from lazy and sluggish - to like when near near!

Why wouldn't you what to invest in this vehicle and money saving program.

Cuts ROI mile or hour expense by 30% customer's tell us. That's my experience, too!

The trick to saving your equipment and to reducing expense of repair and down-time or replacement is easy when you use Mega Power to clean and condition your vehicles pistons bearings valves and gears - then add a protector that fills worn spaces on every part.

A specific treatment is made for the power steering, a/c, radiator, engine transmission and fuel.  Installed at fluid change usually - so no loss time.

Directions and tips are as near as your phone in many languages.

The program gives you a menu with pictures and simple install directions anyone can follow - many women use the program and like it!

This use of Mega Power pays for itself usually in fuel mileage by providing 20 to 50 more miles per fill up. Repair avoidance expense is huge- making money for you! Lowers a heavy cost of doing business - and will be your secret to lower bids, you will WIN and still make money on!

Mega Power and me... George, is what stretches the time by years, between not new anymore and overhaul - which now cost you $3000 for cars and $5000 up for just one piece of equipment and large trucks.

You can treat a small feet of vehicles for what one overhaul cost with Mega Power Engine Saver. Call to ask a question or estimate for your feeet .. call now... 512 665 3388

Say you what an estimate on engine saver for your fleet.