Diesel Hi mileage help.  Engine, gear, fuel injector, emission products. New, over the road product revitalizes engines an gears. Climb hills, pull heavier loads easier. Extends vehicle life doing so!

Diesel Hi mileage help using new chemistry with problem solving advantages.

If on a smart phone, to ask a question,
for ordering products listed, call me.... George at 512 665 3388

If you own an over-the-road rig you need these auto tune up and repair options!

They provide chemically new easier ways and more advantagous
results to end your engine transmission radiator an steering problems.

Why worry like the people in the picture above!

Those problems like valve-tap, oil-burning, rough-idle, rough-shift, leaks, an overheating negatives an such can now be removed chemically.

Our way will chemically your vehicles negatives by installing new, anti-wear cleaners with conditions that change power reducing, dirty, wear-roughen and worn surfaces back to chen with a filling of worn spaces - this  ends your problem and changes those surfaces back to clean, smooth power-transfering ones again.

This type restoring adds years more great performance - to get and keep you going on down the road of life again - troublefree.
Imagine those good results. Is this what you're after.. read on?

Our way uses anti-wear chemistry which does the fix an avoids a costly repair
Our way lets you feel good that you fixed it yourself -
with my help! That's a new option we want you to enjoy.
... tens of thousands already have an now I'll show you how...

However if already broken, other sites show actual repair procedures.

If on a smart phone, to ask a question,
for ordering products listed, call me.... George at 512 665 3388

The fastest easiest cheapest
Do it yourself way to get you back
on the road running great an trouble-free
again. Great repair avoidance options from
auto tune up and repair options.com

what customers say...

    George, I have to say that the improvement with the engine of my 2005 Explorer has been miraculous. It is actually more quiet than when I purchased the vehicle in 2005. I researched an bougth your product as a remedy to end a nasty ticking lifter noise - mechanics wanted $3247.59
    to fix it. After the simple install... Within ten minutes the ticking subsided. I was delighthed i did it myself. It has been about a month since your products were installed, and the motor is quiet and smooth. This order is to protect my other newer vehicles with that great engine treatment. And...

    Thank you for the personal phone help and great product tips, Patrick Carrabino. Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network.

Why these auto tune up and repair options.com should be your option? Answer:
When your car has a wear, mileage or performance problem....

You don’t care where it’s been.

You don’t care if you got it from someone smart or someone stupid.

You just hope you can get more of the stuff.

But if you can spare 1 minute and 49 seconds I’ll tell you something that may never have occurred to you.

It’s laughably simple.

Yet it may also be the most helpful advice - certainly the simplest - about copy that sells. 

Sadly, most marketers have no idea how much it matters.

But if you want to give your profits a good kick up the backside it’s a pretty good place to start.

Later in the year I shall review over 100 examples, good, bad and downright insane of what works, what doesn’t in copy - and why the hell people keep getting it wrong.

And it’s a crying shame, because it doesn’t cost any more to run good copy than bad. You just have to grasp a few important truths.

This is one. Have a look. The video is not just mercifully short. It’s free.

And who knows?  Maybe it’ll put you on the right track.





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