Tune up car, How to, tune up options, trouble shooting tips, Easy, fast, I'll show you how.

Tune up car yourself, fast, my way - which also cleans these engine trouble makers - after 4 or 5 years of driving.

End stalling, rough idle, tap - other wear and performance problems that 9 out of 10 times is your problem source.

Here's what you need to know

  1. First, a point to see where I'm going to help you.

  2. I'm saying an electronic part, like a sensor, or spark plug needs replacement. Dirty conditions is is another!

The dirty problem area.

    If you think about it, when new, all the internal parts of your car - the pistons, bearings, valves, and gears were clean, smooth, operated freely. That is when your car produced the most zip, power, and performance - while being stingy on fuel.

    You serviced it, did your oil changes on time - over the years.

    However, each time you change the oil, the thin dirty stuff drains out, but a sticky, acid-loaded film remains attached to every thing inside.

Did You Know

    The top of your motor - where the combustion takes place is cooking hot. A lot hotter than scolding hot water. Tens times that - near the melting point of iron, around 1,800 to 2,200 degrees.

    Its part of the oils job, and your radiator coolants job, to draw that heat away and dissipate it. That dirty oil film, layer after layer, causes your problem.

    Most people think its all dirty fuel injectors - it not!

    Something among all those hidden, internal dirty parts is about to reach the - I ain't taking that any more, point.

    And, your problem appears. It reflects another, negative problem.

The causes of your problem.

    Its sticky lifters - sticky valves, and sticky piston rings, if, your motor has lost its solid, like new, quiet running state, and now is a bit noisy. And, I'll show you how to end your problem, easily, as we go along.

Look at this drawing -

    It shows those conditions. The valves will not open fully, and they are still closing when the piston is going up, compressing the fuel. So some of the fuel is pushed back out. That limits fuel intake, stresses the motor. It also causes a half dozen performance, noise, oil burning, idle, and such problems. Maybe, yours.

    sticky valves and piston rings are trouble makers

Also notice the arrows around the piston.
    Sticky rings permit combustion to blow-by the sides of the piston. It mixes with the oil, this speeds up oil breakdown - a friction increasing factor that steals power instead of passing it to the wheels.

    I know, because I tested hundreds of cars.

    And I've repaired many motors. I know what to look for - and sticky, friction-roughen surfaces, dirty valve stems, dirty, non-functioning hydraulic lifters, and sticky piston rings are common to many motor problems. You learn this when you do a motor job. Just one more point...

    Lifters - there is one for each valve. They are a hydraulic device - with an internal piston, pumped-up by the motors oil and its pressure. That oil pressure keeps the lifter-piston up, in constant contact with the valve stem bottom. That is when they open and close fully, and very quietly.

    What happens is this.

      Sludge, plugs up the oil supply to the lifers. The lifter piston loses its prime, and sinks - creating a space between the lifter and the bottom of the valve stem.

      All these conditions alters the norm, and causes stalling, rough idle, tap - other wear and performance problems that 9 out of 10 times is your problem source. They make for a noisy sounding motor - like its worn out already. Its not!

      Tune up car yourself, save $ - my way.

    The remedy is what I call the Worn Motor Treatment.

      This product cleans 6 sub-systems of the motor, and is the only product known to do so - and bring back the former, great performance. Its how you Tune up car yourself, and save $.

      It does so with super anti-wear ingredients that goes where oil can't, to end your problem - and in doing so, adds more years of great service to your car - or whatever you install it in.

      Click on this link. It describes how this treatment, from Mega Power, ends these and other problems. Gets your car, truck or tractor running great - in just minutes. Its tune up car yourself, pretty amazing.

      Tune up car with Mega Power

      Ends transmissions problems, too

      Makes motor music, this customer, says

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