End your sticky transmission problem with this simple, fast working treatment from Mega Power

End your sticky transmission problem and restore its smooth shifting performance with this new, 3 way, 3 action product from Mega Power.

It end your valve and gear shift problem

    By cleaning, smoothing, then coating your problem causing parts - not possible before.

    Those 3 advantages ends sticky shifts.

    The special ingredients target wear-increasing problem areas, including sticky shift control valves, binding gear shafts, o-rings, and such, to restore your cars smooth shifting again.

Transmission problems are costly to end - if repaired.

Here's a quick way

    And a good product to end your transmission problem. The Mega Power product, a treatment, ends sticking and this avoids the need for repair, or eliminates that need.

    It's a simple, two-step a method I teach mechanics to use; when their customers car needs help, but not a repair.

Detailed below

What you need to know

    This treatment protects both new, re built, and transmissions with sticking, or rough shift, and a leak problems. Some car makers have, or are using the product to avert wear problems, by installing it on the assembly line, or recommending its use [in some country's].

    Sticky shifting between gear-shifts appears after abrasion from heat, fluid breakdown, acid, and friction roughen and sticks, or binds transmission gears, pumps, valve body, pistons, rings, and such.

    You can end your transmission problem, and promote years more dependable service to it using this anti-wear and problem solving product.

    Here are the steps. I've made them easy for you to do. No special skill or tools required.

Mega Power Brand Sticky Transmission Problem Solver

Mega Power's Two Step Procedure restores smooth transmission shifting, using a special cleaner, conditioner, and anti-wear.

  1. Add the Cleaner/Conditioner - yellow bottle, to your transmission and drive for 5 minute to let it penetrate and remove wear and problem causing residues. Then drain and replace your dirty fluid with new - That is Step One.

    The yellow product - the cleaner, the best cleaner you can get, is a new, innovative, 2-in-one cleaner/conditioner that goes where oil cannot to end your problem safely.

    If you compare common solvent-transmission cleaning additives - which do clean, to Mega Power, which cleans and protects, a safe beneficial cleaning is performed.

    Mega Power uses new chemistry that cleans safely, and protects by containing transmission friction modifiers MC+

    Brands that are solvent based destroy your oils ability to lube and protect as it cleans. That is no good for your transmission. Stay away from them. Learn more about the dangers of

    solvent additives and why they are bad for your transmissions good health.

  2. The Mega Power way extends more help your transmission needs with the other two items in the treatment - a conditioner and protector. They are added with the new fluid. This is step two.

    Those two protectors continue the healing and smoothing process - as you drive, ending your sticky transmission problem, by changing wear roughen surfaces that touch, slide and spin to smooth.

    This is the second advantage your transmission needs to regain its smooth shifting smoothness - usually in a day or so of driving.

Ending sticky transmission problems.

What's in Mega Power ingredients that helps it end the lagging, or rough shift? See a demo of our sticky transmission tune up product..

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Product price.

    Mega Power Treatment as pictured above:
    $50+ $15 s&h= $65 total. Includes instructions and my phone help. Money-back if its not as advertised.

    Order 6 Treatments to keep on hand for customers
    Just $240+ $$20 s&h= $260 total.

    One refund requested last 267 days.

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Mega Power ends sticky transmission problems.

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