100 ways to use performance additives to fix your car less expensively -
Like mechanics do.

Performance additives to correct fuel injector, engine, transmission, and fuel problem inexpensively

Looking for an injector, engine or transmission fix?

Our Auto tune up and repair options – shows you the Why and How-to - to get you running great again..

These auto, problem-remedy tips are also for tune-up techs, engine repair mechanics, transmission shops, heavy equipment repair and maintenance mechanics.

Use them when an alternative option is just as good – but way cheaper than actual repair.

Typical uses for additives include:

    Mechanical based friction wear,

    Excessive drag remedy’s

    Sludge, deposits, leak

    Rough idle, stalling, fuel waste

    Mrs. B. Barber says: “I did not think, your suggestions – which was easy for my mechanic and me to follow, would help me avoid an expensive repair on my BMER. They work great and save me $600. Thanks!” BB

    This site is made to teach and help mechanics, technicians, garage owners and any vehicle owner learn what to do "as a good fix or repair method" not taught in vocational schools.

    This info upgrades garage owners and mechanic's technical knowledge and skills. It is one more extra source of income for them.

    “For about a year,” says Bill Edwards of Bills Auto Repair. “We have helped correct over a forth of our customers primary and secondary problems with your recipe suggestions.

    YOUR EXPERTISE, in this area of service and repair alternatives, have made us good money, made us look good to our customers, helped our customers reduce their vehicle operating expenses - They love us for that! Occasionally, customers favorable word-of-mouth advertising - brought us very good, new customers. Good, new methods of repair, for the way cars are now build.”

    You will be glad to have, and use these inexpensive, fast-acting Performance additives and my “Recipes” – for the great way to take care of your cars.


    Performance additives for a better tune up

    Auto Tune and repair options

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