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Our Review. Covers 4 gas additives and oil additive treatments to end:

  • Your motors rough running
  • Lousy mileage noisy taps
  • Smelly exhaust
  • Even help for your older,
    worn, gas guzzlers, and oil burners

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Ending Your Car Performance Problem

When you ask a mechanic for a remedy for the above problems most mechanics

    Suggest a fuel injector cleaner additive, or a cleaning service, to end your problem.

    The additive is poured into the gas tank. There, it travels with the gas to the injectors, removing deposits deterring the spray. Cost? up to $40.

    A cleaning service feeds a different type cleaner, full strength into the injectors via a pressurized cannister - when gas additives no longer get the job done. Cost? About $39 to $150.

Those methods are good, but many stop an go driving styles produce sticky residues that cause engine running problems in multiple areas of your motor.

    This requires stronger cleaners and cleaning methods. I'll show you how chose what's right for your perfect cleaning job.

    We made the cleaning process a Do-it-yourself product for mechanics and car owners to get the problem car running great and on down the road again - trouble-free.

    We start with the strongest gas additive injector cleaner sold in America, today. Then describe stronger pin-point cleaning and protecting treatments.

Mega Power Fuel Injector Cleaner #90. Add to the fuel. Works in a few miles of driving to get dirty fuel injectors to properly spray the fuel in a fog-like mist again. Ends a variety of problems from rough idle to fuel waste and choking exhaust. Cleans intake and combustion area. Cleans dirty valves. One of the strongest, add-to-the-fuel, fuel injector cleaners sold.

Order #90. $20+ $12 s&h. 12 pak= $144+$20 s&h =$166

MP #IS. Fuel-Rail Cleaner. A 2-item product. The cleaner product [yellow]is fed directly to the fuel injectors, via any fuel-rail-feeder. The chemical acts as a cleaner and a fuel. As the motor is running the cleaner instantly cleans all fuel injectors. No gasoline needed in this product - like other brands require to make the motor start and run. The second item, a fuel system cleaner continues other cleaning needs as you drive. Added to the gas tank. This second bottle, is a combo, fuel tank system cleaner, moisture absorber, combustion area cleaner. This is a ten minute instant results method.

Order #IS Kit $24+$16 s&h. 6 sets =$122+s&h $22= $144

If your car is

    A gas guzzler, oil burner, older, and worn, the gas additive treatment product below may be what you need.

    The "Treatment" revives older motors and may help you avoid or forestall an expensive $2500 overhaul as the fix.

Here is how to end your age, high mileage, and wear car problems for years more great service out of them.

    Let me walk you thru the problem and the treatment for it.

    When new, your motors computer tunes you car as you drive for the most power, the best fuel economy, and lowest smog producing emissions.

    When older, your worn, dirty motor is such, its computer cannot compensate for a dirty erratic idle, for sticky valves, combustion residues that cause rough idle, an spark mis-fire.

    Cleaning just injectors cannot end the miss, the tap, or sticky piston rings that cause oil burning. Nor end the growing amounts of friction and friction drag these power declining deterrents cause.

    As a result, those conditions take away your zip and performance. Rough idle, tap, oil burning, lousy fuel economy results. Smelly exhaust and smog emissions spews out.

    Road speed also drops, so more fuel is used to keep up road speed. Smelly exhaust, dipping moisture from your tell pipe, and a nasty-black tail pipe end - tells you, the motor needs real cleaning and protection.

    Its time for a real gas additive, oil treatment, now!

You need the Worn Motor Oil Change Treatment for lasting results.

The "Worn Motor Oil Change Treatment"

    Includes 6 products. Installed, helps any 4 year old and older motor. Provides years more usage to older motors. May put off a $3000 overhaul, and costly replacement.

    This treatment includes 3 different cleaners and 3 anti-wear ingredients. The cleaning includes fuel system, fuel injectors, combustion and emission system on the top half of the motor.

    The second 3 items removes wear-increasing goo left behind from previous oil changes. Cleaning ends the major cause of piston blow-by, oil burning, sticky valve tap.

    The 3 also chemically clean and smoothed with anti-wear, the pistons, bearings, valves, and gear surfaces. These protectors, called MC+ also add a co-polymer to fill-over worn spaces, help to extend car life.

    Without this help - what will happen? Faster onset of wear-out continues. this product slams the brakes on wear out.

Cost. MP Worn Motor Treatment

    Includes 6 items, easy-to-follow directions, guarantee, my help.
    $60+ $15s&h= $75 total, shipped to your door.

    Fleet, tune , auto repair garage case of 6 treatment
    6 sets $300+ $25 s&h= $325

    Delivery takes about 3-4 days by Fedex or USPS to your door.
    All product sold - satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back!

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