The Mega Power Engine Treatment Way to End Engine Knock: Like Valve Tap, Carbon Knock, Bearing knock. Wiki Answers.

Q: How do you tell a difference between an engine knock and a valve tap?

"An engine "knock" from carbon buildup collecting on the piston will be stronger each morning. Sound like its crunching metal -[ but its not ].

A bearing knock  - makes a deep sound and comes from the crankshaft. Disappear as long as your going faster, then return when foot is off gas going slower.

A engine stuck valve lifter, or sticky valve will sound like a metallic hammer tapping. and increase, and decrease with engine speed, no matter what. 

Engine ping. A sound like bottles rattling in the engine. Caused by poor fuel quality, carbon hot spots, early combustion. Poor heat transfer to coolant.

Products and recipes to end each knock, below:

These Mega Power Products are the engine service that ends engine knock, valve tap, bearing noises an such from sticky residues, wear problems. Their anti-wear MC+ included give endurance to extend motor life, avoids overhaul, add dependability. 

Wiki Story Quote.

Engine Knock Product Review.

Introducing the Mega Power Engine Treatment To Stop :

  1. lifter tap
  2. Valve tap
  3. Carbon Knock
  4. Piston slap
  5. Bearing knock
  6. Ping

Introducing a great new engine and gear protection product that ...Mega Power

  1. Frees Stuck valve and lifters - ending their tap problem.
  2. Ends Carbon Knock. Removing carbon on top of pistons ending that knock.
  3. Ends ping. Removes carbon hot spots and pre-ignition removing their causes.
  4. Ends bearing knock - by filling their worn space with a filler, but may not end the knock.

Mega Power is easy to install! The Treatment includes 6 items - install 3, a week apart - to end the knock. Conditioners keep the problem away!

Comes with instructions, free phone install help, guarantee. Ship to your door i 3 days. A liquid you add to the gas tank and motor oil - and drive to end the knock.

While repair can cost over $3000. Mega Power now on sale is only $99. Click cart button to start the way to a quiet engine process, now! Ordering Mega Power Engine Treatment. Includes 6 items needed, ship to your door total$ Mega Power does more to help you keep your vehicle on the road. It helps by ending - not just one noise, but all 6 possible causes of engine knock, and tap noises.

Mega Power ends these 6 engine noises

  1. Valve tap
  2. lifter tap
  3. Carbon Knock
  4. Piston slap
  5. Wear and worn engine parts
  6. Ping

Those engine sounds fool you into thinking your motor is worn-out. Not so! This Mega Power Engine Treatment will prove it by ending your engine tap and knock noise. Order now! Save your Engine!

Ordering Mega Power is easy and its install simple. Easy to follow directions show you how to install the product yourself and have a great, quiet running car again - often in ten minutes time. This is what will end the anxiety your engine knock and tap noise problem causes.

Car, truck, needing Mega Power Additives. Picture

Solving Engine Knock!

If your car or equipment has your wondering on the side of worry over what expense your motors noise will end up costing you, the info here will help you determine the cheapest, fastes remedy. If our product remedy from Mega Power will do so, the following will show you how to install Mega Power to do so.

What you should know about engine knocks and taps

    An engine knock, valve tap, carbon knock, ping and wear problems in your motor are from accumalation of residues creating your problem. 6 specific dirty areas cause the problem. The Mega Power Valve Treatment ends those conditions resulting in the end of the noise.

    Mega Power does so using 6 powerful cleaning conditioners. They work in 2 easy-to-install steps anyone can do, and results guaranteed. Driving does the actual fix. Nothing to take apart.

    Order Mega Power now and get your cars sound running quietness back! Get on down the road of life, happy again.

Mega Power comes with the 6 items needed to end the tap and knock. Includes easy-to-follow instructions, guarantee, and phone help if needed. Shipped by Fedex in 3 days.

Order on-line. or call in your order... 512 665 3388... george

One MP Valve Treatment 6 items $65 plus $15s&h=$80 total.

Order 2 Treatments for 2 motors and protect both cars. Save $30. Prevents avoidable problems by cleaning and putting wear on hold. A great help as your cars miles add on.
Just $115 +$15s&h=$130 total. Save $30.


Engine knock, tap. My WikiAnswer story and remedy

My very serious knock and fix.

    There are several kinds of knocks and tap sounds. This review will wise you up about them, and the ones new chemistry anti-wear products end.

    This review shows which noise you have and if you can end it or a mechanic can end it. That knowledge is powerfull and will help you avoid a costly repair - by using other new options given below. For a fraction of any repair cost.

    My v8 Ford van had a knock and seem to foul one of the rear cylinder spark plugs every now and then, and the plug would have to be replaced.

    Did the plug failure caused my knock - which later proved to be that pistons rod-bearing failure? No! the bearing failure did so.

    A piston rod is a 6 inch long metal connector, connecting your pistons on one end, and the other, connected to your motor's crankshaft. As combustion occurs pushing the piston down, the crankshaft spins and spins the gears to move the car.

For some reason -

    ... maybe a plugged oil passage way to it, blocked oil to just that cylinders connecting rod bearing, and it run dry of oil.

    That negative lack of oil wore away the brearing.

    As the hidden trouble began, I began to hear a deep, low thud-like knock at the botton of the motor. This occurred when the motor ran easily with no-load against it. Sounding like, thud thud thud sounds - not tap tap tap!

    I thought its cause to be a crack on the flywheel; since my astro van produced a similar knock under a no-load condition. The Astro knock got so bad a mechanic could see a new flywheel was needed to end the knock sound - which it did

    This current heavy engine knock - if allowed to continue causes metal fatigued - which turns metal to a glass-like brittleness. If the connecting rod shatters, the piston will fly loose, then jam itself in the rotating parts - and often punch its way thru the engine side.

    This remedy calls for removing the motor and replacing it. As if brand new. I don't know what happened. This sound was a deep, heavy knock at the bottom of the engine and always indicates crankshaft and connecting rod troubles - that only a new, or good junk yard motor can remedy.

    That kind of engine knock means a costly $3000 engine expense. If you were lucky and the knock was only flywheel, a new flywheel fix runs about $400.

Top of motor tap sounds from valves. An easier fix.

When valves tap, they make a constant tap tap sound.

    It is way different and lighter in sound compared to a flywheel or crankshaft sound - which may come and go as road loads against the motor come and go.

    Valves may produce a tap all the time, may come and go, or only appear in the morning - but the sound will stay tapping regardless of load or speed.

Remedy's in the form of special additives

    The Valve Additive Treatment from Mega Power will end your valve tap noise. It reqires 6 items because that is what works.

    For that bearing knock, add the Mega Power OT#10 Treatment in a 20% mix with your motor oil. This will cushion the crankshaft knock. And, if not already destroyed, continue to let the bearing problem exist without getting worst.

    That #10 has me and other sometimes drive for years - in place of a buying a new engine. Whatever time period of help, it helps prevent the breaking apart and wrecking of your engine - do to a bearing failure.

Which is it with your motor? The above info will help you determine your problem and its remedy.

Our Valve tap fix. What you should know

    Sticky residues on the valve stem, or a layer of heavy combustion residue coving the valve head will keep your engine valves from closing, or closing with the snap-action they need to have.

    Those dirty conditions - accumulated over time, allows a space to open between the cam and the bottom of the valve.

    As your engine cam rotates to raise the valve so fuel can get into the cylinder, or exhaust out, dirty, stickiness on the valves slow its closing speed such a space or gap appears.

    As your engine cam rotates to raise the valve it goes thru that gap and slaps the bottom of the valve stem - and the "tap" sound occurs with each revolution of the cam lobe. This problem produces a more rapid tap, tap, tap.

One other source of space or gap valve problem can cause engine knock with the same valve tap sound - That source being your valves hydraulic lifters...

While all this sounds complicated - its because it is and requires a complex product to end it. Don'e worry. We made the product simple to use. Just install and drive, driving does the fix.

    Hydraulic lifters... ride on top of each cam lobe. When hydraulic valve lifters work engine oil under pressure feeds and pushes a pencil eraser sized piston - inside each lifter, outward, to stay in constant contact with the bottom of each valve - taking up any wear space so your motor always runs quiet. But guess what...

When oil breaks downs sludge forms and settle on your motor's piston rings, valve stems - and you guessed it, your engine knocks, valve taps, wear speeds on valve lifters and cams..

    All oils begin to turn to sludge - about half way thru your oil change period. Some of that sludge, in tiny amounts, remaine after each oil change. They stick to your engine and transmission internal parts like those "oil-balls on sandy beaches" on the gulf shoreline. Yes, after several years all new cars acquire sludge... and engine knock.

    Stay with me, now - I'm trying to paint a picture to teach you about good maintenance and how Mega Power Products end engine knock, valve tap, and wear. Look over this drawing to get the idea of what is happening inside your motor - and can now be remedied with Mega Power - instead of a costly engine overhaul.

    Usually, it takes a $2000 valve-repair-job and a week with out your car as the remedy. With Mega Power, it ends the problem for under $100.

    Cleaning sticky rings and valves with Mega Power

    So, some of this sludge - sticks to every piston rings and valves - and lifters with a sticky, tar-like coating. That is not good of course for your motor.

Steps to chemically clean your engine to remove carbon, free sticky valves, and lifters that cause your engine knock.

    First of all, there are 3 problem areas Mega Power cleans to stop the your engine knock, valve and lifter tap causes. They are:

    1. The fuel system and dirty injectors
    2. The air intake, combustion, muffler, and emission system
    3. The valves, piston rings, hydraulic valve lifters, and oil pump and oil lines

    Of course, your noise problem can easily run up a $1500 to $3000 repair - to take apart your motor and hand clean all that.

    The Mega Power way is easy and it quickly ends whatever the cause of slow-closing valve problems. It ends all 3 causes of your negative caused spaces: between the valve lifter - and the bottom of the valve stem, or sticky slow-closing valves.

    Normally, the stem, the lifter, and cam lobe are always touching each other so no space occurs. Now, a space occurs - and the tap sound is heard as your motor parts smack each other. Make sense?

    Wherever the place in your motor, Mega Power Valve Treatment ends it.

Order Mega Power now and get your cars sound running quietness back! Get on down the road of life, happy again.

    Mega Power comes with the 6 items needed to end the tap and knock. Includes easy-to-follow instructions, guarantee, and phone help if needed. Shipped by Fedex in 3 days.

    Order on-line. or call in your order... 512 665 3388... george

    One MP Valve Treatment 6 items $65 plus $15s&h=$80 total.

    Order 2 Treatments for 2 motors and protect both cars. Save $30. Prevents avoidable problems by cleaning and putting wear on hold. A great help as your cars miles add on.
    Just $115 +$15s&h=$130 total. Save $30.

Tap tap sounds can occur from the valve lifter itself:

Sludge collects inside the lifter, it either jams the lifter piston in its bottom position - and creates a space, or holds it from moving upward, or plugs the oil passage way.

Whatever the cause of the gap the tap tap sound results because of it. On some cars, the tap disappears when the sludge get hot and flows again - ending the tap sound until the next morning.

My method of cleaning ends all three knocks and taps.

    The links below describe the products you need. They include...

    MC+, one of the ingredients to drastically reduce friction wear called metal migration, the most destructive kind. MC+ helps end valve, lifter, and carbon based taps.

    It is the strongest, most protective product sold on the market place. It is called, the Mega Power Valve Treatment.

    Some mechanics don't like it, but me - I'm a mechanic, I love what it can do to prevent to end my customers engine tap and knock problems = as describe here.

    This is one place, on line, you can learn more about this product... see links below.

    Hope this helps..... End ......................

    An engine "knock," from a Piston rod bearing that failed also produces a knock. If the knock disappears when speeding up, going up a hill, and louder going down the hill, and at idle, the motor requires a motor overhaul. $2000 up in repair cost.

    Click this link to more about products to end engine knock, valve tap.

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