Boat engine troubleshooting
tune up, repair avoidance tips, Additives that help.

Boat engine troubleshooting tips

    New products and tips will help you solve your motor problems - not possible before.

    Tricks [secrets] I learned, to save you time and money, and avoid frustration.

    These same engine troubleshooting tips work on any motor - not just boats. Reading a bit will expose all this to you, and benefit you all your life!

    You will like the Mega Power Brand of Additives because they are stronger than Seafoam, or Lucas. And Mega Power has boat motor anti-wear advantages, no one else has.

Boat engine troubleshooting additives from Mega Power keep your motor in top shape.Boat engine troubleshooting additives from Mega Power keep your motor in top shape.

Mega Power advantages - and tips will let you enjoy easier starting, stronger power, years longer motor life, and avoids avoidable repairs.

Those advantages will keep more of your money in your pocket instead of another's. Will help you avoid frustrating problems other vehicle, boat, and RV owners experience. Here for you to use...

More boat engine troubleshooting tips.

Directions using Mega Power. Inboard or outboard

  1. The red item goes into the fuel tank.
  2. The black item is added to the motor's oil. [If two cycle, add one oz of each of the 3 items to each gallon of gas and your regular oil mix with it. Driving works its power restoring fix].
  3. The yellow item - if 4 cycle, is fed into the carburetor with the motor running - over a 5 minute time.

Run or drive boat for 15 minutes afterward. This often is all you need to do to correct a wear and performance problem.

More boat engine troubleshooting tips

More boat engine troubleshooting tips

Perform a tune up after you install Mega Power as directed.

The following are tune up, wear, and performance problem solving tips - and the way to remedy them.

To start your boat engine troubleshooting

    Try these steps. Ask yourself:

    Is it a gas, spark, electrical, or mechanical problem troubleshooting problem?

Battery Check.

    Remove the cables and clean the post and clamps. Wash connectors and battery with baking soda, then rinse clean. Note: install the red + bigger cable clamp om first - then the smaller one - got that?

Starter check

    After battery cleaning, a good battery will spin the starter easily. If not charge it. The parts store can check your battery - even if discharge to tell you its condition. A good battery will spin your starter and motor easily for at least 3 minutes - before it begins to lose cranking ability.

    With a good battery, the started should spin the motor easily. If you hear it growling or clicking with a good battery, get a rebuilt starter. The starter amp draw when good is 300 amps. Higher shows its worn out.

Spark and ignition check.

    Pull a spark plug out, put it on its spark wire, crank the engine to see if a blueish, bluish/yellow spark repeats several times in a row - while sitting on a metal engine surface. No spark - won't start. Check the distributor, coil, spark wires for a problem.

To check for a gas delivery problem, do this.

    I disconnect the fuel line and crank the motor a second or so and see if it pumps and fill a cup of gas gas into a handy plastic bottle - in 30 seconds. If so the pump is OK.

To check for a dirty carburetor problem

    I spray a flammable carburetor spray into the engine air intake for 2 seconds. Then try to start the motor. If it wants to start - spray again and attempt starting. if it runs and dies - you have a carburetor problem. Safety issues doing this....

A backfire and a small fire can occur

    Sometimes - Don't spray while cranking. Keep your pretty face away from near the carburetor.

    A backfire and a small fire can occur sometimes and is usually a sign of your boat engine sticky valves.

    If gas has been in the tank for longer than a month, it has probably gone flat - stale, and may be hard to ignite.

    Or the carburetor is plugged up. Covered below...

    More boat engine troubleshooting tips Replace new gas, and use a complete gas or diesel additives like those form Mega Power. Ordering info below.

    Add 2 oz cleaner additive per gallon of fuel if having a fuel problem. One oz per gallon when going to sit for a month or so.

    Fill the tank and add Mega Power - one oz per gallon if going to sit for months or a season -to prevent fuel sludge, moisture, rusting, acid formation, and for easy starting when you do crank up the motor, next time.

Carburetor cleaning and care tips

    Carburetors have 5 parts that need attention to and you can care for them with these - boat carburetor cleaning tips, Tune up your boat engine troubleshoot faster. Enjoy easier starts, top power, longer time between engine repairs. Lower repair cost.

Order your boat motor additives below

What they do...

    Cleans your boat fuel, motor oil, and combustion systems. Doing so, it frees sticky valves and lifters, and restores low compression.

    It reduces friction, and covers and fills over worn spaces - these advantages end wear and performance problems, and often avoid repair and overhaul need for years.

    Order the products listed at the following pages for the best way known to take care of your boat motor. The link shows the fuel and motor oil additives covering the outline above.

    Mega Power car engine troubleshooting additives, strong enough for marine problem solving. Strong enough for boat motors, too - nothing stronger, faster, better, cheaper!

    Products for one boat, RV, car truck, tractor, equipment - or a fleet.


    The Mega Power boat engine troubleshooting products now!
    You also can learn more, get more info at the following links -
    or call me for recommendations for your boat and or vehicle motor problem.

    One Mega Power FISC Treatment as shown:
    3 item treatment from Mega Power.
    Includes directions, guarantee, my phone help if needed.
    Just $40 plus $15 s&h= $55 total. Shipped to your door by FedEx in about 3 days.

    Order a two sets: one for your boat and one for your car or truck.
    $80 plus $15 s&h= $95 total.

    To order Call me anytime at 512 665 3388 ... george

    Boat engine troubleshooting: Motor treatment tips

    #120 Mega Power all purpose marine spray

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