What is the best oil additive?
6 things a good additive will do for your motor.

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If you buy an additive, why buy just one ingredient when your car needs 6?

A brand following the idea of using 6 in a treatment is Mega Power. The 6 needed ingredients are your car motor oil, pistons bearings valves gears etc need to clean, free, their dirty, problem causing operation. That is how to end wear problems they cause, extend your engine life and dependiblity.

Most additives are not of much value nor provide the needed help for your motor. See Chart of popular adddive capabilities below.

Print out this chart to check a products ingredients. By ingredients, they specify what they can do - and not do, to clean and free, an end your dirty, problem causing motor operation - like oil burning, valve tap, high mileage power lost problems, etc.

    Best motor oil additve comparison chart

It won't be long before you'll discover the best oil additives provide claims for
  • Anti-wear. Usually an acid neutralizing benefit.
  • Reducing friction. By healing worn rough surfaces.
  • Actual freeing and cleaning of piston "rings", valve "stems," bearing surfacez, gears, seals and such.
  • Oil conditioning - usaually a thickening feature. why put thick sticky additives like the Lucas brand in a motor with sticky residues. Don't!

    Best oil additive: Note that Mega Power offers the widest range of motor care help in the form of needed cleaning, freeing, and protection - with out using solvents detergents, or thickeners to do so.

    Mega Power uses anti-wear chemicals to do so. They are more expensive - you get top benifits and that's what you pay for with Mega Power.

By noteing ingredient you are a smarted, car care owner.

Solvents: Some brands contains solvents - never put solvents in your Engine or transmission. Solvents clean well! "Solvents clean to well," say George Christ, an authority on car and equipment oil and fuel additives.

    "Additives containing solvents do rinse clean sticky residues off engine parts. However, they also strip your motor oil lubr film off your crankshaft and cam bearings, and off your pistons cylinder oil- and that is NO GOOD for your engine. stripping the lube film even for a few minutes causes raw metal scraping and friction to scar the bearings and piston skirts. You need that oil left where its at during cleaning - as your motor is already under stress caused by wear, frictions and sticky binding motor parts."

Oil thickeners

The purpose of an oil additive in a quart of oil is to

    Both overcome negatives remaining after refining, and to meet minimum specs a car maker specifies.

The purpose of an oil additive you buy

    Is to help prevent wear and tear problems in your new motor.

    Cleaning out sludge from oil breakdown.

    Freeing sticky rings and valves

    Smoothing rough-wearing pistons, bearings, valves, and gears

    Coating worn surfaces to fill worn-away areas

    Prevent the rapid advance of wear and tear oil cannot prevent

    Restore and add years more life to all types of vehicles

    Or, to end a wear and performance problem your motor developed over time - oil could not prevent.

While it often debated by some, "all you need is in the oil",

    Consumer Reporting Orgs report says: "Oil sold, fail to meet specs."

    Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, and ocean-going ship builders have chosen oils containing MC+, an extra ingredient that limits metal-to-metal friction, a destructive wear condition, oil additives in oil cannot prevent.

    They have done so - as a problem-solving, problem-preventing advantage.

    MC+, an anti-wear, in the Mega Power Brand Oil and oil additive line of products.

The 6 ingredients besides MC+ metal conditioners that is helping solve a variety of problems in motors and transmissions and industrial equipment includes these to clean, free, coat, protect, and end wear and performance problems....

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