Need engine help? Is it noisy, uses oil, leaks, just plain tired? Here are 2 simple steps to end those problems and revive it for years more great service.

Need engine help?

Some where between brand new - and the junk yard

    Is a good time to use additives to help you motor along.

    There are many kinds of additives, and if you're like most people you have to depend on others for additive advice.

    This site contains my recipe "remedies." They are the simple tips about using specific additives. Those tips are helping thousands of vehicle and equipment owners and mechanics revitalize their older worn, motors and transmissions.

    They work work on cars trucks, RV's, boats, even heavy equipment, equally well.How impressive is my method of care?
    What people say before and after using my recomendations

Why I call my tips - recipes...

You pour-in the products where I tell you too, and drive -

You do so in a certain sequence, using the specific products suggested for that purpose. That's all it takes to get the engine help you need. Well, almost.....

Driving and the engine-running action uses the chemistry to finish the job. Its permanent - and it will amazed you.

It amazes me - and I'm a mechanic!

This need for providing engine help is what I'm famous for - I'm America's expert in all that!

Each tip and product suggested is guaranteed to please - or free.

    Let's get started with a little education.

    Then select the one right for your motor.
    Read how and why these methods work

    Then come back to this page

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    What are you doing? You are Finding Alternative-Remedies and Closely-Held Treatments to Correct Your Automotive Problems You Didn’t Know was Possible, and for Pennies on the Dollar Cost

    Category One:

    ►Help them suddenly run like near new again, strong and for years longer

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