Lucas Oil Treatment.

Is this Good for your
engine and transmission?

Bob-the-oil-guy demonstrates why the answer is no!

Lucas Oil. Contact Article Writer. 512 665 3388

You want something to help your engine or transmission get over a little problem. Is Lucas better for your engine and transmission than other additives? Some, say yes! Others, No! Our review:

Lucas product users have mixed opinions about this product.

    When your wheels - your car or trucks, consumes oil excessively, has blow-by  loses power, its a sure sign it needs help.
    However, repair or replacement is  costly. Can additives help such a vehicle?
    You may be like many of us with such vehicles. We look for temporary fixes to lessen its problem. Any help given such and engine would be welcomed! the motor continue running months, maybe years longer, until replacement is possible.
    Additives can provide that help. 
    Lucas Oil is sold and promoted in parts stores for that problem.
    Lucas Oil is a thick, sticky oil additive. It is suggested for older vehicles when the motor uses oil. Lucas sticky nature thickens the oil to help it run smoother.
    Its stickiness forms a thick film closing the worn spaces on cylinder walls. That thick film and the stickiness Lucas adds to the oil limits its easy crawl to be suck up into the combustion cycle. 

Why Lucas may not be what your car needs. Bob test products and answers questions on car care. See his Lucas-oil comparison test by going to his site: 

    Bob has his own ideas on lubrication care. He is pretty smart!

    He feels there are better products than Lucas. He promotes those.

     I've tried  Lucas, but I like STP in my older motors as it has no fillers and sells at half the price of Lucas. 

    Others feel Lucas Oil can cause harm. Their opinions are found here.

    However, Overtime,I've found there are better products than Lucas and STP, and I promote their advantages. They are from Mega Power, and Justice Brothers.

    I favor Mega Power, and Justice Brothers because their formulas provide a holistic approach by first cleaning engine parts wherever touching fuel, air, combustion, exhaust, and oil flow.

    Mega Power and JB Conditions smooth wear rubbing surfaces removing friction drag. And their protectors provide a slippery surface -without drag like Lucas causes.

    After the treatment the vehicle will have its oil burning and blow-by disappear!  The ingredients help your cars and trucks run great again - not just thicken the oil.

 Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment.

    When your wheels consume oil excessively,  knocks, taps, loses power, its a sure sign it needs replacement.
    it begins a worrisome dance to find a solution.
    Mega Power seems to understand this worry with its Worn Motor Treatment. It's not sticky or thick. It helps worn motors in several ways  that Lucas does not:
         Mega Power's purpose is to correct all the worn and dirty problems inside engines and transmissions.
         That is a great advantage with specialize ingredients, each to undo the problem affecting a specialized part or location.
         But working unitedly to reverse the whole worn problem, resulting in a strong running performance again.

Lucas oil does it one way. Mega Power does it another. Which is better?Lucas oil does it one way. Mega Power does it another. Which is better?

Mega Power's Worn Motor Fix Method.

    Mega Power's Worn Motor Ingredients works as a conditioner to revitalize  worn and dirty parts to a new like state, which ends the worn cause and the problem.
    This is done in a 2 step procedure:           
    1- Adding items shown and then  driving to let the ingredients return power and reduce oil burning by cleaning and freeing oil-burning and power-losing dirty piston rings and valves. The upper fuel system delivery and combustion dirty zones are cleaned, restoring loss fuel economy.
     2- Then at an oil change, add ingredients that smooth horsepower absorbing piston valve and bearing surfaces. Then layering a slippery co-polymer film over those surfaces to replace worn areas that allow oil escape. 
    Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment fixes mechanical problems chemically limiting oil burning, recovers lousy fuel economy, and restores power. That is what your engine needs!
    Mega Power is use in millions of vehicles large and small. New an old vehicles alike. it what you need to use to get on with life in a better running car - with Mega Power's help. Order it here.
     Order below and give it a try. A guarantee of satisfaction is promised!

    Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment Ordering.

    The Treatment includes 6 items needed. Installed easily to gain the improvement you want in a few hours of driving!

         3 items shown go in the fuel tank and motor oil, then drive as usual. 

         Repeat with 3 others one week later at an oil change.

    That's it! Comes with easy to follow directions.  My personal help by phone. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

    Shipped to your door in 3 days by FedEx. Just $85+ $15 s&h +tax $7= totals just $107 total. Click cart button to order.

Lucas Oil or Mega Power Engine Treatment Needed Here.Lucas Oil or Mega Power Engine Treatment Needed Here.

Others methods for ending worn motor problems.

    Unlike Mega Power method, most additives are sold on the idea, 'if its dirty, flush it out with a solvent" as the fix.
    I compare that to hosing yourself with gasoline after a couple of days of dirty  car repair work. Clothes and all on you.
    No one will do that!
    Since Lucas is thick, people thinks solvents is what their old dirty motor needs.
    This idea is harmful - like using gasoline to clean your hands.
    Read this blog on engine flushes so you are swear of such products to avoid them in your car care pursuit..

Fixing your car, ending its problem with Mega Power.

    My Mega Power tips on this site helps avoid car owners end wear and residue problems and car owners feel keeps their cars and equipment humming down the road dependably, years longer, than any other additive can.

    What's not to like about those Mega Power way of handling car problems. Click this link to order Mega Power.

    Test drive Mega Power out in your cars and see. You will be amazed!

When you google, you can search for his Lucas product comparison test. Bookmark this page to come back again.

When you return here again, we invite you to check the various additives we found beneficial for solving your vehicles problem:

Those we found - and use, that will saves our automotive-related time, money, and maintenance, and helps us = extend the life of our cars and equipment.

They do so - by their ability to solve a variety of wear and performance problems, and by their ability to slam the brakes on the wear-out cycle.
Lucas Oil. What is better for older motors?

Lucas Oil, treatment. Is Lucas better for your engine and transmission? Some, say yes! Others, No! Are there additives offering better advantages? The answer seems to be yes. our review point.

Mega Power Oil Treatment, with MC+

End Lucas Oil.

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