Lucas Oil Treatment.

Is this Good for your
engine and transmission?

Bob-the-oil-guy demonstrates why the answer is no!

Lucas Oil, treatment. Is Lucas better for your engine and transmission? Some, say yes! Others, No! Our review:

Bob-the-oil-guy demonstrates

    Why Lucas may not be what your car needs. See his Lucas-oil comparison test by going to his site:

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    Bob has his own ideas on lubrication care. He is pretty smart!

    However, there are better products than Bob promotes: Mega Power, and Justice Brothers, are two top brands of additives!

Easy to install, fast results with Mega Power.

    When your wheels act up, it begins a worrisome dance to find a solution.
    Mega Power seems to understand this worry with products to correct one on more problems inside engines and transmissions with specialize ingredients, each to undo the problem affecting  a specialized part or location. But working unitedly to reverse the problem, ending it appearance.
Lucas oil does it one way. Mega Power does it another. Which is better?Lucas oil does it one way. Mega Power does it another. Which is better?

´╗┐Mega Power's Method.

    Mega Power ingredients continues as a form of conditioning until a new like state results - which ends the cause and the problem.
    This is done in a 2 step procedure adding items shown and then to let driving and the ingredients end your problem. This method fixes mechanical problems chemically, and is use in million s of vehicles large and small. New an old vehicles alike.

    Unlike Mega Power method, most additives are sold on the idea, 'if its dirty, flush it out with a solvent" as the fix. I compare that to hosing your self with water after a couple of days of being dirty - clothes and all on you.
    Lucas is thick, and their ideal to freshen is this:
    Lets poor sticky, honey like stuff between all your dirty clothes to fix your problem.

´╗┐Fixing your car, Ending its problem with Mega Power.

    My Mega Power tips on this site helps avoid car owners end wear and residue problems and car owners feel keeps their cars and equipment humming down the road dependably, years longer, than any other additive can.

    What's not to like about those Mega Power way of handling car problems. Click this link to order Mega Power.

    Check Mega Power out in your cars and see. You will be amazed!

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Those we found - and use, that will saves our automotive-related time, money, and maintenance, and helps us = extend the life of our cars and equipment.

They do so - by their ability to solve a variety of wear and performance problems, and by their ability to slam the brakes on the wear-out cycle.
Lucas Oil. What is better for older motors?

Lucas Oil, treatment. Is Lucas better for your engine and transmission? Some, say yes! Others, No!

Mega Power Oil Treatment. Motor, transmission test

Mega Power Oil Treatment, with MC+

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