Ford transmission problem solver product. End automatic, stick shift, 4x4, rough shift, growl, heat, leak, slip, wear problems fast.

Ford transmission problem solver from Mega Power. Contact info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, order this product, call me at 512 665 3388... george

End your

    Automatic, stick shift, 4x4, differential

    Rough shift, growl, heat, leak, slip, wear problems fast with this treatment from Mega Power.

If you think your Ford transmission problem:

    Is caused by sticky residues and friction and your experiencing rough shift, leak, slip, growl, or shudder.....

    Here is how to end those problems and keep your car or truck shifting strong for many more years.

Additives for... Ford Automatic transmissions

Our favorite for our Ford Automatic Transmissions is the Mega Power Transmission Service #TS3.

    It goes where ATF fluid does not - and can't, to end the wear and performance problems, fast!

    Mega Power always works because they use two different 2 cleaners, and 2 friction modifiers to end growl, rough shift,and hangup, and a co-polymer coating to smooth rapid-wearing gears and parts. They then coat then to fill over worn areas.

    Those advantages end the problem, restore the like-near-new shift, stop any leaks.

Most mechanics and lube and tune shops I supply this service product to receive great customer feedback - after this service is performed on good working transmissions.

It just so happens that its anti-wear factor stops problems as wears takes over, later on. I would say that is unique for any product.

Side note:

    A growing amount of friction, sticky residues that bind movement, and acids create a power-robbing condition and various shift problems.

    Those negative conditions can absorb up to 15 horsepower - that when smooth, clean, and moved freely, originally sped you down the road easily.

    Mega Power is the only product known to stop the friction drag, smooth the surfaces, and coat them to end wear and shifting problems. See how, here...

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Additives for...
    3, 4, & 5 speed Ford transmissions and 4x4s differentials

    Tip. Drain and refill, and add the Mega Power Oil Treatment #10, 12 oz. Add 12oz for each gallon of fluid or oil.

    Works super great! Owners love it big rig diesel trucks, tractors, and industrial equipment. [They have lots more friction].

    More on diesel, here...

Additives for other brands of vehicle transmissions

    I loved it in my 91 Volkswagen Sirocco 5 speed - I got my 5 speeding tickets in that car after 2 bottles of #10 was added to the 5 speed fluid. It just got higher speeds out of the car.

    There's lots of huge pressures and friction in the gearing. This creates friction-roughen conditions affect the shift, and raise heat levels dramatically - which is no good. This product just smooths those surfaces, drops the friction down to zero, and makes shifting just super better again.

    On my Chrysler Van differential, after adding #10 to the differential gear fluid, the outside temperature of the housing changed from hot to cool - to the touch after a long, hard drive. Imagine how good that is for where ever you install Mega Power.

    This is true of Ford transmissions, too, even though you have been pulling a load driving hour after hour on long trips. [Drop in housing temperature means less friction drag and hot-spots inside, and were eliminated. And hopefully, ended those wear problems].

    The same is true of #10 mixed 15% in wheel bearing grease.

    My boat trailer wheel bearing grease never let water breakdown the grease, after repacking with the 15# blend.

    My 4 motorcycles, all shift beautifully with #10 or #3, and ended the down-into-first-gear growl almost every bike experiences.

    Ford transmission problem solver...

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Ford transmission. Additives for; 5 speed, 4x4s, etc.

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