This Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner Stops Exhaust Smoke As It Tune's Up Your Motor,   Or Your Money Back!

Exhaust Smoke Ending Diesel Injector Cleaner From Mega Power Instantly Returns Smokeless Operation.Exhaust Smoke Ending Diesel Injector Cleaner From Mega Power Instantly Returns Smokeless Operation to the Engine.

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What you should know about Smokeless Operation in your engine.

The Mega Power Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner and Its Holistic Approach to Cleaning Injectors:

    Mega Power Is made for the vehicle owner who want to invest in a total, holistic approach to solving all his vehicle avoidable wear and tear problems.
    Mega Power is for the person who believes in spending several hundred dollars now to avoid spending $1000 later, to again solve his wear and tear engine problem.
    Its not for the person who just buys cheap products in hopes of a miracle, them concludes all such are no good.
    This information is for the man or women who investigates all resources, including this one, to see which is better for them and their vehicles. 
    care method that ends costly to repair problems, pushes them years into the future for  repair, and doubles the life of their vehicles
    Compared to other who let chance determined their vehicle operating liability.
    protects and extends his Mega Power and its Diesel Injector Cleaner is an Engine Treatment.
    Different to Injector Cleaning in Diesel and Gas Powered Cars Trucks Equipment.
    Offers a Superior Form of Vehicle Care That Cuts They Life Time Expense In Half.
    It is made for diesel and gas vehicle owners wanting a Holistic approach to maximizing all aspects of engine operation and protection.
    That - that avoids 

    While you are led to believe diesel fuel burns clean, the picture shows residue deposits from the fuel as it affects every part of your motor - including the injectors.

    Fuel injectors are small finger size sprayers using fuel under high pressure to turn the liquid fuel into a burnable fog.

    The spray is in the combustion area as your pistons are heading downward. Your pistons then compress that vapor of fuel to some point where the fuel spontaneously ignites. The expansion of the ignited fuel is like an explosion sending the piston downward to spin the engine and gears to move you down the road.

    The combustion force is like the sledge hammer force at a carnival game that sends the puck 12 feet up to ring a bell.

Harmful Residues cause your performance and faster wear out troubles. See picture

    With wear and time residues collect in, and on every motor part and your fuel injectors. In the motor the residues are acidic and help eat away metal surfaces creating roughness and extra friction.

    Residues, on and in your fuel injectors upset the fogging advantage and then less fogging occurs and a bit of liquid is in the spray. This is one reason for a bit of black smoke.

Diesel fuel injector cleaner from Mega Power Cleans the combustion area pisto rings and valves as it cleans dirty injectors

If your motors piston rings become sticky and fail to flex - Piston rings are bracelet-like devices installed in groves around your pistons.

When sticky or stuck, piston rings allow more combustion to mix with the motor oil. And they ...

Sticky rings allows motor oil to get suck up into the combustion cycle.

We say the motor is burning oil when that happens.

What mechanics advise for dirty injectors.

Dirty fuel injectors are cleaned one of 3 ways

  1. By a strong additive added to the fuel tank. About $40
  2. By a device that forces fuel injector cleaner into the fuel delivery system at the injectors. About $150 or higher
  3. By removing the injectors to have them cleaned in a vibrator that dislodges the residues. They usually are then tested and results shown you. A defective spray pattern or leaks after cleaning means the injector needs replacement. About $200
  4. Each of these methods work. And as new, more powerful and more effective cleaners come out - like Mega Powers Fuel System and Injector Cleaner, they do a perfectly good job to restore like-new clean, simply by addition to the fuel tank once a year.

    Because you have a problem, double dose the amount of what is normally suggested to keep injectors clean, to clean the injectors for best results.

Mega Power Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner

    Mega Power is one of the new Hi-tech cleaners with near instant cleaning ability. Mega Power is not soy, coconut oil or detergent, it is a chemical cleaners with anti-wear advantages.

    I recommend 2 quarts of Mega Power to fifty gallons fuel if a big truck. One quart if a car or pickup. This will be very effective and will instantly stop black smoke - even under load coming from the exhaust stack.

    We like Mega Power because it is the fastest and most impressive product in the market place. And because it picks up water and makes it burnable.

Secondary benefits: Carbon removal. End blowby, Stop oil burning.

    Mega Power Diesel Injector Cleaner takes a holistic approach to engine care, and is made for diesel vehicle owners wanting a premium additive product that cleans and conditions all aspects of engine operation and protection.

    , hat both ends and prevents common diesel care for their vehicles.

    is a different 3 in 1 engine tune up that quickly ends exhaust smoke.

    the burning process adds removal of harmful carbon and add beneficial piston-ring cleaning factors - to slow down, maybe stop excessive combustion blow-by, and stop or reduce oil other product can match.

    See price list and ordering info. below.

Diesel Injector Cleaner and new problem-solving oil additives.

    Stops smoke: Dirty injectors and carbon coated combustion  s With power restoring conditioners

    Mega Power Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner and Motor Oil Additives.

    Mega Power Diesel Additives are one of the secret tune up products. Once you learn of their advantages over common additives you'll add a quart to your diesel fuel every month.

    Otherwise, you'll find you'll need to go a diesel service for help. They will usually tells you the trouble. Once known, the condition that needs help is covered and you're give a price. For injector cleaning - it can run from $150 to over $400. That's one way to clean your injectors.

    Mega Power for Fuel and Motor Oil avoid that situation - but it is very hard to prove the value of one product over the claims of any other -

    -but I'll try for a product thousands of us car buffs believe in - and mostly what we say is that our cars and equipment just run great - often times years pass what others - using other methods get enjoy.

    You can't explain the Mega Power experience. So I guarantee specific problems to solve and if not - ask for a refund. Last year there were 2 refunds last 267 days. I think that says more than I can.

    Mega Power Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner is the strongest, fastest acting fuel injector cleaner made.

Mega Power Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner is complete system cleaner and conditioner. It is the strongest injector clener sold anywhere.

ul For quality, Mega Power is the only one advertised as a fuel system, injector, intake manifold, and combustion piston ring and valve combustion area cleaner.

Mega Power Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner stops black exhaust smoke in minutes. Mega Power does so by cleaning and conditioning. This starts in the fuel tank, making any condensation in the tank burnable. It acts as a bio-cide. Mega Power neutraulizes acids. filter wax removal puts the wax back into a burnable fase.

A lube factor gives your fuel pump a lube and acid defense for long life and to stop acid pitting.

As Mega Power travels the manifold it removes its scummy resides, a factor ending a wet blotter effect ending its cause of black smoke.

Mega Powers carbon cleaning will continue in the combustion zone. Because of its penetreting ability the top compression ring is lubed and freed if sticky. Valve stems are also cleaned of their baked-on varnish.

Each of these actions provides the reason for its extremely fast black smoke ending ability - no other product makes a claim for.

Within an hour of driving, Mega Power problem solving effects returns smoothness and a return of lost zip and performance. This has an anti-weaar effect time shows.

Most truck and equipment owners treat their fuel tanks with a quart of Mega Power Diesel Additive every month. They add 2 quarts per 50 gallons if a problem exist. Then, one quart every month in 50 gallons. The label says, using Mega Power Diesel Additive every fill is good if fuel quality is low Ordering or to ask a question, call me day or evening at 512 665 3388 Order online, below.

One gallon Mega Power Diesel Fuel Additive treats 350 gallons fuel. $99 per gallon. 6 pak gallons $400. s&h $50 total $450.

One gallon Mega Power Diesel Motor Additive treats 5 to 10 gallons motor oil. $99 per gallon. 6 pak gallons $400. s&h $50 total $450. $99 per gallon. 6 pak gallons $400. s&h $50 total $450.

Mega Power Diesel Additive for:

  • Cars and pickups
  • Large trucks
  • Farm and commercial tractors
  • Standby generators
  • Marine engines

Why Mega Power Diesel Fuel and Oil Treatment?

Did you know, there are other areas in your motor needing help to have your motor run as good as new again, and to keep it that way?

Cleaning fuel injectors is only 1/3rd of what's really needed.

What do you think those areas might be?

To do the job right, the following items - besides fuel injector cleaning, need attention. They are:

  1. Eliminate excessive friction drag on sliding surfaces; wear and time have roughen. Mega Power ends these two problems with MC+, friction modifiers. The resulting released of this power is noticed as you shift through the gears easier, and on longs grades - can run them with one less shift down

  2. Valves and the motors combustion area needs cleaning. Mega Power cleaning removes soft carbon - which soaks up fuel causing over enriching of the fuel and black exhaust smoke. This areas cleaning maximizes engine vacuum, the number one way to achieve full combustion and power output.

    And......of course,

  3. Mega Power returns the proper fog-spray-pattern to your Diesel Fuel Injectors, by cleaning the inside injector screen, and outside nozzle tip of residue - in minutes; as can be seen by reduction of black exhaust smoke.

    Mega Power is a fuel bio-decide and a fuel sweetener - anti-acidic. Great fuel conditioning advantages the popular brands do not offer.

So, that is what Mega Power is all about.

Directions for using Mega Power is simple.

  • Add one quart MP Diesel Fuel Additive to every other 50 gallons of fuel.

  • Add one gallon MP Oil Treatment to each 7 gallons oil.

  • And also the follow components...

    Add 20% to each gear box, and differential.

  • Add 1 oz to each oiled or greased, wheel bearing.

  • Add 12 oz to the power steering fluid.

This treatment last a year or more. Repeat when you feel the truck having less zip, more black exhaust, more down-shifting needed.

Motor usage. Drain and replace oil when a few drops motor oil on a white napkin shows a blacker color in the center of the drop. Keep oil if the oil spreads out and there is little blacking in the center of the drop. Retest Test in 2000 miles.

Mega Power Advantages:

  • Fast injector cleaning action - 15 minutes
  • Valve and combustion area cleaner - acts like a tune up
  • Conditions fuel for summer and winter lubricity and flow
  • Absorbs moisture and makes it burnable
  • Increase citane - by making fuel "less wet, for complete combustion
  • Algae growth inhibitor and fuel sweetener

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