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Answers com transmission help.

?Is Lucas transmission additive any better than other brands?


  1. In time, all engines and transmission misbehave in some way.
  2. Typically, internal heat from friction weakens the oil lube. 
  3. More friction, more oil breakdown, more sludge develops. 

      As you can imagine those negatives deter shift and performance. This may be your problem and you want a good, cheap fix for it. I don't blame you, I'm that way, too!

      This may become the time for an additive. Not an overhaul. Some suggest Lucas. There are better additives.

Next, my own Answers com transmission /lucas comment...


My own answer com transmission Lucas comment...

      After trying Lucas and other brands to help end my customers transmission problems, I settled on a special kind of "service treatment" that works every time.  Shown below.

  This treatment? Mega Power Transmission Service #RS3.  It seems to work better than other additives.

       It cleans, frees stuck or sticking shift valves and gears. It smooths, and coat gears, bearings, shafts, various o-rings.  This restores transmission shifting. It does so with the 3 products in the treatment package.

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Details for those interested.

The service ends transmission problems and is installed like this:

First step, their MP Cleaner Conditioner goes into the dirty fluid for 5 to 10 minutes while the motor runs at idle, in neutral. OK to drive around. Then have the old fluid all drained out and replace with new. Next...

install, along with the new fluid, two MP Conditioners included, also with new fluid. Driving a few miles seems to smooth shifts, end leak, even stop "converter chatter" - which occurs around 40 mph.

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tow vehicle tips

Those customers that tow with their car or truck always praise this service.

That because their cars usually have a temperature gauge showing how hot the transmission fluid is. Heat is a transmission killer - so, they keep and eye on the temperature.

This product drops the temperature - or rather, now can keep it from rising. And its the best in the world tow vehicle transmission protector!

Final thoughts...

Wear is a problem and thickeners like Lucas may work. But thickeners like Lucas may alter the water thin ATF fluid your transmission is made for.

My cars...

Mega Power's ending friction feature ends hi-temperatures friction causes. It also ends shift hang ups due to residues and friction.

In my 90 Astro, Ii seem this service product help my transmission go another 100,000 miles - now at 268,257 miles. I serviced it with this product when it started to slip and miss a gear -which ended in a few miles after performing the service. transmission help, additives/lucas

Answers com transmission

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