Lucas Oil Treatment.

Is this brand better for your
engine and transmission?

Bob-the-oil-guy demonstrates why the answer is no!

Lucas Oil, treatment. Is Lucas better for your engine and transmission?

Bob-the-oil-guy demonstrates

    Why Lucas may not be what your car needs. See his Lucas-oil comparison test by going to his site:

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    Bob has his own ideas on lubrication care. He is pretty smart! However, there are better products than he promotes: Mega Power, and Justice Brothers, are the top two!

I promote Mega Power.

    This site explains how to solve and reverse over 200 wear and tear and performance and power decline problems. Those all cars and equipment experience from when new, to the time they're junked.

    My Mega Power tips helps avoid them, ends them, to get and keep your cars and equipment humming down the road dependably, years longer, thousands of dollars less expensively...

    What's not to like about those benefits from Mega Power.

    Check Mega Power out in your cars and see. You will be amazed!

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  • Fuel
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Differential gears and 4x4 gears
  • Steering and
  • Radiator cooling systems problems
Those we found - and use, that will saves our automotive-related time, money, and maintenance, and helps us = extend the life of our cars and equipment.

They do so - by their ability to solve a variety of wear and performance problems, and by their ability to slam the brakes on the wear-out cycle.
Lucas Oil. What is better for older motors?

Mega Power Oil Treatment. Motor, transmission test

Mega Power Oil Treatment, with MC+