Additives Viewpoint. Why Needed?
How they help and when.

When you change your oil, what's left behind wears your motor out faster!

90% of what causes transmission and motor problems, cannot be removed by oil and oil changes. How additives help your car.

It takes a specific internal problem-solving Additive. Which one is right for your car and equipment problem? Explained below....

Mega Power Additive Products

Additives Viewpoint. When you go to the pharmacy, its usually because a doctor figured out your problem and his training identifies what chemistry is involve to correct it.

The pharmacist is trained to mix that formula up for you. Or select a factory made pill or liquid that does so. Those are useful additives distributed by educated people - to solve a specific problem.

I have that training for automotive additives. There are only a few of us - and I learned form the Justice Brothers - and Bud Esterline, who were the best! No person in a quick lube, part store, or midnite commercial is qualified!

Here's my Additives Viewpoint method...

Mega Power Brand Additives provides and trains me in problem-solving, problem-preventing ingredients. I help you by telling you what to use to end your problem - after you describe the symptoms!

That's my Additives Viewpoint Expertise! That's how you benefit! Here's how the help is given and why. This expertise of mine ...

    To end the problems your engine, transmission, and other car and equipment components have, affected by wear fuel and lube problems - we use a chemical problem-solving remedy. Something even the the best synthetic oils and fluids cannot provide!

    Mega Power's restoring of your car and equipment operating performance again is by:

    • By Cleaning where oil cannot
    • By friction modifying, a surface healing benefit
    • By conditioning the motor, transmission and its seals and gaskets pistons bearings valves and gears
    • and by adding a protective coating so each moving part again slides freely and smoothly, as it did when new!
    • You'll see, on the page you go to, how my Additives Viewpoint solves your problem and the reasonable product steps given to end your specific problem - below.

    As an Additive Expert, I will show you the right product to correct your problem, help you protect and extend their running integrity.

    Click a button or two, left side of this page to find the help, and product you need. Or cruise the links below. Read a few pages to understand How valuable this is, and how it will last you all your life!

    The Additives Viewpoint Specifics

    To end wear problems and restore performance, Mega Power:

    1. Ends Hot Spots and Metal Migration. The two fastest, most destruction type of friction.
    2. To end hot spots and metal migration Mega Power developed special cleaners, oil and metal conditioners.

      These ingredients clean, free, smooth, coat, and protect pistons, bearings, valves, lifters, fuel delivery components, combustion, and emission sub-systems.

    3. Two of the ingredients, Mega Power MC+, uses a principle called chemical-metal-conditioning which changes roughen, dirty, problem-causing piston, bearing, valve, and gear surfaces - the problem, from wear roughen, to smooth - this ends over a dozen performance problems - and restore the cleaner, like-new smoothness and power and economy you bought when new. See the demostration of the Mega Power difference.

Six ingredients do the job. It takes these six, because that is what works. They do a complete treatment - whereas one or two cannot. By safely removing dirty, wear-roughen residues, by smoothing and coating, the cause of performance problems ends, and this advantage slows the wear and aging process.

More details of this Additives Viewpoint Anti-wear Advantage includes:

  1. Neutralizing acids. The number 3 cause of wear out.

  2. Surface damage caused by acids need healing. A Mega Power ingredient heals, then smooths, and finally coats-over acid and friction roughen surfaces.

    After this type treatment moving parts slide, a like-new, quiet running motor, smooth-shifting transmission re-appears.

  3. Combustion. No other brand has yet to end inefficient combustion, blow-by, and power-loss - caused by slow-closing valves, sticky rings, and a dirty combustion area untill Mega Power came along. As this drawing shows...

    Mega Power ends motor power loss

  4. Next, the product cleans the fuel system. Fuel tanks, fuel injectors, idle by pass systems, as well as combustion, emission, and exhaust systems.

  5. Not to be missed are valve bodies that control shift, gear spacing, and cooling system passage ways, for added benefits.

Review. MY Additives Viewpoint Experience as a Mechanic

    I believe Mega Power Additives have been the secret that has saved me tens-of-thousands of dollars in my personal vehicle upkeep, repair avoidance. They just continued to run great.

    Those benefits help me put-off vehicle and equipment replacement for many years. You are talking some great help here - and you need to get in on it.

    Of the many thousands whom I schooled, they also gained an Additives Viewpoint that benefits their cars, their budget, eliminates problems and worry's.

    I'm not alone in this experience, either.

    How so?

    I've shown many just common men and women vehicle owners - not just mechanics how to do so with Mega Power.

Now, its your turn to try the Mega Power Additives Viewpoint.

Give the Mega Power Additives Viewpoint a good try.

How? Select the treatment shown for your problem - that is the way. You are paying for it- anyhow by wears toll on your vehicles and wallet.

To find out what will end your car or equipment problem, click the links on this page to learn more. Every product works as describe and come with a simple, money back guaranty.

You will be glad you took the plunge and ventured into a much better way to end its current problem, and prolong your vehicle life.

Read Doug's experience.

As a mechanic and tune tech, Mega Power is "good medicine" for ailing vehicles. They are a great performance "problem-solving tool." I use them for the following reasons

  • For example: To remove wear-increasing, power stealing goo - left behind by prior oil changes. Doing so [you are shown how in this site] releases power dirty internal conditions cause to create dozens of problems and fuel efficiency to drop.

  • We use Mega Power when a customers comes in for help to squeeze-out some additional years of dependable service from their cars and equipment. They love it. [Testimonials quoted in this site] So can you!

  • Mechanics and garages who stock Mega Power Additives, are given suggested prices to cover this expertise when a customer begins using Mega Power. They know its a bargain. [I figure on $50 to $100 or so labor cost makes them happy to do so for you, in case you have your mechanic install our products].

Additive details you will find on other pages

The correct Mega Power Product combination for each problem is given you.

  • They are taken from my long-term field experience. Often, they are the only medicine needed to correct your car, truck equipment illness.
  • Try the Mega Power Motor and Transmission "Treatments" in two of your cars. The immediate "zip" and added "performance" will tell you its all true. YOU FOUND THE RIGHT PRODUCT!~

  • If you say you read this page, You can purchase engine and transmission treatments for one car and get two or more for Half price.

  • Protect your wife and kids cars at half price - up to 4 cars. But, you must tell me the page this is on.

I'm testing readership, and this lets me know if this is what people are reading, or not. 512 665 3388 ... george

As an Additive Expert, I will show you the right product to correct your problem, help you protect and extend their running integrity.

Click a buttons, top left, to find the answer, help, and product you need. Or cruise the links below.

It is a worthwhile education to advance your car-care knowledge about the new breed of Additives, with my help and that of by Mega Power's Research.

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