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Quoted from: Older car repair options. Have you ever been in the tough position of owning a vehicle that is not worth too much money but that needs an expensive repair?

Maybe you have recently even dumped some pretty good change into the vehicle for items like new tires, a battery, a muffler, etc. And now it needs a major engine or transmission repair!

You wonder, is there an alternative since you cannot sell the vehicle for much without getting it repaired. And you know its trade-in for new value like this is not worth much. Other options....

What are some other older car repair options possible?

"A driver recently wrote to ask my advice. The woman owned a 1998 minivan with 125,000 on the odometer. She explained that the engine was losing oil, smoking at idle, and making a knocking sound.

This smoking engine would require new oil rings and that the knocking could indicate the need for a total engine rebuild costing anywhere between $1,500 and $4,500. Since it had over 125,000 miles on the clock, repairing it at a private garage would mean dumping a lot of money into a vehicle with a limited value.

Other Worthwhile Older Car Repair Options.

I suggested that she inquire if the local schools had automobile (mechanical) repair classes and, if so, for her to see ...the instructor to see ...[îf] the class could repair the engine at cost. Here's another option...

Using additives as an older car repair option.

Older car repair additives fix many internal mechanical, and high mileage problems by two chemical features - amazingly:

  1. One way older cars end problems is to reverse the  causes.  Reversing the problem so it goes away.
  • Instead of replacing troublesome part as your vehicles ages; at $3000 and higher expense, try and additive treatment. 
  • The way additive treatments work to end older car problems is to reverse the causes so the problem goes away - amazingly! 
  • This means,  a service product you can install will end rough idle, and fuel injector problems, combustion carbon removal - that ends early morning knocks that sound like the engine can come apart. 
  • End oil burning, compression blow-by, and lack of power - easily - reversing causes.
  • Additive Treatments also end rough shifting problems, too! They are well worth using!
  • Ordering these Mega Power's Brand Special Products to end rough idle, and fuel injector problems, combustion carbon early morning  engine knocks. End oil burning, compression blow-by, and lack of power - problems.  With 6 items included its easy to include  fuel tank, to fuel injector, to combustion, to exhaust tip problems with is cleaners ... and, an oil system sludge removing, with worn surface re-conditioner for quiet operation to complete the reversal.  A good way to keep your cars going inexpensively and smartly. Just $99. The Special...

    A over $250 value. Just $99 and Free Postage USA. For  above 6 items needed to reverse your cars problem! Ordering: Includes easy to install directions, free phone help if needed, 10 minute reversal guarantee and Free! FedEx 3 days to your door.  A Bonus...?//

    A $75 Bonus!!! Included.  Click cart button to see this hundreds off and $75 MP extra car care, repair extra bonus  FREE!!! All included in todays special Free with the MP Engine Problem Reversal Treatment -Click cart button to see this special. 

       One of the above ideas would cost her less money since they would not be marked up like the practice at ac dealership or private garages.

    If the engine could not be rebuilt, the instructor could likely identify a used engine from a salvage yard, and the class could possibly install it in the minivan. The used engine would cost about $250-$300. And even if the class were unable to work on the vehicle, the instructor could likely contact reputable salvage yards, some of which would also install the engine.

    If needed, the instructor could contact a private mechanic (with whom he is familiar) to have the engine installed. The used engine would likely cost $250-$300 and the instillation would cost about $200-$250.

    WHICH are better older car repair options for you? Rather than having to pay a $1,500-$4,000 repair bill, you the car owner would have the vehicle repaired for about $150-$550.

    Regardless of the chosen repair option, the instructor's informed and unbiased advice is the key to ensuring the driver's best interests.

    The owner will have to spend some time doing telephone work and meeting with the technical school instructor (it is best to make contacts well before the end of the school year). Also, the driver will need to make arrangements to car pool or barrow a relative's car to drive when the vehicle is being repaired.

    However, such work can pay the owner a pretty good hourly rate in savings when faced with that expensive car repair.

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    End Older car repair options.

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