motor-oil-facts you never are told. Note these points, save your car and your cash


Fact 1- At oil change, the gooey, wear-increasing stuff - remains behind as the thin, watery stuff runs out. Let me repeat. The gooey, wear-increasing stuff - remains behind as the thin, watery stuff runs out.

I know, you come to believe that oil is really the best.

Well, tell me, have you every seem an engine or transmission as its torn apart for repair? Are those parts inside shinny and clean? No!

Fact 2- What do the facts show?

That sticky collection of dark brown stuff hides the evidence of harm to your inner workings of that motor or transmission. That is where the real damage the gooey stuff oil leaves behind, occurs.

Fact 3- Oil's sinister nature is not understood until someone like me, shows you the engine killer stuff on each rubbing part.

You see that black tar-like coating on the piston skits, stuck or glued-solid piston rings - they hold power when free and flexible, valve stems - coated black causes them to close slowly and messes up breathing and full combustion, collapsed valve lifters - they have an inner part if free and clean, moves to take up valve wear and slack, or pounds like a hammer when stuck, and the like.

Fact 4- That baked-on tar - leftovers from your good oil, which it contributes too, but never removes, acts just like tar on a hot tin roof. That gooey stuff actually melts and as you drive and goes solid when your car sits overnite. The idling is off for ten minutes at startup.

Fact 5- All this simply makes your cars inner workings resist movement - causing twice as much wear, as it strains to move, much like what brear rabbit found out, when he couldn't get his fist lose, after he punched tar baby in the face.

Sure it robs away power and slows you down - but, why do you think they gave you so much gas pedal. Mash er down and let more fuel overcome all to keep you moving forward. More straining and wear and tear of your motor and tranny, of course.

Fact 6- If oil is so good, engines and transmissions would last for ever. They don't last half as long as they should.

Fact 7- Most drivers think oil is the cats meow. Some get smart when they know what Me and others do to go twice as far in miles for half the cost they spend. Which should be the norm? My way.

Get smart. Motor-oil-facts and ad hype - is hype. That's why14 million repairs occur each year. Most avoidable.

I don't care if the motor oil is purple, and its a multi-blend. Full synthetic is better to a point - but then, it does the same.

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Fact 8- A simple method removes these harmful wear-increasing coatings - and you won't believe the good it does to instantly produce a better running motor - until you drive it around the block the very next time. Find out the exact products to get your motor right for years on end dependibilty

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