Friction Modifiers, A New Tool To End Wear & Performance Problems In
Cars And Heavy Equipment

Friction Modifiers in additives can end car, heavy equipment running problems...from Mega Power.Friction Modifiers in additives can end car, heavy equipment running problems...from Mega Power.

How will a friction modifier help my cars and heavy equipment?

Why new...

    When new, your cars and equipment worked and ran great. That is when they had the most power, zip, and best fuel economy.

    That is because all the parts where new, shiny, fitted close together, operated smoothly, and easily passed the power developed to the wheels or working-end of your tractor.

Over time...

    Oil breakdown, acids, sludge, and abrasion roughen those smooth shinny surfaces. with acid pitting, more abrasion and more friction.
    With friction, residues sticking and binding, operating performance decreases. 
    What results?
    Oil burning, sludge chokes down your engine, lousy fuel economy develops. Tapping may make you think some part is going to break lose and cause damage.
    With increased friction sucking up horsepower that use to go to the wheels, the motor seems worn out - when its not!

Friction modifiers like those that smooth and rebuild piston, valve, bearing and gear surfaces are what such condition need, and these are the additives that have them.

    Does that sound like your car problem....?

    How to install them and where

    Of course, faster wear out, and costly repairs 
    are what's ahead for them and you!

Are some of those symptoms what you are noticing?

    Now is the time to protect your cars and equipment with Mega Power Engine, Radiator, Transmission, Power Steering, Hydraulics, and A/C Treatments, containing Friction Modifiers with "MC+ Metal Conditioning," and other problem-solving, anti-wear benefits.

    They are the products that will return the former, like-new zip, power, performance, and fuel economy to every car and piece of equipment you own.

    Those that have a wear or performance problem you want to end to extend their life, perhaps - or new ones, you want to protect!

My tip. Read the rest of this page for helpful tips.

    Click the buttons to find what you need to revitalize, 
    and add years more restored power and dependability to your cars and equipment! Bookmark this page.

    Or, call me any time if you have a question, to order products, want my suggestion. I'm george christ, America's Additive Expert. Call me at 1 512 665 3388

Use the Mega Power Friction Modifying Products suggested above

    To restore your motors full power

    Have your transmission shift smoother again

    End whine, growl, and its cause

    Stop converter lock up chatter above 40 mph

    Go down the road faster, easier, on less fuel

    Reduce and heal, oil breakdown friction damage, over-heating, 
    wear, and metal migration. Do so - bumper-to-bumper.

Let Mega Power end the power loss now being absorbed 
by fast wearing friction and contaminates in your motor, transmission, gears, power steering, and your air conditioner.

Instead, use Mega Power

Use these Mega Power friction modifiers

Products to clean and friction modify
and put a stop to the 6 causes of wear and power-robbing conditions that time, mileage, friction drag, sticking and binding, is causing to your pistons, bearings, cams, lifters, valves, and gears.

Click the buttons for the area of help you need... Call, if you need help. Call 1 512 665 3388

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