Boatmasters secret: Mega Power #120 penetrant. Boatmasters "been freeing" stuck, frozen engine parts, saving $, time, avoiding fustration.
So should you! Order here.

The secret: Mega Power #120 penetrant. Boatmasters has been freeing stuck, frozen engine parts, saving $ time, avoiding fustration.

Every now and then, an old timer lets you in on a secret.

That is about

    What master mechanic and boat repair expert, Mark Kirchoff is using around his shop to save his patience and reduce expenses...

    From Mark. At his repair shop over in

      Springbranch, Texas.
      Out - Hiway 281, near Canyon Lake, TX.
      830 885 2495
      A good place to have your boat fixed and maintained.

    Mark says:

      I have been in the boat and motor repair business for over 26 years. My best keep secret....

      The Mega Power Penetrating oil has enabled me to take off parts without damaging the parts - and anyone working on boat motors knows how they rust up tight.

      It is a very frustrating and expensive problem to resolve. And, it's a common problem.

      This product; Mega Power #120, I have been using for 16 years - and it has come through to save the day for me, hundreds of times.

      Using this product has allowed me to un-stick, free, and loosen, and remove parts safely, without the common destruction to them in doing so. This advantage avoids the need of having to buy new parts.

      The result over the years is that it has saved customers the expense of having to buy new parts. Those are great benefits gained from this products usage.

      I highly recommend Mega Power Products, and their spray to anyone wanting to end the problems I mentioned - and to do the very best for their customers - and for themselves.

      .................................. Mark Kirchoff
      .................................. Boatmasters 830 885 2495
      .................................. Springbrach, Texas 78070

    This secret is about a different kind of lube spray from Mega Power -

      The company that invented the worn motor and transmission treatment problem solvers.

      Mark, and Me, and thousands of others use Mega Power Products for their very advantages benefits - no other products have. And we use #120 to lube and protect, but more importantly to deal with things that are tight, stuck, frozen from rust, or sized, you want to free up with out damage.

    In Marks case,

      Its always dozens of motor housing bolts, Rusty manifold and exhaust boats and nuts - that consume hours of frustrating time. And now and then, on water that got sucked into the motor and it welded the piston to the cylinder walls.

      Nothing ever found can free all those items except Mega Power#120.

    What is Mega Power $120?

    In your

      Car, boat, truck, tractor, air plane, or motorcycle motor motor or transmission - here is what it does.

      As pistons, bearings, valves, and gears slide, push, pull, or roll, wear-out abrasion occurs as moving parts squeeze out the oil film and grind the opposite surface away.

      With Mega Power in the lube oil, grease, hydraulic, steering, differential gears, 4X$ gears, and transmission fluid, the so Mega Power ingredient MC+ conditions the surface friction and abrasion just does not occur.

    In spray form, a quick

      #120 spray and soak for a few seconds, and stuck parts again move freely and easily, with perfect ability again.

      Same for locks, hinges, and electric motor bearings that stick. Really! I've used it on nearly everything. Even guns and reels.

      That is the inventive wisdom behind using this useful new-to-you product in and on everything one owns - if protection s the need. In your motor and transmission...

      You can imagine how this friction removing advantage can easily again pass 5, 10, or 20 more horsepower to the wheels - instead of that precious power being consumed overcoming friction drag and wear. It's more than a great tune up - its a car saver!

    Down in San Antonio,

    While anyhow,
      Mega Power is a great product with 1001 benefits people the world-over love it for. So do I.

    And so does Boatmasters and Mark Kirchoff! Order a couple cans from him or, order Mega Power online. Now, you know Boatmasters secret - pick up some Mega Power. This product pays you to use it as described. Good ideas you can use immediately, for such a little-known secret - mostly sold on line. Wouldn't you say?

    Boatmasters, Springbranch Texas

    Mega Power #120 Lube Spray boatmasters