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How do you free A sticking valve on 2003 wrangler without taking of the head? In: Jeep Wrangler

You can buy some oil additives that may remove gum and carbon from sticky valves. if this doesn't work, you will need to remove the head.

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My method will work on your Wrangler or any engine with valve problems

Sticking valves; that is, one or more of your dozen or more valves are not closing completely, causes tap, or tapping sounds, and most likely, a rough idle, or rough running.

"Gum and carbon" are usually the troublemakers. Additives labeled specifically for this problem, say so.

We favor the 5-product method made by Mega Power, because it covers the five causes of the problem ... and ends other performance problems, too!

Their product called, the Mega Power "FISC Kit," use 3 products to clean 3 areas; one for the fuel system and dirty fuel injectors - as one source of the problem. One for the dirty idle circuit, and carbon covered combustion area, where those dirty, sticking valves are located. And one product is added to the oil, to clean dirty emission system parts - also, a cause of sticky valves. This method ends the valve problem affected by fuel and combustion side of the problem in just a few minutes.

What if it's an oil side problem? Then what do you do?

Use the two products in the Mega Power "Engine Service, ES Kit." One of the set is a super penetrating cleaner; added before an oil change, to clean hydraulic lifters, dirty, sticky valve stems, and sticking piston rings - common valve-associated noise and tap problems. The other product friction-modifies, to reduce the rate of wear out, and seals worn valve stems and cylinder walls, to stop oil leakage and blow-by - also a most likely cause of why valves end up sticking.

The web site below shows you how to use a single product method, or the 3 to 5 product method. You can follow their do-it-yourself methods easily.

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