Lucas transmission products did not work. Is it too thick, maybe?

Lucas Transmission products: Taken from: Hotrodders Bulletin Board

MACX, in Hotrodders Bulletin Board Forum ask:

Lucas transmission products did not work. Is it too thick, maybe?

Try Mega Powers Transmission Treatment Product. It works when nothing else can.

Lucas Oil "Transmission Fix" ??

On a fresh rebuild on a beefed AOD, the trans didn't want to shift into 2nd when cold, but shifted fine after warming up some.

A reputable local shop that I had gotten parts and tech advice from agreed with my thoughts that it was likely a sticky valve in the valve body, it had happened like that on the first rebuild several years ago.

They recommended trying an additive in an attempt to free the likely sticky valve.

I bought Lucas Oil "Transmission Fix" as it advertised it would free sticky valves and I figured it was a reputable, quality product.

I poured it in slowly with the transmission fully warmed up and engine running. Was surprised how thick it was. I let it run awhile to help mix it in, then tried it.

Was dismayed to find it would hardly go in gear and, when it did, acted like it was now slipping big time! Tried going from reverse to drive & back several times in an effort to work it thru the valve body and mix it in better, but no better luck.

Anybody had any experience with this stuff?

Do I maybe just need to run it longer to mix it in better?

I hate to lose a fresh batch of Mercon V, a new filter and gasket, just to get this stuff out of the transmission!

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stu's Photo Album. Stu says:

That thick gloopy stuff is probably in the filter and starving the transmission. It might thin out with higher temperature but by that time there could be a lot of damage done.

That thick gloopy stuff is probably in the filter and starving the transmission.

The only true thing that stuff helps is the salesmans pocket. If it was all that it's cracked up to be the manufacturers would install it from the get go.

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Ghetto Jet's Project Journal Ghetto Jet's says:

First off: I would only use that stuff in a transmission that was already on it's way out, never in anything new or rebuilt like your AOD, which should have had no problems to begin with.

Lucas Transmission Fix doesn't void your vehicles warranty if you use it in your new car, and you know how sensitive that issue can be. I don't think it's harmful or the cause of the problems you're having. I think you need to talk to who ever rebuilt your transmission.

On a side note it's funny this subject came up. When it's cold the transmission in my 95 Accord with 210,000 miles goes into gear hard, shifts hard, and gives me a few hundred rpm slip between shifts. Once the transmission warms up it's fine. I don't worry about it, I've put 15,000 miles on with it acting like this. My dad on the other hand almost has a conniption when ever he drives it (which is rarely).

Anyway he had to drive the Accord to work yesterday because his car was getting inspected. And he came home with a bottle of Lucas Stops Slip. I've seen it make a difference in a few customer's cars transmissions that problems from wear and tear/high mileage. Mainly it made a difference in cars with light slipping, and hard shifting.

So I'm going to give this stuff a shot in my worn out transmission. I'll post my results in this forum.

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adtkart's Says:

Automatic transmissions are designed to operate on ATF only. If the rebuild was done properly, there should be no need for any additive. As STU stated, that thick stuff is probably plugging the filter and starving everything else. I doubt very seriously that it will mix up, as it isn't being pumped thru the system.

Trans additives DO NOT correct a trans problem. At best they will mask it while the trans "self destructs". If you had ever had to rebuild a trans that has had that stuff put in it, you wouldn't even think about using it.

As for the comment about it not voiding the warranty on a new car, don't believe that for one second. If a unit that is under factory warranty fails, and they find a substance like that in it, they can void the warranty. A thick substance will have different flow, cooling, and lubrication characteristics than the ATF that is designed to be in there. That means that it will affect the operation of that unit, possibly causing premature failure.

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NAIRB's Says:

Lucas transmission fix is kind of like STP for transmissions.

I have used it on old cars with worn out transmissions that needed more pressure in the system. It works in some instances, but not all.

Because of it's thick viscosity, it's easy to see why it helps out in worn out junkers.

In a new transmission, it shouldn't be necessary to use it. I would say it's quite possible that it's a coincidence that your transmission took a dive after pouring the stuff in.

Sounds like you have some other issues with the transmission to me.

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oldschoolrods's Project Journal

One day the trans on my 69 F250 started slipping HORRIBLY, so I happened to be on the way to a swap meet so at the swap meet I picked up a bottle of lucas transmission fix, poured it in and have not had any slippage since. I'm not saying this is the way to fix it... if i had the $$$ to get it rebuilt i would of....or would but it is good in some your case though I think nairb is right.. get out the tools.

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Ghetto Jet's Project Journal

Originally posted by adtkart As for the comment about it not voiding the warranty on a new bcar, don't believe that for one second.

It says in big letters on the outside of the bottle "Will Not Void New Car Warranty."

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macx's Classified Ads

Biting the Bullet I've drained the fluid, cleaned the goopy stuff out of the pan, refilled with fresh, warmed up, still doesn't shift right.

Can't even get the throttle valve pressure set right, won't adjust high enuf at idle, stays around 25 lbs should be 33 to 35 with the gauge block, and also won't go down to zero when the block is removed.

Lots of miles, I'm sure it's valve body. Those things like to wear and the valves stick. Going to bite the bullet and see if I can't get a good valve body from Baumann with their shift kit already installed. Tired of messing with it!

That lucas gooey stuff was all over the bottom of the pan, I'm sure it wasn't doing anything any good, probably at least partly blocking intake to the filter.

Lucas transmission products. See Hotrodders Bulletin Board Forum link below.

Lucas transmission products New Mega Power Transmission Products

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