Automotive Additive Guide.
Problem-solving, Problem preventing products to end car, truck, equipment, RV', and machinery operating problems.

Need a vehicle problem solve? Check this guide for the best ones.

Automotive Additive Guide Contact Info: To ask a question, order items or for tips and advice call me... george at 512 665 3388

To help you this  Automotive Additive Guide - Type in the google search line something like:

  • additive for.... or 
  • additive to end ...
  • Type in the problem in the blank space.
  • We offer the Mega Power Brand for their superior features.
  • The page you go to describes the problem cause.
  • What products with directions to use to end the problem.

You came to the right place for tips and product suggestions

  • Those I use myself
  • Those I teach people like you wanting my expertise
  • Sell to numerous garage owners, and mechanics.

This Automotive Additive Guide is all about:

  • Using the buttons to find the help and products to get you running down the road again - with my personal help.

  • You will find the cause and remedy used everyday by many to end their car problem.

  • And the best part is the Mega Power Brand I'll introduce you to -

  • They found the cures for hundreds of wear and tear ills.

  • My tips help you find the right one - and the right way to use them for your fix.

Each a guaranteed way to end, or reduce a wear problem to it minimal level - keep it that ways for years more service.

To get what you want - start now.

This site is an educational site for mechanics - but easily useful by you or anyone..

    The rest of this page is to acquaint you with our method of preventing and solving wear and performance car problems.

    Scan the page for links, hit the buttons - to find what you need.

    Or... call me. at 1 512 665 3388 for help. That's what I'm here for.

    All suggestions for solution to your problem are based on my years of in-the-market-place, proven experience. Not an advertisers ad B.S.

Final Note:

    If an additive can help end a problem, you will find it in this Automotive Additive Guide.

    If not, just call me, I can help you. With 30 years of auto repair, tune up, and additive usage, I can help you.

I'm George Christ. Mega Power Brand Additive Distributor
210 Durango Street. San Marcos, Texas 78666.
To order or fpr personal help - call this number 512 665 3388

Why we love and promote the Mega Power Brand.

    They are the inside part of solving wear problems. A tune up does the out side - this is for the inside on pistons, bearings, valves, and gears.

    - if you follow my suggestions you will easily end your engine, transmission, steering, and fuel related wear problems - inside too!

    You will join the ranks of 1 out of thousands who will know how to have fewer, and less expensive repair - if any.

    And your car will always run great! Not decline.

    Book mark this site. Sign up for my blog, too.

    I know you don't know me or my background - so each product I recommend is guaranteed to please.

    If the results are not as listed or expected,ask for your money back. Please no note, no refunds last 267 days.

    So, gamble a little and test what I tell you to use.

Here's why I'm so confident about Mega Power Additives and my recommendations for your needs.

    I've seen many years, and tens of thousands of applications of Mega Power Treatments work for mechanics, motorist and equipment owners, as well as for myself - I teach all this to mechanics.

    They won't repeat a purchase from me were the things I say were not so.

    No one knows more about additives of all kinds and of the worthiness of different brands. I'm you expert in this area.

One final note

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