Art classes for children, adults, in Texarkana

Introduce yourself and your young artist to
the secrets of fine art.

Two Free introductory lessons available this month.
Call Rhonda Cross. Instructor, to sign up. Do so by calling, 903 293-3263

Learn the secrets of fine art drawing. Free introductory lesson.

Fine Art Classes for kids and adults in Texarkana

  • Call for a free, introductory lesson. Their schedule is adjusted regularly, so call for next opening.

  • At: Renaissances Art Academy. Featuring The Gluck Method

  • Location: 710 Oak Hill Rd. Texarkana, TX 75501

  • To schedule your free class - call me.
    Rhonda Cross at 1 903 293-3263

This Free Lesson will Introduce you and your little artist'
to the "Gluck" secrets of creating fine art

    Young ones and adults love the Gluck Method. One reason...

    Many parents want their children to have lessons. This is a good way to develop their creative side.

    See the pictures young ones painted at our local Texarkana Class.

    They are producing Winners in art shows locally - after just a few lessons [See students of all ages holding their art work, at our web site link below].

    We invite you to try the Gluck Method yourself, and with your children during our Free Introductory Lesson. Two time slots are available this month!

The Free lesson

    Art material is introduced and provided.

    In just one lesson, you and your children will create your own fine art using fine art drawing and painting principles shown you.

The Lesson is Easy.

    All of Mr. Gluck's techniques are easily learned by even very young ones. Your Free Lesson includes this introduction.

    This includes the use of simple shapes, tone, and value Mr. Gluck uses to begin each drawing.

    The advantage of these shapes, tone, and value, to the aspiring artist - young and older, is this.

    The instructor shows you how to use these "shapes" to transfer what the student wants to draw or paint - from the students mind's eye, into these primary shapes. You're shown how to refined the shape, using a pencil, then into a charcoal sketch, then an oil painting.

Next, Tone and Value become exciting concepts learned.

    Tone and Value, for the student, bring realism into their art - not just a blah flat look.

    These primary shapes, tone and value, and its perfecting can become a serious, enjoyable, fulfilling, life-long endeavor with each new fine art piece.

    Art styles are also varied. This broadens and deepens educational development.

In our art classes

    Each student progresses at their own pace.

    No test are given - just praise!

    This becomes the strategy to every great painting you do.

The result?

    The discipline learned and original artworks created by you and your young ones will be treasured for a lifetime. Self-esteem strengthen - Life's other challenges may not be as daunting.

More about: Art classes, for kids, young adults, and for you.

    Instructor, Rhonda Cross is a certified Gluck Method Instructor for children. She teaches young ones and adults. She will also teach at TRAHC this fall.

    Call for Free class schedules and class cost. No contract to sign.

Rhonda Cross, Renaissances Art Academy Classes: ....

    For a Free Art Lesson. Class schedule. Directions. Call the instructor, Rhonda Cross at 903 293-3263 To see her web site and student art work, Click here.... >

Instructors Web site with students art work

Free Art classes details

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