Rough shifting additive helps car owners return smooth shifting to their car - avoiding an expensive repair.

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Have a engine or transmission problem?

Losing power, rough idle, tap, burning oil, wasting fuel?

Rough shifting, gear howls, running hot?

New Engine and transmission products from Mega Power may be just what you need.

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Mega Power Additives contain the strongest ingredients made.
They penetrate and clean where oil cannot reach to end wear problems and restore smooth operation.

This brand conditions seals and gaskets to stop leaks and free and lube those parts causing the problem. Just add to oil or transmission fluid and drive. They work while you drive.

If an oil change is needed, within one hour, go have your oil or transmission fluid changed. The fluid become very dirty. The process removes part of your problem! Just changing fluid cannot correct your problem! It needs these 3 products.

With the new fluid or oil, you add the second product. This product heals wear-roughen pistons, bearings, valves, and gear, worn surfaces, and conditions the fluid/oil - so shifting smoothness returns. Quiets, Restores motor performance. Last a couple years.

Order by calling 512 665 3388
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