Fuel injector cleaner. Cleaning How to.

We made it easy and fast with superior results, using this amazing new product.

Fuel injector cleaner. new! From Mega Power

Fuel injector cleaner

The products we recommend work as a treatment to clean 6 motor sub-systems - wherever air, fuel, combustion, exhaust and oil goes, not just fuel injectors.

Why 6 areas?

These 6 other areas become dirty and this also deters performance.

To enjoy greater protection from wear and have lasting motor performance, learn more about why these 6 products - all easy to install is your best bet for cleaning more than dirty fuel injectors. They go on to end other costly wear problems - developing and soon to appear - as this picture of a motor, torn apart, reveals. Mega Power cleans problem causing combustion, rings, valves

The link below will show how you can clean those items in 6 sub-systems - as good as any mechanic can. Including:

    Throttle Plate
    Idle Air Valve
    Combustion area
    Emission system

    This treatment from Mega Power, includes 3 new cleaners [2 yellow and the red bottle in picture], for top of motor cleaning. 3 new anti-wears - they contain MC+ protectors [the 3 black bottles in the picture above], for bottom of motor cleaning.

    All work together as part of the total cleaning treatment. Just add and drive. Driving makes them work to end your problem.

    Cost:$60+ $15s&h= $75 total. Includes 6 items shown above [but not the tool pictured. That tool; $125, mechanics usually buy to speed up the service install. I'll include a way for you to do the same cleaning], all instructions, guaranty, my phone help with installation, if needed.

Call, to order, or if you have a question about using this fuel injector cleaning product, to end your cars wear, and residue problem.

....I'm George Christ. Order desk, mechanic, tech expert. My cell 512 665 3388. Call any time.

Click this link for details on this injector cleaner and engine protection features.

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