Does Mega Power Products Work?

    Does mega power products work? My Answer

    Yes, Mega Power is great additive treatment for restoring a vehicles performance. Here is why...

    As the miles on cars an equipment pile up, performance is bound to degrade. Acids, friction, and sticky residues rob your pistons, bearings, valves and gears of the original clean, smooth function they once had. Problems then appear.

    Those conditions can be recorder on special graft-making equipment. So what? Does mega power work,

    That is what I say, too! So what? What I want is something to quiet my valve tap, remove the cause of my cars sluggish performance, stop its oil burning, rough idle, rough shift, etc.

    Well, don't get carried away, now. Mega Power has a treatment to end those problems. The best part is this. While most oil additives products are solvents - which remove some of the sticky stuff - thereby reducing the problem, solvents also increase friction.

    Now, remember, friction-increase is one of our performance and power robbers. You gain one benefit, lose another with oil additives products that are solvents.

    So, Mega Power uses chemistry - not solvents, that can get to where the problem areas are, clean them.

    Along with that Mega Power uses special friction modifiers - MC+. These help clean, free, smooth, heal, and seal piston, bearing, valve, and gear surfaces.

    This way, you clean and cut friction to end sluggish performance, stop oil burning, tap, rough idle, and rough shift problems.

    Mega Power Products can be found on line at:

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