Rhonda Cross, artist. Texarkana.
Fine art classes for young and old.
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Rhonda Cross, artist, Texarkana, says....

"Self-Esteem soars and new artistic creativeness results when children and adults are taught the fundamentals of Fine Art."

On the Fundamentals of Fine Art, Rhonda says..

"Now, you and your child can learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting using, The Gluck Method, the world's largest program of fine art instruction.

This revolutionary method of instruction and its simplified techniques have been taught for over 35 years in Larry Gluck's own Los Angeles, California studios.

Now I'm teaching the Gluck Method in Texarkana

Larry Gluck's method and classes are taught at my Renaissance Art Academy, in Texarkana."

At Renaissance Art Academy, students - as young as four years of age, and as old as 76, are gaining a solid foundation in Larry Gluck's drawing techniques." Rhonda adds...

"In the very first class, you're introduced to, and begin using Mr.Gluck's method of using:

  • Charcoal
  • Pencils
  • Pastels
Students progress by:
  • Building a drawing through the use of simple shapes, shading & perspective.

    With this start, you, and/or your children create colorful, 3-dimensional effects, resulting in your finished work looking beautifully life-like.

  • The next step for students? The amazing world of watercolor. They learn color theory while progressively working on a series of fun painting drills, each building greater understanding and skill.
The result? Your work, like that of previous students, can only be described as "I didn't know it was in me," beautiful works of art; to be cherished all your life!"

Side notes.

Besides having fun, you, and/or your child, will gain lifelong artistic skills; able to open new dimensions of life to you both.

Can you Try A lesson out? Yes! Receive a FREE Lesson and a free gift of pastels, for yourself and your children, if you call mentioning this website.

To do so, and/or have your questions answered, sign up for next class, get a schedule, call instructor, Rhonda Cross, 903 293 3263
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