Top two fuel injector cleaning options.

1- MP FISC: A 3 item kit to clean fuel injectors, now including combustion area ring and valve carbon removing. Meets 25,000 miles engine cleaning needs.

2- MP Complete Motor Treatment. A larger kit adding 3 other engine problem solving needs :

  • friction eliminator for less wear and years longer engine life. 
  • worn space filler to keep returning the new like power.
  • sludge removing to end tap, oil burn causes. 

    Exceeds 25,000 mile vehicle service requirements. For vehicles pass 75,000 miles need stronger engine cleaning and conditioning. Both offer direct injection and feeder injection for carbon removing.

Select the one best for your car problem?  Do it yourself directions.

Mega Power FISC. A premium fuel injector, oil delivery system, piston, ring, and valve cleaner in one. Add to gas tank and oil. Optional direct "feeder tool feed" choice for Pro usage.Mega Power FISC. A premium fuel injector, oil delivery system, piston, ring, and valve cleaner in one. Add to gas tank and oil. Optional direct "feeder tool feed" choice for Pro usage.

- MP FISC: A 3 item kit to clean fuel injectors, now including combustion area ring and valve carbon removing, smog component cleaning. Exceeds smog exhaust lowering test requirements. 

  1. Quick efficient tune up results.
  2. Cleans Fuel Injectors, Piston/Valves/Motor oil system in one service. 
  3. Yellow item dual liquid cleaner for pressure and feeder injector cleaning. 
  4. Do it yourself and save.

Fuel injector cleaning options

There are all kinds of products and advice about cleaning dirty fuel injectors - and ending the problems they cause.

We use, promote, and favor the Mega Power Brand because...

    Mega Power cleans your injectors, and ends rough idle, fuel waste, lowers excessive friction drag, and ends Hi-emissions.

If you want those Mega Power product advantages; those that popular brands of cleaners do not have, please note the following:

    Other cleaners are too weak and cannot clean the valves, valve stems, and valve lifters - nor reduce wear and friction; a critical part to the restoring of full motor performance, as Mega Power does.

And this is important... to help the motor breath efficiently.

    Just as when you're congested and need medicine to breath better...

    Mega Power cleans your exhaust catalytic converters, for the same reason, also.

    This is an extra great benefit to give your car the lowest exhaust emissions and minimal air polluting, which other brands of cleaners are not capable of doing.

    [When the many sub-systems are dirty, your exhaust has 100 times more pollution to harm the environment. So Mega Power ends those harmful conditions - as well as the cleaning of dirty injectors].

    Mega Power does all this and more - related below, because this product contains four types of cleaners, and two friction modifiers - which contribute to ending wear and performance problems.

    It is these features that readily restore perfect performance to a car in minutes - that we like, providing advantages other brands do not have.

Not very many mechanics have this complete of a training in this.

    That is why these techs look puzzled about our fuel injector cleaning options, and technique.

    Only after I cleaned their cars fuel injectors the Mega Power way - and they drove their car around the block, did they realize how much more performances is gained by Mega Power injector cleaning and friction modifying. Features other brands just do not provide for their cars.

    Now, they know the difference and inform customers accordingly.

Fuel injector cleaning method from Mega Power

Maybe, getting advice about cleaning your motors fuel injectors should be like advice on cleaning your teeth. For example:

    More than cleaning teeth is considered important, by most people.

    Use "this" to fight cavities, "that" for a better smile. "This" stops bad breath, whitens, brightens, taste best, and so on.

    The same is true about fuel injector cleaning. Most brands miss out on the cleaning of 6 other problem-causing areas besides injectors.

    Those areas are just as important to you motors good health and also need cleaning, as does the cleaning of your dirty injectors.

    I'll give you those fuel injector cleaning options below...

I say this because I feel its very important to clean all of those areas - not just dirty injectors. Here is why I say this...

    Point 1- Wear and tear is what all mechanical things are subject too.

    Point 2- Wear and tear, in the form of dirty conditions and increasing amounts of friction, stick and bind those hundreds of parts.

    Point 3- That wear and friction wears your cars pistons, bearings, rings, lifters, valves, cams, and gears out faster and faster over time.

    Point 4- Your option should be to clean and protect all the areas in your motor - not just fuel injectors.

I'll show you what to do and use

Mega Power is leading the way with two fuel injector cleaning options.

Mega Power Fisc. Fuel Injector Cleaner.

One treatment cleans the top side of your motor, wherever fuel, air, combustion, and exhaust goes, and dirty injectors - called, Mega Power Fisc - shown with the 3 items here, for the top-side cleaning process.

The other product, shown below uses 6 items to clean top side - wherever fuel, air, combustion, and exhaust goes, and and the bottom side rings, valves, lifters, bearings, and such, and is called, the Worn Motor Treatment, "Engine Revitalizer."

The revitalizing occurs as the product cleans and frees:

  • Sticky, dirty, fast-wearing piston rings, valves,
    lifters and other internal parts
  • As it smooths their roughen surfaces
  • As the injectors are being cleaned.

In my 5 vehicles, and in thousands of other vehicles, the results are instantly, performance-improving, impressive. I'm getting close to 250,000 repair-free miles out of my vehicles as a result of Mega Power advantages, besides that of injector cleaning.

This includes:

  • A smooth idle
  • Much better road-running performance
  • Quiets valve tap, and other engine noises
  • 5 gas emission test always show
    a lowering of exhaust emission to legal limits
My vehicles go 20 to 40 more miles driving distance on each fill up - than prior to this treatment.

More Fuel injector cleaning options

Those are also common feedback remarks we constantly hear about. And you will experience one or more of the same.

Click on the links below, to fine out how, for the same cost others charge, for their fuel injector cleaning or cleaners, our, auto tune up and repair options offers much more.

You will gain the perfect performances, power, and fuel economy - and other important anti-wear considerations your engine also needs, right now!

You are also helping your cars future dependability and trouble-free life while doing so.

Like the tooth paste people who offer many options for good dental health - we do the same for your motors present and future good health.

Fuel injector cleaning options.

Learn more about Learn how to help your older, hi-mileage motor run good as new with these

hi-mileage, fuel injector cleaning options.

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