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Auto Tune Up and Repair Options & Tips, Issue #001 -- teaser here
November 22, 2023 Newsletter: Car Equipment Monthly Servicing Tips Bulletin.

Car Care Tips: As your engines go pass 100,000 miles, additive usage becomes more important if - you want to keep your vehicles big 3 troublemakers away, acids, sludge, and carbon from poping up serious operating problems - like mushrooms poping up on your lawn after a rain. Like a police stop for not coming to a full stop.

Unlike the transmission, radiator, steering and a/c systems which are best cared for with service treatments every two years, engines need this care at each oil change - which should be around every six months. Engines are constantly bathed in a constant cut-its-life-in-half soup that causes those sudden oveheating, valve tapping, oil burning, seal and gasket leaks that shut them down, and their $3000 to $10,000 engine repairs,- needed - years to soon. Or worst! Premanture replacement?

Is $100 for the Mega Power Engine Treatment - made to avoid them worth it, along with the $75 oil change cost every 6 months when engine oil changes are needed?

Is $100 for the Mega Power Engine Treatment - made to remove every trouble brewing negative that makes those costly repairs necessary - but can be avoided by its covering: the engine acid removal - removed by its sludge removal items #2, and #4, and fuel system cleaner and combustion piston ring and valve carbon removing cleaners with items #1 and #3 in the kit. And friction reduction item #5, and #6 conditioners That heal the last 6 months damage, fill worn surfaces, and return the like new clean smooth, powerful, zippy performance worth its $100 cost? Every oil change?

Its like caring for your heart and organs.

You either do or die sooner. In the meantime, the cost, and restrictions of life style, messing with daily pill taking, standing inline for them at the pharmacy when you could be golfing or fishinh with good heath. Doctors checkups, and see the passing away of friends who started health care when finding one foot in the grave! So to, the effort to install our Mega Power Engine Treatment to protect your cars innards.

I make my living helping you keep your car living. Its not that costly to do so.

Its costly when sudden trouble boils over into your life.

This tips answers the question ? Is $100 for the Mega Power Engine Treatment - made to avoid them worth it, along with the $75 oil change cost every 6 months when engine oil changes are needed?

Call me as all your cars need bumper to bumper servicing. and its way better than the dealer stuff gives you.

If you cannot install them, have your mechaic do them with my phone guidence - its frre. He may do so for a $100 bill plus the oils and fluids cost.

What is the cost for our products packaged to flush clean, treat, condition, and protect each component? [They are the compnents problems-ending fix; avoiding their repair cost].

Cars/Pickups ... Diesels/Equipment Drums/pallet Engine Treatment $100 $200 Call Transmission Treatment $75 $125 Radiator Treatment $75 $ 75 Power Steering T-ment $75 $ 75 A/C Treatment $49 $ 49

Race cars and Sports cars, taxies, Towing vehicles, buses, delivery vans, police cars, classic cars life is harder on those vehicles. But the sme treatments work equally well for them.

Mega Power Slo-Wear additives will keep your fuel delivery injectors and combustion area CLEAN - along with its valves and piston rings. cms, lifterss, oil pump and lines clean. When dirty, power drops, and oil turns to sludge, acids eat away part surfaces. wear increase, problems results. They restore.

Tip: Service youur vehicles bumper to bumper now. The flush and protectors will turn back the wear mileage 20,000 miles to drive over again. Prevent the cause of their problems.

Maintenance and Care Product setup for part stores and auto repair garages with their normal price discont for volume buying.

Review of popular products bought recently.

Job outlook looking dim? Try building a local monthly route supplying our products to the many businesses around you. Start up cost as low as zero. Potential income $1000 to 5k monthly. Call if interested. Canvessing for accounts starts you off.

To order products to keep your vehicles going and going call me geroge at 512 665 3388 Sales world wide. Gas, Fuel-oil, Diesel, Fuel Treatments. Conditioners Gas, Fuel-oil, Diesel, Fuel Treatments. Conditioners

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