Best additives to quiet lifters.

Add to gas and oil to end noisy lifter engine problem yourself!  Surprise people, even your mechanic with the change to a "quiet engine" - they think its not running!  Or was repaired!  It takes less than 15 minutes to quiet 
valve-lifters chemically.
I'll show you what and how to do so.

Mega Power Valve Treatment. Best additive for lifter/valve problems.

Best additive to quiet lifters!

  The costly reign of repairing engines to end lifter tapping is ending as motorist learn about the Mega Power Brand Lifter Treatment.

   Other car owners, not knowing such a product exist are paying $3000 to $5000 for engine overhaul to end their hammer-like lifter tapping - when just a few hundred dollars will do it better! 

    It's better than a mechanic out of a can!

     The problem inside your engine.

    Does your engine sound like a wrench is inside the motor bouncing around? And you may agree, Its  has you worried, too!  I'll show you how to end it and hundreds of other engine problems for pennies - not thousand with the Mega Power brand Valve Treatment.

    Picture: Lower right shows engine valve lifter. A thum size engine part, with a pencil eraser size piston - when malfunctioning causes the lifter tapping sound. Here's the problem and my guaranteed solution!

   Is this your engine problem?

Best Additive to Quiet Lifters. Stop Tapping Yourself - Made Easier

    Ending the lifter Problem.

    As the engine rotates a cam pushes the lifter - which pushes the valve open - to let fuel in or exhaust out of the combustion area. When malfunctioning the lifter adjusted will drop. Then, each rotation smacks the lifter against the valve with a tapping sound. Is that your engine problem?

   Your engine has one for each valve. Your engine may have 8 to 24 valves. Each has this quiet operation device. It eliminates a loud machine gun sound wear gaps create. 

  The Foolish Diesel Owner.

   The odd thing is, diesel engine owners think the clickity clack sounds is normal  - until one day engine-trouble  - and a $5000 engine repair says it wasn't.

   So wise diesel owners follow my tip to keep Mega Power in all their engines at all time. And so should you in your gas-powered engine - to avoid such a costly event.

    The less knowledgeable, and those who laugh at the idea soon have engine trouble and costly repairs. But, my customers have no such troubles - joined them with the best product for noisy lifters.

  Your lifter problem Solution:

    The real problem - stems from a dirty piston ring and valve problem that needs serviced my way with Mega Power. See picture.

   Synthetic oil caused it. 

    The lifter piston is pushed out b engine oil under pressure.  As wear gaps occurs, oil pressure pushes the tiny piston in the lifter out to contact the valve for noiseless operation. Got that! You now know more that most mechanic  - who are just part changers - not problem fixers.

   The lifter itself has its own problems.

   That problem is sludge and friction. Sludge keeps the lifters own valve open. Normally, its close  to prevent oil drain out under the piston when not running. When sludge keeps lifter valve open oil drains and the little piston drops and friction keeps it locked - and when running, a gap appears, now making a tapping noise. Mega Power removes that sludge ending that problem. Also..

   Friction keeps the piston from moving outward. So sludge may be gone but lifter is still stuck by friction. Another ingredient for that is needed and Mega Power invented it!

   Cleaning and ending friction problems is why Mega Power is the best product for noisy lifters and any engine problem!

    Mega Power's MC+ ingredient frees friction stuck parts!  It will creep in, lube, and free friction stuck parts. In this case allow free movement so oil can push it outward closing the tap gap!

    That is why Mega Power is the best product for noisy lifters and any engine prevention problem!

    Sludge can jam open the lifters-own-valve to stay open - or block oil to it. In both case the lifter piston drops. A gap appears. The noise sound like a constant hammer tap.

   The Mega Power Valve and Lifter Treatment lifter and valve problems very quickly.  It will end the dirty piston ring valve, valve lifter tap problem.

   Order now!  Mega Power comes with 6 items needed, directions, phone help, guarantee, and FedEx to your door in 3 days. Picture shows best additives to quiet lifters we want you to order.

Yellow set, 1 valve, 1 lifter cleaner $99. Far right stops lifter tapping $49. Black items prevent future problems $99. Sale: All for $99 Now delivered Free.Lifter Cleaner on right quiets lifter tapping. $49, after 2 yellow items flush out engine residues causing lifter tap $99. Black items stop lifter residue buildup. Now all for $99 on sale.
lifter Cleaner brands are not all equal. It was Mega Power's Lifter Treatment that freed my stuck lifter and makes me smile. LClifter Cleaner brands are not all equal. It was Mega Power's Lifter Treatment that freed my stuck lifter and makes me smile. LC

Best Quiet Lifters Tap Product. Contact Info     

On a cell phone, have a question about your engine  lifter problem. To order item to quiet lifter tapping, call me at 512 665 3388

 Order online Special: Includes 6 items as shown: just $99. A $200 value. Shipped FedEx to you door in 3 days, with instructions. $25 phone help free if needed, all guaranteed. Click CART BUTTON to order...

The Best Way To Quiet An Engine Valve Lifter Tap Problem 

  Small amounts of sludge and residues in motor oil settle in the valve lifters.

 This complex problem has several solutions:

  1. Lifter Replacement By Repair 

   The lifter problem, fixed by a mechanic is one way, and a good one as valve lifters are replaced and other cleaning services perform to restore a clean engine operation. Cost run to $4000. On a budget? Try additives called "lifter cleaners."

2- Use A Lifter Cleaner Additives

   The best additive to quiet lifters are chemical lifter cleaners, not detergents or solvents sold in part stores and quick lubes.

   Their history is full of negatives and mechanics hate them. See lifter cleaners story why However...

 New chemical based products are making inroads to solving common additive lifter cleaner negatives.

They also offer a Do It Yourself solution, but with a professional results. The Mega Power brand lifter cleaner is the first and best engine additive to be guaranteed to quiet lifters...

Mega Power Professional Quality Lifter Cleaner 

 This Easy-to-Install product with exclusive MC+ cleaners and friction removers has the best penetration needed to end this harmful and worry causing noisy problem.

Mega Power, a professional quality additive making company, stops engine tap tapping in the best way possible! 

An easy to install 2 steps gives you the best way to quiet lifters - and you can order it here!

Ordering details below.  Please note the following:

     While Mega Power is made for the professional to perform a 25,000 mile engine service [dealer cost over $1500.] Thousands of car owners have already quieted their lifter tap with it.

Its success come from cleaning the causes of residue making lifters tap:

  1. the fuel injectors 
  2. removing combustion area carbon, 
  3. cleaning the smog emission system, 
  4. and cleaning the valve lifters to free them - stopping their tap problem.
  5. Lifter  conditioners assure they remain quiet!

 A 2 step procedure quiet lifters! It is easy to do and makes the engine seem new again - assuring its quiet, strong operation. 

Ordering this Engine Valve Lifter Cleaner:

 Mega Powers Quiets Lifters like a $3000 repair does - But does it in 10 minutes, and cost under $150. 

Order Mega Power Valve Lifter Cleaner Treatment. Includes 6 items as shown: just $99. Shipped FedEx to you door with instructions in 3 days, $25 phone help free if needed, all guaranteed. Click to order...

How the best additives to quiet lifters do so.

Mega Power Engine Lifter Cleaner frees up stuck lifters for a quiet strong running engine again.Mega Power Engine Lifter Cleaner frees up stuck lifters as shown, for a quiet strong running engine again.

What's to Learn about valve lifters:

  • What lifters do in your engine - see picture.
  • Learn engine tap cause.
  • 3 solutions explained.
  • Why me and Mega Power has your best    lifter cleaner solution.
  • Our Guarantee.

Why lifters start tapping in your engine and need this lifter cleaner from Mega Power to free, clean, to quiet them - picture.

  • Lifters - thumb size parts, and cams, open and close valves - valves let fuel in and exhaust out of the combustion area.  Each valve has a lifter. 
  • With valves faster wear patterns, the lifter has an adjuster that oil pressure pushes outward to take up wear slack and keep the motor quiet.
  • When you change your dirty oil some sludge remain. It thickens and blocks oil to the lifter.  This lack of oils causes the adjusted to drop and a space appears.
  • See all the x's for spaces. They close up with a metal knock against the valves and the tap sound appears.


  • You would think a engine flush additive sold at part stores and quick lubes would end the problem - Not so - read this report on lifter cleaner flushes. 
  • Your mechanic:  He wants to tear into your motor and replace those lifters - all of them. 5 to days and a bill up to $4000 results for this fix.
  • Me and Mega Powers' lifter cleaner remedy, shown here.

My Mega Power Lifter Cleaner Treatment Does What a $3000 Repair Does, but $2800 cheaper - guaranteed!My Mega Power Lifter Cleaner Treatment Does What a $3000 Repair Does, but $2800 cheaper - guaranteed!

Why me and Mega Power has your best lifter cleaner solution.

Our Guarantee.

I discovered the recipe combination of ingredients from field testing.

As a mechanic trained by experts on valves and lifter operation tested what combination works best as a lifter cleaner - and more important - what products sold are harmful to the cleaning process to avoid.

Since many areas creates sludge, 4 cleaners in the Mega Power Lifter Cleaner Treatment end their sludge making cause. Added in your engine - they remove sludge in the lifter to free it, push the lifter adjuster outward, and that stops the tap for you!

1 of 2 items making the 6 total needed add anti-wear to free the stuck lifter.

The 6th item fills worn spaces to close gaps letting sludge in, and also quiets all other parts - for the quietest your motor will ever run  - guaranteed!

Lifter Cleaner Directions are easy to follow.

  1. 2 steps - add 3 shown and drive with them in the engine.
  2. Add 3 shown at an oil change a week later - that's it! Order below...

Complex, but simple! Mega Power cost...

  • $400 for trucks and big diesels - not $4000 to $6000.
  • Under $150 for cars suvs small engine pickups motorcycles - not $3000+.

Ordering the Mega Power Valve Lifter Cleaner Treatment info

    The Mega Power Valve Lifter Cleaner Treatment. 6 items as shown: just $99 total . Shipped  FedEx to your door with instructions, $25 phone help free if needed, and guarantee. Save $20 shipping special.

Lifter tapping. Stuck lifter remedy.

A new product from Mega Power, using the only 6 ingredients found  for lifter cleaning to stop its tapping noise, will quickly go to your motors troubled area - where even synthetic oil can't go, to free up, and quiet your engine noise.

Mega Power is now available for mechanics usage, as well a by anyone who knows how to add oil and gas to their car.

     Mega Power will end the tap, using what I call, problem-solving chemistry. This thinner-than-oil Mega Power product will remove your motor's residue-blocked-lifter-area - allowing the flow of your engine's pressurized oil to again flow and raise the valve lifter adjuster - and this action ends your motor's tapping problem.

    It's complicated for what it does, but a simple install and driving does the fix! 

    Mega Power is shown above. What does the quieting are these 6 items working together as a treatment.

    These 6 items were found to work in as little as 15 minutes in 1 out of 5 motors - up to a week in others.

    Directions on the best additive to quiet lifters:

    Add 3 of the items into the gas and oil to clean and free the top of your motor valve tap areas - and a week later add 3 to the oil change a week later. This ends your tap! Mega Power is easy to install and driving does the actual fix!

    Nothing else works as good or is better!

    Ordering the Mega Power Quiet  Lifter Tap Product

    Ordering the Mega Power Motor Valve and Lifter Treatment. 6 items as shown: just $75 plus $15 s&h= total $90. Shipped FedEx to your door with instructions, $25 phone help free if needed, and guarantee. Order by clicking cart button.

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