Octane boost additives that  boost more power out of your engine.

Is there a better way to help boost your
car or truck power other than by using an
octane boost additive?

The products we found do so in a surprisingly unique way that recovers lost horsepower for even more of a power boost.

Are octane boost additives helpful? Our Review.

    Some of us just gotta have more horsepower, zip, and performance from our cars, trucks and equipment, than others care for.

    For sure Hot Rodding your engine in mechanical ways do so. But there are less drastic ways...

    One promising, but inexpensive way to boost horsepower, zip, and speed - according to the ads in sport magazines, is to add their octane boost additive to your fuel tank - and hang on.

Is that really so? What you need to know...

We listed below our choice as a better way to help boost your car or truck power, but not by using adding an octane-boosting additive to our gas tank.

All you need to know

    About boosting engine power - inexpensively - and helping to add years more life to your cars.

    Two videos.

    The first one shows an interesting test on octane boosters. Down below, I want you to see my video about what I use to boost engine power.

    View this test-lab video, then read the rest of this article for our take, and see what you think, afterward.


What you need to know.

What is an octane? Why is an octane boost important....

    Answer. Gas burns real fast. To fast for much good out of it.

    Octane-boosting ingredients "slow" the burn-rate of fuel during combustion. That makes gas work better for our need.

    Octane can be liken to a ruler.

    A ruler list increments of inches. You want 10 inches cut off a board, the ruler shows you where 10 inches length is. Was your cut accurate? Pretty much so.

    An octane number measures how slow an additive slows the burn time. Gas is 87, 89, and 93 octane. The higher the number the slower the burn, the more power it can produce, to push the piston down more of the way down.

Most cars run on 87 octane fuel

    - a place where the lease amount of smog is produced and the car can run as good as it gets.

    Putting 93 octane fuel in the tank will not make any difference. But if you put 87 octane in a car requiring 93, it will ping and run crappy.

    Piston compression is a factor here. Less compression, less octane is needed. And higher compression - you know, needs more octane.

One other thing about nasty o gas

    It wants to ignite prematurely. This pre-ignition negative consumes a bit of the fuel trapped, compressed, and ready for the spark plug to ignite. Less fuel, less push-down on the piston. The slower you go. Ping sounds like soda bottles rattling under you hood.

    Ping takes the wind out of combustion and shortens the burn. So, the gasoline company adds octane boost, which prevents pre-ignition and makes your car, truck, boat, race-car, run great - depending on its octane need.

    Uncle Sam checks the octane to see if its up to snuff, or not. To keep the big boys honest - would you believe that!

That ends Octane Boost 101; the class lesson, not boost number.

Octane boost secrets I shouldn't tell you, and don't pass them on.

Octane Boost Class #102

Now, its time to let you in on how to have more zip, and much better performance improvements, and why its possible - my way.

Watch this video first, then read the rest of the story below. See how Friction Modifier MC+ adds power.


So, lets review - and I'll share my octane boosters secrets you should be trying.

The more octane boost you add - up to a certain value, determined by Government Test Standards:

    The slower, and the longer the time it takes for the expanding forces of combustion to complete its burn. We want a slow burn duration.

    Ideally, you want the duration of the burn to keep expanding so as to slam the piston down and up and down and up again. At that last up point, its time for another explosion to repeat the cycle.

    If the push downward runs out of burn before it pushes your piston all the way down - less power output is developed. You drop speed and zip. Or you burn more gas to make up the shortage.

What does rob your car of horsepower? How can you get it back?

What does rob your car of power is

  • An increase in friction drag

  • Dirty slow closing valves

  • Dirty spark plugs

  • Mis-fire

  • And residue-choking, sticky goo that gums-up critical operation of your motor in 6 tune-as-you-go sub-systems.

There you have your problem

Consider those conditions to be allergies or the flu your car has. It can't run great, just as you can't run down the basket ball or soccer field all plugged up inside.

    Those conditions sap the cars breathing and horsepower development and then steals some of what's left away from the wheels.

    Reverse all this, and your car will run with its near-new zip, performance, and dependability again.

    Or, you can continue to let all that run it faster into the ground!

So what else is there that's harmful?

    Humidity and age lowers the octane value in gas and diesel fuel.

    By adding a product capable of removing moisture, capable of neutralizing acids, and capable of dissolving oily molecules that collect as clusters in diesel and gas, the burning duration will be cleaner - and longer. A power-improving benefit.

    The fuel additive we found will dissolve clusters of molecules which acids form, [sulfur found in all fuels makes acids] cluster the fuel into sludge. Clusters do not burn and weaken the burning process - which is not good for combustion power development.

    The treatment recommended below provides cleaning, fuel, combustion, friction reducing, and other power boosting benefits. Each adds one more anti-wear, anti-friction value. This is what permits more power to go to the wheels previously absorb by those conditions. A long-term restored power and protection is gained.

To boost your power, zip, and performance, and have the smoothest running car ever - why not remove, or end what is stealing horsepower away from your car - and wearing it out faster?

Introducing: The Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment.
The Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment removes

  • All 6 causes of octane-lowering, power-robbing Conditions

  • All wear-increasing friction drag

  • Slow closing valves, spark misfire, excessive blow-by, compression loss in your motor, transmission, fuel, air and exhaust systems.
MP Worn Motor Treatment. Includes 6 items. 3 for the top of the motor. 3 for the bottom. Easy to install instructions. Guarantee. Just $60+ $15s&h= $75 total. Shipped Fedex. visa m/c Order desk number. 1 512 665 3388.

Removing those negatives is the job of The Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment. Lean more. Reread this review. Check out the other links. You will find the secrets to what of us car buff, mechanics and fleet owners use to have great running vehicles, years past any other method of car care can give.

Not octane boost, this is better

Removing carbon a sure way to boost power.
Power boosting help for older worn, motors

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