My motor puffs smoke remedy.

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Most times, it takes a mechanic to rebuilt the top side of your motor at a $2500+ price tag to stop that motor puffs smoke remedy. Sometimes, a complete motor overhaul is the needed fix.   However, motorist are finding a new products helpful. It may be what your motor needs!


What Mechanics do: To end oil burning, mechanic's will replace old valves and valve seals with new ones to end your puff smoke problem. New valves, in a newly machined valve bore, blocks oil from floating down into the combustion process making a puff of smoke.

Oil Additives.

Oil additives that fill and coat worn spaces also help car owners trying to avoid a new car purchase, or an overhaul expense.

These particular additives work by closing the wear gaps and by freeing piston rings.  This blocks the oil from migrating into the combustion area. That's what the brand we favor, Mega Power does.

This is quite different from the sticky thick, honey-like oil additives people may add to their oil as a motor puffs smoke remedy.

Motor puffs smoke remedy additive.

Research from Mega Power has found 3  chemical ways to end that motor puffs smoke remedy.

  1. Sticky piston rings allow your pistons “combustion to blowbyor escape pass your pistons and mix withyour motor's oil.
  2. Wear also allow oil to be sucked up pass sticky piston rings, mix with your oil, then expelled as a puff of smoke.
  3. Your dirty Catalytic Converter fails to burn off the oil and permits it to expell as a puff of smoke.

Sticky piston rings allow your pistons “combustion to blow-by or escape pass your pistons and mix with your motor's oil.

  1. Wear also allow oil to be sucked up pass sticky piston rings, mix with your oil, then expelled as a puff of smoke.
  2. Your dirty Catalytic Converter fails to burn off the oil and permi

Oil needs to flow freely to lubricate. Being sticky  solves one problem, but introduces another. mega power's method is much better.

What the mechanic does

While new valves and seals in a machined new valve bore in the motor "head," the part where your motors valves operate, its sometimes the wrong half. Here’s why…

Research from Mega Power has found 4 causes of that puff of smoke.

Fuel ts it to expell as a puff of smoke.

Those 4 areas, "Fuel Injectors,"  "Combustion Blowby," "Engine  Valve Wear,"  a dirty "Catalytic Converter."  These are chemically remedied byCLEANING AND A PROTECTIVE FILL COATING in  Mega Power’s New Worn Motor Treatment to end the puff of smoke problem.

Normally, a motor sub-system will remove combustion blowby by means of whats called the PVC valve.In this case, your motors piston wear and sticky, lazy operating piston rings 

Most additives use solvent flushes or oil thickeners as a remendy. This can be harmful to todays new hi-tech motors. Mega Power frees sticky piston rings and adds a co-polymer coating over the piston and cylinder walls making oil from below and combustion from above the piston very difficult to escape, each way. Ending that source of the puff.

  1. Those nasty, hot and now oily combustion blowby fumes, as they are re-circulated again into the combustion process, will collect on the intake manifold and injector tips, on their way to re-burning. As crude deposits forming on your fuel injector pittle tips, the injector will leak fuel into the manifold. The next time you start your car, that extra richness of fuel burns incompletely, exhaust out as a your puff of smoke. Mega Power cleans the entire fuel , injectors, and combustion system from the gas tank to the exhaust tip, ending that problem. Anyway….
  2. As some gas or diesel fuel and emissions blowby travels re-circulating back to the combustion area they leave a film in the air/fuel intake manifold. This film will dry out and act as a blotter. When your car sits a bit, fuel and any oil residue will liquefy in this film. Upon starting your motors enormous suction force you’re your pistons will pull that wet dew-like film into the motor to burn. That rich burn expels as that puff of smoke. Mega Power ends by cleaning and free and coating the blowby, injector, manifold puff cause of smoke.
  3. In your exhaust system is a special muffler called a catalytic converter. It’s made to turn any oil or richness in fuel that is not completely burnt during piston combustion to finish the process – turning into carbon dioxide and waster. The reason for water dropping out your exhaust pipe. When dirty, and coated with excessive residues, the converter will not do this conversion job completely, and at start up, it is burnt-off the catalytic converter and sent out the exhaust at your motors startup. You see that burn off as that puff of blue or white smoke. Mega Power chemistry is such, that during the install – it’s easy to install, though it does a complex job of cleaning, and protecting, Mega Power give you one great, inexpensive car care aid to end whatever your source of motor puffs smoke remedy reason is - at start up. Or otherwise.

Which is your motor puffs smoke remedy problem?

With just a half engine repair, will it be the right half? A common delema choice. And you don't want to buy a newer car right now! The other option?

Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment

Will end the four causes of that puff of smoke. A future touch up treatment of Mega Power at future 6000 mile oil changes keep the puff away. This option's other advantages...

Friction reduction - always a growing problem, and acid eliminating Mega Power ingredients, and Mega Power's protective coating will help your motor, too. They promote years more dependable, strong car usage – a clever invention that can help your enjoy the power, zip, and like new performance you were impressed with, when you bought your car new.

Ordering Mega Power info

Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment is Priced at $65 plus $15s&h= $80 total. iIncludes 6 items, easy-to-follow directions, guarantee, and phone help if needed. Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days.

You can order Mega Power online here by place a 1 in the box. then click the cart button.

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