How do i stop valve taping? Here's a great engine tapping solution that stops valve tapping in as little as 10 minutes.

Mega Power's Valve and Lifter Stop Tap Product For the Car Owner to end the problem by a service they can do them self.Mega Power's Valve and Lifter Stop Tap Product For the Car Owner to end the problem by a service they can do them self.

HOW DO I STOP VALVE TAPING? Install the above Product Here Detailed!

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Engine tapping is now stopped by certain cleaning and freeing of valves and their lifters. This explains the only Do-It-Yourself Service known to do so by the vehicle or truck owner! After this fix...

You may know more about doing so than most smug mechanics - and find the method gets you bck on the road the same day - Quiet as when new!

You will find using my bumper-to-bumper service for each vehicle the way us car buffs in the known end up with cars and diesels that run twice as long - and having more money for life's other needs left over - for sing this auto tune up and repair avoiding option.

Installing the Mega Power Valve Treatment requires no skill, and takes 2 easy-to-do steps to stop tapping!  As  mechanic... 

I've done lots of engine taping repairs, and they work well  - but are costly.

.... However, I found .... today's car do not need such drastic means - as Hi tech products are available from mega Power, online by me to do the job to clean and free them - and stop the tap as-you-drive, and at way less cost. Did you know...

Valve tap tap tap noise you are worried about, can be caused by:

  • Friction  
  • Residue 
  • Wear 
  • Combustion area carbon
  • And our Mega Power Valve Treatment removes all 4 to do its restorative advantages - as you drive!

Here's the thing about valve trouble...

When one or more of those conditions exist they slow down their rapid valve closing speed - creating a space. The closing of that space during rotation produces a hammer-like smack-like tap tap tap. Or lets combustion escape causing a rough idle. 

Will every additive end the problem?

While most additives just rinse out residues and only stay in the engine for a minute or so, they often cause worst engine trouble. However, there is good news for you! 


Mega Power's non-solvent, chemical cleaner with MC+ protection

Since there are 4 causes of valve problems a company called Mega Power has discovered and packages a treatment that ends those conditions for you -as you drive.  See picture above.

That is a different solution - working in a different way and in different parts of your motor. Mega Power frees, cleans, and smooths valves - their lifters and closer's, ending the noise cause, and this restores valves snappy closing speeds and their quiet operation.


HOW DO I STOP VALVE TAPING? The Mechanic's way:

Mechanics fix the problem by a $2500+ process is an engine repair service. This includes taking apart the motor for cleaning, machining, and new valve part replacement, as the remedy. Mega Power cost a fraction of that amount!

Additives to the rescue. 

Because part store and quick lube additives are either sticky, honey-like, or solvents, and for those reasons, most additives do little good, and like engine flushes do not work. 

What's needed is Mega Power with its ingredients specific to removing your 4 engine noise making problems:

  • Friction  
  • Residue 
  • Wear 
  • Combustion area carbon

The Mechanic's way:


  • 2 Friction modifiers
  • 3 kinds of cleaners
  • Engine Protector MC+
  • Just add as shown below and drive. Driving does the fix.

Mega Power returns the strong quiet operation of your motor for about $250, if installed by a Mega Power tune and repair Retailer Mechanic.

Mega Power is just under $100 if ordered on line below. Its an easy install any man or women car owner can do. Driving does the actual fix!

Now, you know more than most mechanics ever know about tap remedy's.


Ordering the Mega Power Valve Treatment is easy and so is the 2 step install:

  • Step One uses 3 products added to the air intake, or gas tank, to the gas tank, and to the motor oil.
  • Step Two uses 3 more items included in the Valves Treatment. One item, just before an oil change, after a week of driving with Step One installed. The other 2 are added to the new oil. Results happen as you drive sometimes in as little as a few hours time.

Ordering Info

Mega Power Engine Treatment is a 6 item product. Comes with easy to install instructions. Phone help if needed. Guarantee. Ship to your door in about 3 days. Just $107 total.

Customers tell us, their mechanic is down on additives as they see part store and quick lube additives often cause more damage. For them to understand Mega Power's method requires a little education and testing to become assured Mega Power is a legitimate car care and problem solving aid. Few are that interested - and that's my job to help them, for those so wanting such expertise.

  • Mega Power items shown above have sludge, residue, and friction eliminating ingredients that end valve and lifter tap. 
  • The Mega Power Valve Treatment comes with 6 items. Simple directions included. You start the valve tap quieting process by adding 3 cleaners in the 3 item box to the fuel and oil to clean and free the top of your motor to remove residues causing the tap noise. 
  • And 3 are added a week later to clean and free the motor oil side of the motor where sludge causing valve tapping  is removed - ending both causes of valve noise problems. Those are the only way to stop your tap - besides and engine overhaul, costing $2000 up. Mega Power is easy to install. Driving does the actual fix. This is what you need to clean your valves. Order now!

Order the Mega Power Valve Cleaning Treatment today. Delivered to your door with easy to follow directions. Phone help if needed. Guaranteed to work! Have a quiet and smooth motor tomorrow! Avoid a big repair hit, yet have a quiet, stronger running car doing so with Mega Power. 

Money-Back Guarantee

With a 99% success rate, we guarantee your success with it or your money cheerfully refunded. Order now!

Mega Power comes with 6 items shown.  Includes easy-to-follow directions, Guarantee. Includes phone help if needed during installation, a $25 value. Shipped by FedEx to your door in 3 days. Just $80 plus $15 s&h total $95. Order now... 


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